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The world is full of evil, we in Switzerland have only caught the smallest parts of it

Even good things can still be improved

Below are lines that others do not dare to utter.

Basically: We should not be seduced or demonstrated in any way. Believe little, question everything and think for yourself.

The seducers include politicians of all colors, newspapers, television and radio. Newspapers and television are, in part, very dangerous opinion makers, a kind of opinion manipulator. Withholding, omitting, adding to, fading out are part of their mesh. The owners of a newspaper do not only want to influence the people with their paper. You want to steer the people in a certain politically desired direction, that is, to see their politics / opinion spread through the newspaper. The editor of a newspaper is responsible to the owner, not to the reader. The most negative negative example is called Murdoch. Mastering the press means mastering the people, with Murdoch better the people who lead the citizens of this world by their noses. As you please. The humorists among us keep talking / writing about freedom of the press. The freedom of the press is only there so that the publisher can bring his opinion to the people. Not more!

The citizen is not only at the mercy of opinion and newspaper makers. Likewise in politics. Politicians are clever guys who try to get the electorate to their side, or to put it more beautifully, "faire marcher quelqu'un".

In newspapers, readers' opinions are not published or, if at all, published in a modified form. The newspaper and opinion makers themselves believe, however, to have to criticize everything. They see themselves on their interpretation throne as the navel of the world, the yellow of the egg. Conversely, criticism from readers about faulty, false reports is simply not taken into account, blocked, according to the motto only we are always right. The newspaper and opinion makers see themselves as the gods of the nation. This includes television in particular. As in politics, the actors are self-promoters sitting on high horses and exaggerated moral apostles at the same time. Claims are sold as facts. A particularly low and nasty way is shown in the "reporting" to exponents from business and politics who do not have a place in their political thoughts. Therefore:

Believe little, question everything and think for yourself.

A newspaper and television should report without prejudice, emotionless and impartial.

The TAGES-ANZEIGER's censorship is particularly noticeable, rather than the TAGBLATT DER STADT ZüRICH on. Critical, unpleasant opinions are not tolerated, even in their online media, and fall victim to censorship. Even if these are by no means hurtful. Justified criticism is suppressed if the editor / publisher does not like it. Is that our freedom of expression, our democracy? Not at all. We live in a suppressed sham democracy! For me, Swiss democracy, as it would like to be seen, is in the decimal point. Real freedom of expression is not guaranteed. This is not due to the original Swiss, the Confederates. On the contrary. Politics is democratized by a minority, to put it a bit vaguely, and bent for their own interests. A mockery !!!! Naturally, at some point, a change will occur, must occur. Pressure creates counter pressure. History repeats itself. But history does not repeat itself in exactly the same way! But it repeats itself! Everything needs it's time. The best example is the stock market. Then you ask yourself again: how could that happen ?????

It looks heavenly sad in the USA. There the media are manipulated, like in Germany in the 1930s. It doesn't look much better here in Switzerland. With us too, democracy is controlled. That comes to light in discussions. It is simply parroted.

Conclusion: We cannot blindly trust newspaper and television reports any more than we can politicians, in Switzerland and elsewhere. Let's just think of the public's disinformation about that ÖOil shortage in 1973, Iraq's alleged nuclear arsenal, as the Americans claimed! Genscher's statements in 1990 about NATO's eastward expansion (see youtube.com look for Genscher) Or about the information from the Dreyfuss department regarding health insurance companies in Switzerland, the corporate tax reform by Federal Councilor Merz. All untrue, all lies. Was it conscious lies? Just mislead? Just these few typical examples. Statements in newspapers and / or politicians are almost unbelievable. Are we being deliberately deceived or even lied to? It looks like this.

In the case of newspapers, for the sake of simplicity, one copies from the other. This means that once published errors are passed on and sold as truth. Like the stamp story.

"Disinformation is not the same as misinformation. Disinformation means misleading information, inappropriate, irrelevant, fragmentary, or superficial information - information that pretends to know something when in reality it draws you away from it." (from Neil Postman, We Amuse ourselves to death, p. 133)

This category includes newspaper reports about the actor Horst Tappert (Derrick), who was drafted into the military in July 1943 at the age of 19. In the "Bildzeitung" (April 30, 2013), as in the "Tagesanzeiger" (April 27, 2013) truths were packed into horror stories. Defamation? Three more reports on another matter are worth noting and reading. The article in "Die Welt" of October 5th, 2007 by Vera Sprothen, "Der Spiegel" of December 10th, 2012 by Christoph Schult and "Die Welt" of December 24th, 2012 by Gerhard Gnauck. What has been described / written breaks my heart, but is not understandable for everyone. Texts can be obtained from the publisher or from the author of these lines.

I would like to refer to a very informative article: BASLER NACHRICHTEN, Thursday, June 13, 1946, volume 102, issue 243, page 2, as well as issue no. 241. Both written by Dr. Pearl branch. (From the archive of the (today's) Basler Zeitung, Aeschenvorplatz, where copies can be ordered). New worlds open up to those interested in politics and history. After reading both reports, the question may also be asked here: who is lying to whom, who is better at lying? How do the opinion police comment on this? She is silent!

The article in Spiegel No. 7 from 2001 (culture section) is particularly attractive. Attractive because it was deleted from the mirror in the archive. There it was under the heading "DThe political book "available. The wire-pullers and agitators of this world did not like it. When the website is called, the following answer comes up:

javax.ws.rs.NotFoundException: 18479694 / index.html not found.
However, the article is in my archive.

The skilled journalist has a weapon: silence - and he makes use of this weapon often enough. (K.Tucholsky)

Next: At the 102nd UN Human Rights Committee meeting in Geneva in July 2011, the following decision, which is binding for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is said to have been taken:

“Laws that criminalize the expression of opinions on historical facts are incompatible with the obligations that the convention imposes on signatory states with regard to respect for freedom of expression and expression. The Convention does not permit a general prohibition on expressing an erroneous opinion or misinterpretation of past events. "

(UN Convention on Human Rights, Paragraph 49, CCPR / C / GC / 34)

Question: Has a newspaper reader ever read about it? If so, only on the internet. We were kidnapped once more, "Grundlurad" as the Swedes say or, more clearly, ripped off.

