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4 Highly paid employment opportunities for non-technical freshmen

Companies like tech giants like Tesla, Google, etc. are moving away from traditional recruiting processes. Some of the most coveted companies have started assessing skills through credentials, but we're far from a day when every candidate is assessed based only on their skills, not their educational background or credentials. How do I write career goal in resume [For Freshers & Experienced]

People think engineers are preferred for a lot of the high paying non-engineer jobs, but that's not exactly true. More and more engineers graduate each year, with the number of engineering schools in the country growing exponentially and the rate at which lucrative job opportunities for new graduates are growing is relatively slow. This creates the illusion that engineers are packing up a large chunk of the jobs in the market. In this article, we'll look at some of the lucrative non-engineering graduate jobs.


The largest insurance company in India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), carries out a selection process at regular intervals to recruit suitable candidates for the role of Assistant Administrative Officer. LIC AAO recruitment is not necessarily carried out every year. It is carried out based on the number of vacancies in a given year. The starting salary of a LIC AAO is 65,000 INR, which is well above what the average IT engineer earns. The LIC AAO recruitment process includes a preliminary exam, a main exam, followed by a final interview. The subjects tested in this exam are very simple to ensure a level playing field.

Based on the LIC AAO result from 2019 and the years before, we can estimate that the preliminary number of vacancies would be between 200 and 600.

2. Bank jobs:

A 9-5 job with a starting salary of up to 9 LPA, work-life balance and sufficient allowances - that's exactly what the banking sector offers. You can take any of the prestigious exams that are held each year by recruitment bodies such as SBI, RBI or IBPS. You can either apply as a probation officer, clerk or specialist officer, depending on your preferences.

3. Data Scientist / AI & ML Engineer

Data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are emerging areas, and according to a recent survey, these futuristic skills are sure to create around 30-40% of "tomorrow's jobs," and over 60% of the open positions in these areas are still pending qualified persons. Because these are relatively new areas, most colleges don't include them in their regular curriculum, and even those who offer courses / electives on these topics just scratch the surface. 4 Top Reasons You Should Study Machine Learning

The outdated curricula that are taught in Indian universities could work in your favor at one point. If you're ready to spend around 4 to 6 months training yourself, you might even find yourself in the big three - Facebook, Google, or Amazon. With online degrees and certification programs offered to both professionals and freshmen, you can be sure that you will have a 9+ LPA job 6 to 8 months later. 7 steps you need to know if you want to become a machine learning engineer

Best of all, you don't have to worry about automation losing your job or your skills becoming obsolete. The basic skills required to become an AI / ML engineer or a data scientist are very similar. You can first learn Python from the free tutorials available on YouTube, and then decide which path to take. Top 15 Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers

4. Full stack developer

Full stack developers will never go out of style and there is a serious shortage of skilled full stack developers in the industry these days. Most developers either only master the backend or the frontend, but the need of the hour is an all-rounder - a full-stack developer who is really independent of language and stack. Full stack developers are well rewarded. The average salary offered to a qualified full-stack developer is close to 5 lakh pa Why become a full-stack developer? Top 4 practical reasons [2021]

Emerging startups and global IT majors prefer freshmen over seasoned folks because freshmen are inexpensive and easy to shape into versatile developers. With coding bootcamps popping up all over the place, you can become an industry-ready full-stack developer in just 12-15 weeks. All coding bootcamps are based on career results, so in the end you can be sure that you have a decent job.

You have an equal chance of getting a job as an engineer on all of the above vacancies. # 1 and # 2 do not require candidates to learn a new skill from scratch. However, selection # 3 and # 4 require a significant amount of time and effort.

You can also look into the exams of the Railways (RRB NTPC), the Personnel Selection Committee, the UPSC, and the State PSC.

Choose wisely and get started today!