What are the best news sources for the automotive industry

On the way to becoming a smarter automotive company

Monitoring of innovation and disruption

CID supports automotive companies in scanning the entire information landscape and identifying emerging technologies. Our software uses data from patent applications, news, product reviews, publications and unstructured data across industry boundaries. This gives you a complete picture of the future of the automotive industry.

As soon as you have defined the topics and aspects that are important to you, Topic Analyst starts a continuous monitoring of patent applications, competitor activities and news reports in order to closely follow developments and evaluate information.

A quick understanding of relationships is an important competitive advantage. The ability to find crucial information quickly and thus have more time to evaluate trends is becoming increasingly important in order to identify important insights and to stay one step ahead of others.

This is how R&D and management benefit:

  • Identify critical information for your business and your position in the market in a deluge of unstructured data, news sources, websites, licensed content and social media streams.
  • Get an overview of current research, identify important developments, observe innovations and strengthen your technology management.
  • Network expert knowledge, technologies and external and internal experience for the comprehensive evaluation and planning of new R&D projects.

Improve product development and quality

Customers talk about your products - tweets, texts, posts and customer service tickets generate a huge stream of data every day. The important knowledge about your customers hidden in it can help to increase the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.

CID uses intelligent tools for the semantic analysis of external and internal information sources as well as customer support systems - for a deeper understanding of what your customers think about a product and how they assess its quality. This gives you an early indication of what your customers value and what your company can do even better.

The Topic Analyst solution brings together content from public news sources, international platforms, licensed content, social media and other sources in multiple languages. In this way, valuable information can be seen in the data that can support innovation and lead to better products.

This is how product development and customer service benefit:

  • Identify potential problems with products that pose a threat to customer satisfaction - worldwide.
  • Monitor customer ratings and comments and learn more about what your customers value and how your products compare to the competition.
  • Use powerful tools to gain information and knowledge - directly within your existing communication channels.

Monitoring of supply chains

CID supports you in monitoring entire supply chains - in order to inform you as early as possible of possible risks to your production.

CID recognizes significant events in local, national and international messages that could lead to an interruption in the supply chain or pose a threat to suppliers - and this in real time using individual taxonomies of entire industrial structures including locations, subsidiaries, suppliers and key people. By evaluating business reports, financial data, risk assessments and ownership structures, you can also evaluate the financial situation of your partners at any time.

In addition, we create taxonomies to cover special situations and threats and apply them to large amounts of information and relevant business data - including information about private companies.

How supply chain managers benefit:

  • Monitor your entire supply chain in near real time - from key suppliers to partners and service providers.
  • The high precision of our detection of events, suppliers and locations means that the right information goes straight to the right employee.
  • Identify emerging risks to corporate image and monitor compliance at every point in the supply chain.