In addition:

Large advertisers indirectly exert a great influence on newspapers. Nothing may be published that is not allowed to be. The TA reader Oliver Bär from Zurich is obviously of the same opinion. The following wrote in a letter to the editor:

Media State money threatens the freedom of the press, TA of January 25, 2012

Indirect influence from companies.

It is indeed threatening when journalists and editors are on the state payroll. But we shouldn't forget who pays journalists today: primarily advertising companies and not the readers. Tamedia is no exception. This also influences reporting in favor of a business and consumer-friendly perspective and can have an effect similar to censorship. It would be naive to believe that companies with their purchasing power do not have an indirect influence on the content of newspapers.

Source: Tagesanzeiger of January 27, 2012, page 11

More thoughts and letters to the editor

In May 2005, Germany faced new elections. The Tages-Anzeiger reported in detail. My thoughts on May 24, 2005 on this subject were as follows:

Germany before new elections

The new elections are an admission of the failure of the Schröder government across the board. The talks about the labor market situation with the opposition half a year ago already indicated this. The Schröder government failed in particular with its immigration policy from the east.

Even if the CDU / FDP provides the government, it cannot get the cart stuck deep in the dirt back on the road without pain for the population. The money is missing and so is the work. The new brooms can't do magic!

For the EU believers in Switzerland there is a good opportunity for a friendly takover. Just be careful. The Swissair debacle already showed that joining an ailing society, here it is the state, does not help.

Günther F. H. Trebbe

Change to the defined contribution plan, SonntagsZeitung on November 19, 2006

For reasons of cost, companies are switching to the plan amount. It is particularly important to ensure that the employee representatives in the foundation board, which is composed on an equal footing, do not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. In most cases the employer is not interested in an optimal solution for his employees and tries to transfer the entire package, risk insurance and the savings part of the employees to one insurance company. This solution leaves the workers behind. Even in good years, the money saved is only compensated with a minimum interest rate. The board of trustees should therefore ensure that only the risk part (illness, disability, death) is placed with an insurance company. The savings part, the money that is credited to each individual employee's account, should be invested where it can be proven that a good performance has been achieved over at least 10 years and this has also been passed on to the employees. The bad scenarios described in the Sonntags-Zeitung would then not apply.

Günther F. H. Trebbe

Former board of trustees

ZOO cable car, a crazy idea

Traffic plan, cable car discussion, Glattaler 19.1.2007

If it were possible in the opinion of those directly affected in Stettbach and Schwamendingen, the cable car would by no means be built. The Schwamendingen neighborhood association does not represent the population of our district, but rather represents the opinion of a few who are subject to the obedience of their party.

Cantonal Councilor Peter Anderegg, SP Dübendorf, is of the opinion that the zoo can be accessed from two sides (Glattaler of January 19, 2007). In doing so, he deliberately forgets that the zoo is already accessible from the Stettbach train station with the 751 bus. The additional shuttle service on peak days was discontinued due to lack of demand!

Apparently they want to convert the zoo more and more into an event and festival place in order to attract even more visitors. A spectacular cable car fits perfectly into the picture. The zoo management must be held responsible for not having provided enough parking spaces during the construction of the Masoala Hall.

The gondola is a purely private railway and has nothing to do with improving public transport. The railway will - should it ever exist - be a guarantee for even more subsidy payments to the zoo. In 2005 alone, the zoo was subsidized with CHF 6.5 million, not including donations and sponsorship money.

Günther F.H. Trebbe

Pilgrimage to the center of the world, Sunday newspaper, December 23, 2007

For a devout Christian, a pilgrimage to Jerusalem would be a must. In today's conditions it is more like an ascension mission. Reading the New Testament about the great ministry of Christ is preferable to traveling to today's “unholy land”. The war between the half-brothers stifles any joy in such a trip.

Glattaler from Nov. 14, 2008

Zoo officials never tire of saying how much they care about the promotion of public transport. Every birth of the army iron that is brought to the public via editorial offices would be a good opportunity to draw attention to the bus connection from Stettbach to Zoo / Forrenweid. According to the ZVV timetable, visitors from Eastern Switzerland have just 21 minutes from Winterthur main station to the zoo. Weekdays and Sundays, twice every hour. A cable car is therefore completely superfluous.

The much-wanted zoo cable car only serves as an attraction to attract more visitors to the event site on the Zürichberg. The zoo management does not care about the expected traffic chaos around Stettbach. The main thing is that the number of visitors increases.

Günther F. H. Trebbe

This hoax. Here you can see how the Tagi editorial team is ticking. Readers' opinions on Tagi's mills are gladly accepted. The Tagi-a censorship paper.

appeared on September 11, 2008 (sic) on the letters page of the Tages-Anzeiger from a somewhat confused reader. Although the editor-in-chief should have known that the content of the letter to the editor is incorrect, but the Tages-Anzeiger is a supporter of the zoo cable car (sponsor), the following wording was distributed on page 17. My reply, or rather a correction, was not accepted.

Commendable project for zoo visitors

For a cable car to Zurich Zoo, TA letter to the editor from September 6, 2008
Opponents speak out about the Stettbach / Zoo cable car and question the benefits of the project. Reason: Nobody takes public transport to the zoo with a pram or a crowd of children. A claim that a look at the Zoo tram terminus clearly refutes. The fact that some families with children prefer to use the car is not least due to the way to get there by public transport. If this were less cumbersome and therefore more attractive, the car would be used less. If there has ever been a project that was launched primarily for public transport customers, it was this cable car.
It is a fact that the environmentally conscious zoo visitor from Winterthur is currently taking the S 12 to Zurich main station, making their way to Bahnhofstrasse with all the kids, taking the tram to the zoo and walking around 10 minutes from the terminus. Time required for adults: around an hour, correspondingly more for parents with children. With the cable car the travel time is reduced to about 20 minutes - namely 11 minutes with the S 12 to Stettbach plus the presumed 10 minutes travel time with the cable car to the zoo. The time required for the trip would be reduced by a third!
What about the cost? In view of the billions that are being invested in the Löwenstrasse station or the Glattalbahn, the costs for this project are not worth mentioning. The attentive reader will notice that there must obviously be more subtle reasons in Dübendorf why this project should be grounded. In any case, the argument “increase in road traffic” is not convincing.


