Why am I worried too much?

Overcome worries and tormenting thoughts

To put it clearly again: When worries lead to prevention, they can be helpful. It's not about being carefree, but about making sure that we do what we can to avoid harm. This is about worrying thoughts that torment, paralyze and wear out us without getting us any further. Here are some suggestions on how to manage your worries. Try out which of these anti-worry strategies will work best for you.

TIP 1: There is a saying that you should make your motto: "You cannot prevent the birds of worry and sorrow from flying over your head. But you can prevent them from building nests in your head. "

If you have worried a lot up to now, then you cannot prevent worrisome thoughts from popping up from time to time. But you can decide whether to give them space or not. First, respond by welcoming your worries, such as, "It's okay that you're here. You want to warn me."

TIP 2: Get an idea of ​​how often you worry. Trained worry-makers no longer even notice that they are constantly worried and suspicious. Therefore, keep a tally sheet for a day in which you make a line for every worrying thought.

TIP 3: Interrupt your worries - if possible at an early stage - by saying STOP to yourself internally whenever your worries arise. This can possibly be several hundred times a day. If you are alone, you can also clap your hands and shout STOP. That is even more effective.

Important to know: The more you use the thought-stopping method, the better you will be able to break brooding thoughts. Use good mood questions. These will immediately change your mind. Inspirational video clips that build up your mind will also give you new ideas

After breaking your worried thoughts in this way, take action and distract yourself: What would you enjoy right now? Solving a crossword puzzle, listening to music, dancing in the apartment, going for a walk, walking, doing a lot of cleaning?

TIP 4: Sometimes worries just don't seem to leave us in peace. If this is the case, then sit down and write down what you are specifically (!) Afraid of.

Ask yourself the question: In the worst case, what could happen and what options do I still have? Do not rest until you have found some possible solutions and wrote them down. Then think about it: What exactly can I do now to prevent the event?

TIP 5: Encourage yourself by saying, "Whatever comes up, I will deal with it and find a solution" when worries arise. Become an I can thinker.

TIP 6: Laugh regularly. Laughter is an excellent remedy for grief and worry.

We wish you the ability to transform your worries into provisions and live a more carefree life. The video from my fears video consultation could help you here.