Here is my unpublished (the Tages-Anzeiger is a sponsor) letter to the Tagesanzeiger from September 6, 2008:

The claim made at this point that you have to take the S12 from Winterthur to the main train station to get to the Zurich Zoo is fundamentally wrong. Train drivers from Winterthur HB reach Stettbach in 11 minutes. From Stettbach train station, you can always take the 751 bus to the Fluntern church. From the Zoo / Forrenweid stop, it's a short walk through the forest of no more than 500 meters to the zoo entrance. The total travel time by train, change and bus is 22 minutes. You only need a ZVV ticket to travel by train and bus. The private zoo cable car will not be included in the ZVV and therefore incurs extra costs for zoo visitors.

Beauty spirits cannot help the SP

Levrat already competes like a winner, TA of January 7, 2008, my answer of January 10, 2008 in the Tages-Anzeiger
The SP Switzerland wants to try the upswing with new faces at the top and is dreaming of a 30 percent share of the vote. But new faces alone are not enough. Strategy, topics and execution have to be right. The SP is moving further and further away from its voters, the workers and employees, without even realizing it. Beautiful spirits and romantics continue to dream of the EU and higher taxes. In the past four years the SP has done poor political work. This is unlikely to change in the future either.


In a previous article from 19.January 2008 in the same newspaper under the title "The weakness of Migros is homemade", MIGROS announced a lower turnover, which was due to price reductions. Here is my reply, which logically was not published. After all, you don't want to offend the big advertisers.

My answer of January 20, 2008 as a letter to the editor to the Tages-Anzeiger.

The consumer did not notice any price reductions by MIGROS, except for decoy campaigns. On the contrary, the prices of the MIGROS have risen by up to 50% in some cases! For example, the kilo of fresh salmon was increased from 28 francs to 43 francs at a stroke. The situation is similar for the second-class dried morels from Pakistan. Customers want clear, manageable long-term low prices and no decoy offers. For this reason, the new German discounters are very popular.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the editorial office of a newspaper is obliged to the owner and the major advertisers. Therefore, the reader's opinions are changed or abbreviated, or even ignored.

The following thoughts were published in the NZZ on Sunday

The old speculator as Warner, NZZ on Sunday of April 13, 2008

The world champion of the multiplication of money, George Sorros, names the originators of the current crisis Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher. Milton Friedman put the flea, the absolute freedom of the markets and with it deregulation, in the ear of the then US President Reagan. Reagan was therefore just Friedman's extended arm. Due to the deregulation initiated by Reagan, the prices of the already cheap US flight connections came under pressure first. Commodities, everyday products and wages have plummeted for years. For example, a pound of sugar in Chicago in 1987 was worth just 2.5 cents!

Another helper in this current drama is former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. With prices and wages plummeting, Greenspan was able to keep rates down. Inflation that would have justified an increase in interest rates was not in sight due to the plunge in prices and wages. On the other hand, the price-driving speculators of the stock market had every reason to be happy about cheap money. After the dotcom shares were cheered up by the stock market manipulators, whereby the people had burned their fingers, another product had to be found to make cash. This time it was houses. The prices were also celebrated here infinitely. Due to the higher valuation of their properties, homeowners demanded new, higher mortgages to satisfy their consumption. This time, too, the people did not think of a turnaround in such an excess. Americans, and not just them, are repeatedly ripped off in a similar manner. The hatred towards the money-gatherers (Handelszeitung) is growing. America is ripe for a revolution. (The last two important sentences were deleted by the editor)

Günther F. H. Trebbe

Switzerland is one of the winners, Tagesanzeiger from September 1, 2009.

My opinion in the Tagesanzeiger on September 10th. 2009, page 19:

The question of the dangers of cheap money is not asked in the article. The cheap money, however, again carries enormous dangers of another bubble. In the stock market as well as in the real estate sector, this stimulates speculation. Few benefit. However, as always, the crowd is asked to pay.

NZZ on Sunday v. November 6, 2011, Can a Mormon become President of the United States?

At the time when Jimmy Carter was running for the presidency of the USA, the press forest was by no means enthusiastic about his nomination. Carter was a Baptist and deeply rooted in the Christian faith. It should be added that Jimmy Carter was the only post-war president under whose administration the United States did not engage in any open armed conflict. Many did not like that. He was voted out.

A similar development can be expected with Mormon Romney as president. His economic and political career is a good prerequisite for this difficult office.

However, the agitators in America want their own Netanyahu to lead the vassal state USA in the direction they want. (The last sentence was falsified by the NZZ am Sonntag and printed in abbreviated form)

Günther F. H. Trebbe

NZZ on Sunday v. November 11, 2011, Europe is changing ... page 17

Below are my thoughts on this article

Europe is changing. We all hear, read and notice the change. The question to the Europeans, including us Confederates, has to be: is the EU going in the right direction?
After all these years of mismanagement, this is rightly to be doubted! Politicians think politically. The majority of them have kicked their way up in years of elbow work. Once they have reached their goal, whisperers try to exert pressure from all sides. One speaks of lobbying. In politics, people with integrity are required, not politicians!
Bern has to think about how it can fight off Brussels' thirst for power. Their goal is crystal clear. Switzerland needs to be sucked up / sucked out, to bring it to the same level of ruin as the EU. Only then is there calm.
Switzerland does not need to deal with the pernicious fantasies of EU officials. Their task is to spend time with import regulations that are long pages about the curvature of cucumbers and the size of bananas.
Swiss politicians are noticing the changes in the EU. All you have to do is act, not react.

Our city fathers and mothers and left-wing blue-eyed parliamentarians have a strange idea of ​​art. Would you like to place an old harbor crane on the Limmatquai in the city of Zurich? With the help of "artists" and tax money, of course. Tagi-Online recorded around 450, mostly negative opinions.

In the readers' forum of the Tages-Anzeiger on December 27, 2011 you can read the following:

Masterful art. The harbor crane on Limmatquai is a work of art, namely one of the engineers and craftsmen. The real art is to sell someone else's work as your own. It is a masterful art to find (*) people who fall for it.

It would have to be more accurate: (*) to find stupid parliamentarians ... which I did not dare to write.

Günther F. H. Trebbe, Zurich

On December 11, 2012, TELE24 conducted a survey on this matter. 95% NO to the crane, 5% YES

Tagesanzeiger from February 11, 2012, ZKB is not afraid of the USA page 45

My thoughts on this:

The ZKB does not fear the USA. That is surprising. Part of this world does not see the US as a friendly nation. As about 80 years ago, Switzerland has to be afraid. By no means in front of the northern neighbor. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the whole world must fear the United States, although until 1990 we were taught otherwise. If it was the enemy, we were fed daily to find ourselves in the east at that time. The collapse of the Eastern Bloc has totally changed world events and the Americans are showing their true, dirty face. Only they determine what is good and what is bad. Do we Swiss have to take part? Not me.

Tagesanzeiger from February 8, 2012, Our Economic War by Constantin Seibt, page 9
on this, my thoughts as a letter to the editor in the Tagesanzeiger on February 11, 2012, page 13

Political weakness

TA editor Constantin Seibt hit the nail on the head with his analysis; all quotations hit the mark. In my opinion, the origin of all hostility began with an apology from Kaspar Villiger in a speech towards the end of the year. It must have been 1994. It was astonishing that the media knew of this apology two weeks earlier. It can be seen as proven that these very words were put into Federal Councilor Villiger's mouth. The political weakness was quickly recognized and exploited. The Americans immediately attacked. Bern was insecure, holed up instead of answering with cannons. Everything “among good friends”, as it is still called today, incomprehensibly. The then ambassador in Washington as well as Federal Councilor Delamuraz spoke Tacheles and were removed from their offices because moles in Bern carried confidential information in order to discredit Switzerland and undermine the Confederation. A part of the Swiss press also feels called to scatter baseless American charges in the forest. A shame! Bern should immediately stop all diplomatic services that have been devoted to the United States for years until there is an improvement. The Swiss gold reserves, some of which are still in America, belong in our vaults. Blackmail only ends when the blackmailer dies.

Günther Trebbe, Zurich

Tages-Anzeiger from July 20, 2012, Nature Conservation criticizes Kägi's supervision of the hunting range

Reply to Tagi to article v. Friday 20th July 2012

Nature conservation criticizes Kägi's supervision of the hunting range

The hunting range in the Au zu Embrach is a nuisance. Shooting ranges spread noise and damage to the environment, which those responsible tend to suppress.

Sagittarius and their lobby in general have traditionally been a stubborn, backward-looking people. Do they still believe that they still have to defend the Swiss Confederation with their bang.

A shooting range of any kind does not belong in a nature reserve, nor in a residential or recreational area. Certainly not in a city like Zurich, where people live tightly together. If systems have already existed for decades, soundproofing measures are the order of the day. This insight is lacking among the shooters, as well as among the politicians.

The city of Zurich has shooting ranges that absolutely require greater noise protection measures. For years, the population seeking relaxation has been terrorized by the unnecessary noise of the shooters. There is an urgent need for action on this matter.

Günther Trebbe

NZZ on Sunday 29 July 2012,   MIGROS 'decision is wrong (my uncomfortable opinion was not accepted as a letter to the editor)

As he explains himself, the new ambassador of Israel in Bern has so far lacked an overview. Let me tell him that Migros sells more products from the "holy land" than Coop. Therefore, a rethink should take place with him.
The labels that declare the designation of origin are usually kept extremely small and or hidden in order to mislead the potential buyer. Most of the fruit juices do not have any indication of origin.
Not every consumer of the "world community" is ready to buy products from warring, anti-peoples systems. Neither from the USA nor from the "new GDR". The eleventh commandment of peace-loving people is consumerism.

Here is my response to the column

Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich from November 14, 2012, page 9, under "In a nutshell" by Kathy Ricklin

Politicians like to try to put themselves in the right light. Where there is light, there is also shadow. The shadow now falls on Kathy Riklin. In her column in the daily newspaper “Our Neighbors”, the national councilor briefly describes her trip to Berlin, which she ended a few days ago. At the end of the column, however, she twists facts. It subjects Germany to tax avoidance because the Swiss residents, incidentally, completely legally, demand back the VAT that is incurred in Germany. National Councilor Riklin's view is incorrect. In this business no tax evasion is committed under any circumstances or by anyone. For imports into Switzerland, VAT and customs are due according to the Swiss import regulations. Ms. Riklin praised the complaining large companies domiciled in Switzerland in Berlin. The purpose of their trip was to allow the German tax refund only from a certain amount, one speaks from 200 euros. Following the example of large Swiss companies, consumers want to participate in the free market in order to protect their own interests, namely to buy cheaply. Ms. Riklin was not a consumer or representative of the people, but as a representative of the interests of large companies in Berlin. The alarm bells are ringing.

....... and what was really written on November 28, 2012 on page 23 in the daily newspaper of the city of Zurich ?? '...... please read on below:

National Councilor Kathy Riklin briefly describes her trip to Berlin in her column in the “Tagblatt” on November 14th. At the end of the column, however, she twists facts. It subjects Germany to “tax evasion” because the Swiss residents, incidentally, completely legally, claim back the value-added tax that is incurred in Germany. National Councilor Riklin's view is incorrect. In this business no tax evasion is committed under any circumstances or by anyone. For imports into Switzerland, VAT and customs are due according to the Swiss import regulations. Günther Trebbe

My view of the new "immigrants" with their doubtfully acquired assets:

Switzerland is not a country of immigration! We, the people, must defend ourselves with all our might against the "Singaporeization". We are the people, not our "representatives" in the "ox barn" in Bern. Every rich foreigner would first have to pay millions in taxes and disclose all income (including stolen national wealth) if his / her residence was to be approved. Switzerland only exists once. Let's take care of it.

My opinion to the TA from February 28, 2013, regarding Gerry Müller

An opinion that deviates from that given by a worldwide, excellently networked minority can only be represented with great difficulty in politics and in the public. Gerry Müller is just one example. More than tolerance, even submission, is quietly demanded. Apart from criticism, nothing is offered. Gerry Müller only supports guest workers in his own country. Everything reminds me of Salvador Dali, who said of himself he was paranoid.

NZZ am Sonntag of June 16, 2013 read an interview with Federal President Maurer. Below is my letter which was only partially printed on June 23rd. Here is the full wording: (the red text was missing in the NZZamSonntag)

The very esteemed Federal President Maurer looks a little helpless in the interview. He advocates opening a criminal investigation against the US spy Snowden, although he also knows that an investigation into this matter will not bring anything other than costs. A criminal investigation against Snowden confirms the old rule: the little ones are hanged, the big ones let go.

The political rules vis-à-vis the USA should have been redefined after the 1995 incident. The then Swiss ambassador in Washington Jagmetti and the former Federal Councilor Delamuraz had the foresight and came up with the right words at the time. Moles in their own ranks have discredited both. Ambassador and Federal Council were replaced. In terms of foreign policy, Swiss politics is always lagging behind. Reacts only to external pressure instead of acting. Current politics are too inward-looking. The exaggerated impression arises that the deceased are still being regulated 20 years after their death.

Granting asylum to Snowden is a humane and thoughtful gesture. Despite criminal acts against Switzerland, pardons could be granted after a conviction. Where there is a will, there's a way. Especially in politics.

Calling America a friendly state based on the rule of law is not something everyone can share. A constitutional state does not maintain any concentration camps, either at home or abroad. Real friends behave like friends, maintain positive contact. Not so in the USA.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, global aggression by the USA has become more and more intense. Anyone who ever believes they can live in peace with the USA and have legal peace will find themselves bitterly disappointed years later. A united, confident demeanor towards blackmailers can be expected from the entire Federal Council, no matter from which direction they may come.

NZZ on Sunday, July 27, 2013

The bike is in town .... NZZamSonntag of July 28, 2013, page 15

My thoughts on that

Markus Knauss, Green City Councilor of Zurich, actor and lobbyist among young athletic cyclists, logically only thinks of his own clientele. He sees this city while driving in the opposite direction on a busy one-way street. Only he is heading in the right direction. It would be nice if he could just take some time for us old people. We too sometimes feel the need to let off steam on sticks or on the walker. There is constant danger from racing cyclists, in the park or on the sidewalk. There is no security anywhere. The Greifensee tour is only advisable at dawn. The feeling of landing with one leg in the hospital or in the cemetery is always there. As a result, for security reasons, politically correct, walking paths and walking paths should be set up away from the cycle paths.

Günther F. H. Trebbe

Readers opinion too NZZamSunday of August 18, 2013: The golf empire strikes back, page 4

In the last days and weeks the readership has been informed extensively about the events in Egypt. Among other things, the Saudi royal family is in no way interested in strengthening the Muslim Brotherhood. That makes sense. The royal throne appears in danger from strong Muslim Brotherhood.The wave can quickly spill over to Saudi Arabia. The reader could also come up with other, different thoughts. Morsi, the elected president had to be deposed because, from the American point of view, an unpleasant future for Egypt was foreseeable with him. The US-trained military commander As-Sisi, probably seen as the Americans' governor, served as a useful tool. The future will, as under Mubarak, be devoted to America, so that a state in the Middle East can continue its expansion unhindered in peace and quiet without running the risk of running.

Reader's opinion on "The Swiss disdain their own wine", NZZamSonntag of August 18, 2013

In addition to personal taste, origin and quality of the products, the price is a decisive factor when buying. Because the price / performance ratio is often no longer right, there is a lack of sales. You have to look for really good and inexpensive Swiss wines, but they do exist. The consumer behavior of the growing foreign population also contributes to the shift towards foreign wines. You drink what you know. Chasselas and light Pinot Noir are not for everyone. It's a little different with beer. Since the most beautiful castle in Switzerland was sold, the quality has gone down, but the prices of the products have gone up. The Basel hosts rightly defend themselves against dictates from Rheinfelden that only have one thing in mind, namely to increase profits. The consumer cannot be fooled until he can no longer be fooled. He trades and buys real quality at half the price in nearby countries.

Glattaler from March 24, 2014

More parking spaces for the cable car

Now the bourgeoisie, driven by party interests, have let the cat out of the bag. Incredible, the passage? No parking outside the P&R facility and the blue zone? to be deleted from the structure plan. The question is how the cantonal council has envisioned the future with the cable car around Stettbach station. Should the meadows in Stettbach be used as parking spaces, as at Jucker Farmart in Seegräben? The majority of parliamentarians certainly have no clue what traffic chaos this cable car will bring with it in the future. Some politicians, regardless of their color, seem increasingly untrustworthy. The left SP players from Schwamendingen and Dübendorf are by no means better. Sometimes they speak for the cable car, sometimes against it. Your tongue seems forked. No wonder voting envelopes usually end up straight in the waste paper. It's a shame for democracy. The people have had enough of Services this kind of representative of the people.
Over the years, acres of farmland, forest and paths have been sacrificed for the zoo. All of this for an animal prison with an event character.

Günther Trebbe

NZZamSunday, March 30, 2014, Federal Government granted Chordorkowski ......

Below is my opinion on this matter, among other things. On April 6, 2014, the NZZamSonntag published my opinion in abbreviated form. The red lines are missing. Here is the original:

Money and greed rule the world. This vice is not only to be found in banks, but also in general in the modern age of our Swiss Confederation. What was controlled and well-intentioned introduced about a hundred years ago has just degenerated into an epidemic: flat-rate taxation. It seems as if people from all over the world with dubious reputations and wealth are almost magnetically attracted to Switzerland. The authorities are completely indifferent to the cunning, deceit and deceit with which the money was acquired or cheated. The main thing is that it is dumped here. The “customers” are rewarded with a residence permit and, for the sake of simplicity, taxed with a ridiculous amount. Obvious asset-raising inconsistencies are ignored. The tired official mold only moves sluggishly under pressure from abroad. Foreigners from outside the EU without money or lobby will be turned away, unless they can prove a bullet from their enemies in the body. With a few exceptions, the foresight of our parliamentarians, whether in Bern or in the cantons, is limited to their own expense report. In addition, decisions on tax increases for the common people do not seem to cloud their foresight. It is not envy but justice that moves the people. Justice for the Swiss people.

In the Tages-Anzeiger of May 7, 2014, the VCS required the following:

The VCS requires Tempo 30 instead of soundproof windows

My view is here:

It is touching how the VCS is now concerned about the peace and quiet of the people of Zurich. More or less all residents of this city should be able to enjoy the peace and quiet. This is unfortunately not the case. Four districts in Zurich are permanently affected by shooting noise. Whether on White Sunday, Palm Sunday or otherwise during the week, trigger-happy people shoot regardless of the environment or the occasion. The word against shooting in general is by no means spoken here. The defense force associated with this must be retained. It's all about the associated noise. In a calm, enclosed shooting range, the clubs could indulge in their sport 24 hours a day.

For so-called works of art, for the paving on the Secheläutenplatz, the city of Zurich literally put 20 million in the sand. There is a lot of additional money available for unnecessary road construction. The constant unspeakable noise has made politicians and authorities deaf to shooting noise. It has always been like this! Are there still unspoiled clairaudients?

Hypo-Schock / The dream of owning a home, June 29, 2014, Sunday newspaper, page 1 and page 35

My thoughts on this have only been printed in abbreviated form. Omit the red part:

Everyone among us should understand that the current building boom cannot, must not continue. A mortgage rate hike that could calm things down is a long way off. Politicians must therefore take measures, no matter how unpopular. One possibility is to prevent the pension funds from being eroded. The current situation on the housing market is comparable to an extremely good stock market condition, where the little man still believes he will be able to make big profits with bank loans in the end. The intended brake is intended as protection against impoverishment, what profiteers do not want to admit. Clothing, nutrition and housing are the basic needs for life. Not everyone is capable of finding the right balance for themselves. It is imperative that the community, cantons and federal government support the housing cooperative system more. Selling public property to the highest bidder is short-sighted. The aim should not be to make a profit at the moment, but to preserve the property and thus the income from leasing the land.


Der Glattaler reported:

Open your eyes to the noise, Glattaler from July 25, 2014

Deaf in one ear

Noise, from whatever source it comes, is not only annoying, it has been proven to make you sick in the long run. The street noise is just a great evil. Authorities would be able to curb noise in much the same way that vehicle manufacturers were forced to produce more fuel-efficient models. Avoidable noise includes, for example, shooting noise. In the lowlands, neither municipal nor cantonal authorities have been sensitized to this topic. A certain numbness can be noticed. Sufficient technical possibilities to contain at least this avoidable noise have meanwhile been tested in tourist locations. You were forced to take measures if you didn't want to drive away holiday guests because of the bang. The way to muffled shooting noise seems impossible to many. Really and why?

At this point it should be clearly stated: Shooting noise reduction is by no means a criticism of a hobby and has nothing to do with weakening military strength.

Günther Trebbe

The addition of a reader from Gockhausen on this topic can be read in the Glattaler of August 8, 2014, page 15, bottom left.

In August 2014

In earlier times, a free Swiss could think, talk and write as it happened without having to fear major reprisals or even being showered with avalanches of litigation. Meanwhile, a minority and their financiers dictate what newspapers should write and what the people should think. The inexperienced man from the street does not recognize this one-sided steering. Keyword: opinion police.

Similar propaganda is being launched on us these weeks. The bad Russians, who have been good business partners for over twenty years, are falling out of favor because the Americans / NATO cannot immediately place their cannons in Ukraine. The Europeans are the jumping jacks.

Hence: American politics is a punishment for the peoples of this earth.

Sunday newspaper of August 17, 2014 with the title: Ogi calls on SVP to putsch against Blocher

My thoughts on that:

The do-gooders to the left of the center are happy about Ogi's statements. No Blocher and no Swiss want to seal themselves off from Europe. Not one of them feels an irrational hatred, as the Sonntags-Zeitung wants to know. I too have to defend myself against such malicious allegations.

After years of EU mismanagement should a light must have dawned on every dreaming slow thinker. The Europe directed from Brussels is going the wrong way. Blocher wants to show that. We are Europeans of a Swiss nation. We need Europe just as Europe needs us. A Europe of fatherlands, as Adenauer and de Gaulle saw it. No Europe of the socialists that reaches deep into Russia, just to do the Americans a favor. At least we stay sensible. Only Brussels absolutely needs Ogi's persuasiveness. He shouldn't try to upset Switzerland.

Wild capers ... NZZ from December 17, 2014

My thoughts on that:

Let's try to make it clear: in 1992, bets were made against the British pound. Later it was the turn of the Hungarian forint, the Icelandic krona, Argentine peosos, and the Turkish lira. Now the Russian ruble. In all of the aforementioned currency speculation, there was at least one greedy person behind it: GeorgeSoros. Why should it be any different now?

The NZZamSonntag of January 4, 2015 reported on: "The wise Bush"

(as if there was a wise Bush). This is where the next presidency is being written.

My clear opinion:

It seems completely indifferent who in America will be the next president, what name he has or what party he belongs to. Netanyahu's disciples are providing the necessary impetus for proper policies to be carried out not just in America but around the world. In ancient Egypt of the pharaohs it was not much different.

Re. Adieu, TA from January 25, 2015, The Tagesanzeiger reports in this issue on "the eternally poor" in France. Here is an exerciselaying down:

Nobody has to be surprised

No one should be surprised or amazed at hostility towards them. Much began with their congresses in Basel, where a Herzl called for a new state in the Middle East. Their goal was achieved through targeted actions, political pressure, assassinations, etc. against the English in this part of the world. The original inhabitants were simply taken by surprise and faced with new facts. The PLO at the time was only an echo of this unjust treatment. Injustice continues today through American politics.

Abroad, low prices lure …… .NZZ on Sunday 10 May 2015, my readers' opinion in the NZZ on Sunday v. 17th May 2015

Shops like ADDIDAS on Marktgasse in Zurich suffer from the generally extremely high rents in this city. Nevertheless, surprisingly, there are always new tenants willing to pay an even higher rent.

Even the city of Zurich is putting its tenants in the Urania under pressure. Not to mention the stains that are owned by the City of Zurich. The spiral goes upwards, the consumer evades because rent excesses have to be passed on.

Large companies, to which ADIDAS also belong, relocate their production to where it is cheapest, or they buy there. Some Swiss consumers behave in exactly the same way. It is just astonishing that various Swiss products can be bought around 30% cheaper in the neighboring country. Like that Cafe Royal from Delicia, subsidiary of MIGROS, Actinica sun protection from Spirig and the Chips from Doubt. The problems are homemade and have to do with corporate greed.

PS. The Sunday newspaper picked up my indictment on February 19, 2020. However, the price differential has increased, which MIGROS has increased the price again within Switzerland. Not so in Germany.

Unwanted in Russia, NZZ v. July 10, 2015, page 3, letter to the editor

My answer was missing in the newspaper, you can read it here:

That the Russian government is concerned about the infiltration by the NGO should be obvious to even the simplest observer. The do-gooders like Sorros, Buffet or Gattes and whatever they are called, who quietly build organizations and support them through their "charitable foundations", do not really care about the welfare of the Russian people. In between, reports appear in the gazettes about how generous and kind-hearted the aforementioned are. They are not really interested in doing good to the Russian people. Rather, the attempt is made in this way to gain influence through the support of dubious forces, to stir up unrest in order to generate further profits for their own camp in which they are located. Putin is vigilant. The same goes for Cuba.

The car lobby are… TA v. July 10, 2015

Letter to the editor to Tagi

In the debate at the time about the introduction of a vignette, the majority was about taking 20 francs off the foreigner who was passing through. In France or Italy, the tolls for this route would cost several times as much. Such were the arguments back then.

This is exactly what the inexperienced citizen fell into at the time, as he did not recognize the scope of this new tax in the federal vote.

However, there is a twist to every tax, mostly upwards. But only for the common people. Experience with tax revision 2 shows that other taxes point in a different direction. Just as the IMF has imposed on many states. There seems to be only one way to make the people bleed. As in the Middle Ages. Therefore, citizens, resist the beginnings.

Tages-Anzeiger from July 20, 2015, page 7, "Warren Buffet buys ..."

My clear opinion:

Whoever has is given. Greeks, who had been trying to get smaller, state-owned properties for years, received negative notification.
The institutions make it possible. Above all the IMF. The governments before Tsipras were able to mismanage with the help of the banks. Debts were piled up to their ears. Ultimately, loans could no longer be serviced. The government sought help from the institutions. They gave the tariff. The creditor banks got away with a smile. As always, the little man pays and the financial vultures feast on the corpse of Greece and only take the fillet pieces, as in other countries before. "Warren Buffet is buying ..."

NZZ on Sunday

CVP calls for a cash ban ... ..of August 2, 2015

A person who was really persecuted for life and limb in his home country, whether refugee or asylum seeker, would never think of traveling back to where he is being persecuted. Everything else are Bogus asylum seekers. The CVP's ​​proposals must all be implemented. Even more. To prevent abuse, travel documents should be deposited in the community, as was the case in the 1960s, so that no foreigner could leave the country without paying their taxes beforehand.

September 6, 2015

The critical reader's thoughts below may not appear in any of our highly praised, "free" press. Europe-wide. An indictment of a controlled democracy !!! This thought was sent to some editorial offices in the German-speaking area.

Refugee misery

Those seeking protection, as they have recently been called, who flock to Europe from countries in the Near and Far East or Africa, owe their fate to the highly praised democracy on the other side of the Atlantic. However, it was the beacon for democracy, freedom and human rights, as it is often said of itself, that caused unrest and destruction in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and, more recently, Syria and, as a result, these flows of refugees. The underlying power vacuum and the resulting problems and disputes among the states for Europe were probably planned and intended.

In this context, there is the following comment in the NZZ online from September 6, 2015: Wave of willingness to help

The question must be asked: who is responsible for this refugee misery? Those seeking protection owe their fate to the highly praised democracy on the other side of the Atlantic! However, it was the beacon for democracy, freedom and human rights, as it is often said of itself, that caused unrest and destruction in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and, more recently, Syria and, as a result, these flows of refugees. The underlying power vacuum and the resulting problems and disputes among the states for Europe were probably planned and intended.


Politicians and our prosecutors totally ignored the accusations made by the Valaisian name Zen Ruffinen, an employee at FIFA, more than ten years ago, and even overslept. At that time, no responsible person in this country only got the idea to get to the bottom of these really hearty allegations.According to the Vogel Strauss method, one simply did not want to admit it. At that time, Zenhäuser spoke plainly about FIFA. It is much easier to plague the little man than to piss off a football priest and his entourage. By the way: according to reports, the mafia in Italy should also only pay minor taxes.

My letter to the editor relates to a report in the Tages-Anzeiger on October 3, 2015. You don't have to agree with SVP and Mr. Heer. His remarks about the mess in Syria were clear and straightforward. Below is my opinion as a supplement.

Tagesanzeiger from October 6, 2015, letter to the editor, page 13. My opinion on "Now the Americans are the bad guys"

One-sided propaganda.

Alfred Herr once again speaks the necessary plain text. After the Second World War, as it is today, the West was flooded with one-sided American propaganda. The others, the Russians, were the bad guys. After the collapse of the Soviet Union there was silence for a while, the East opened up. That was the time of the attempted American influence on the Russian mineral resources. Putin pulled the emergency brake. The locusts' offices have been closed. From then on, Putin was the villain and the Cold War started all over again.

Günther F.H. Trebbe, Zurich

All of us, the Western Europeans, are the vassals of the Americans, Confederates included. The blue-eyed do not recognize that. Therefore, other states had to help clean up the dirt in Libya. And not just in Libya. I remember Gaddafi's saying: when I am no longer Europe will be black. In Assad, the US believes it recognizes “its” enemy, who is so far away. One can certainly not deny it, our "friends" in the West who claim to be the Lighthouse for democracy, freedom and human rights to be, have overthrown governments and waged wars to their liking. And the Europeans are there with the long overdue NATO. Sad but true.

The do-gooders and their "friends" across the Atlantic are responsible for the chaos in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. The Europeans now have to pay for the mess. The blue-eyed do not recognize that. The only question is: who are you doing all this for?

Oct 13, 2015 TA

Often opinions and experiences are written down that only reflect half the truth, if at all. There is no need to read the article below. The title says it all. The word "unfortunately" is striking. It is also striking who dominates the world. And that for more than a hundred years. Striking are the worldwide installed bases, bases and even prisons that were set up around the world and also in the former Warsaw Pact. Is it to secure the peace? Anyone who believes that can no longer be helped.

My opinion is in the NZZ on November 1st, 2015:

Unfortunately, the people support Putin, NZZ on Sunday October 25, 2015

Putin has taken the Crimea and incorporated it into his remaining empire. In doing so, he only beat the Americans. That offends. In the former Warsaw Pact countries, which are located around Russia, the USA opened military bases and bases after perestroika. So it was only a matter of time before the Americans took over Crimea from Ukraine. In 2003, Putin had the Sorros offices closed so that the Russian mineral resources would not be sucked out by the American locusts, whereby Khodorkovsky and his helpers would have given active support. (The red part was deleted by the NZZ)

He is back, NZZ on the Sunday of December 6th, 2015

Thoughts on:

In a true democracy, freedom of expression should not be restricted. This freedom also includes the freedom of reading, which should be granted to a responsible citizen. However, we are far from that. Especially in Germany, where people are hit with the club almost every week.

Talk to the left, pay conservatively, NZZ on Sunday 3 January 2016

My opinion:

The king of the moneymakers, George Sorros, was born in Hungary as György Schwartz, likes to portray himself as a philanthropist. In his great engagements, he supports the democratic movements of Eastern Europe with billions. His commitment appears completely selfless in the public presentation. The attentive observer not only recognizes him and his other comrades-in-arms as the clever fox who sends NGOs in front of him, whirls the chicken coop up in order to feast on it when the time is right. Others believe they recognize the wolf in him, who seduces the seven little goats in order to eat them afterwards.

January 6, 2016, Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich

New Year's Eve at the lake?

A mistake by the city leaders on this gloomy New Year's Eve. Although weather prophets predicted low clouds / fog, the nonsensical plan was held. The fine dust values ​​climbed to a record high at a distance of more than a kilometer. over 380 µg / m³ (micrograms / m3) were measured, with the number 50 being the limit. On the other hand, tenants of the allotment gardens of Grün Stadt Zürich were forbidden to stop using the stove in their huts 2 years ago. Two subordinate women have invoked overriding law, which must be complied with. What right do the polluters invoke this New Year's Eve?

In the day of January 15, 2016, page 8, the whining of MIGROS and COOP will be published again under the title

"New Fear of Aldization". Below are my thoughts that had no place in the Tagi. Why? Answer !: so that the advertisements do not fail to appear.

Oust the mom and pop stores, lure customers into their own stores, shovel excessive profits so that further growth is made possible at the expense of customers. That is still the maxim of the wholesalers organized on a cooperative basis. Due to the self-imports of the Swiss population and the competition that has arisen in Switzerland from the large canton, they are met with a light breeze. And already there is moaning at a high level. The customer is wondering whether it would not be wiser to use the Swiss-made one that was previously purchased from MIGROS Café Royal, at EDEKA in Germany to buy around 30% cheaper. Because more differences become apparent, more is bought. The Swiss consumer does exactly the same, if only in a small form, what the large cooperatives do, namely to shop abroad. By reducing the workforce at the cash registers, further costs are reduced in order to increase profits. The customer is almost forced to scan his goods himself. Theft is factored in. What is the next step? Does every customer have to fill up the racks for 5 minutes or, if they choose, clean the floor in order to be allowed to enter the halls of the wholesalers in order to collect points? I praise the mom and pop shops!

PS. The Sunday newspaper picked up my indictment on February 19, 2020. However, the price differential has become even greater because MIGROS has increased the price again within Switzerland. Not so in Germany.

Deportation / SVP initiative January 27, 2016

Scientists, artists, business leaders and letters to the editor try to influence the vote on the deportation of criminal foreigners with the help of the media. Or is it the other way around?

In almost all reports and comments, the justified concerns of the population are excluded. It seems to me that the opposition is not about the matter, but about party ideology. I should like to point out that most of the offenders come from countries where there is sheer chaos, the rule of law and self-assertion rule the day. These people lack the structure, the guidance on how to fit into our community. From the beginning it should be made clear to a foreigner that it is not possible with us like you do at home!

Those who speak out against the initiative are against clear, firm rules and regulations. In doing so, they are doing the Swiss Confederation a disservice.

The NZZ correspondent Peter Gaupp presented a real cheek in "An eventful relationship story "NZZ of March 21, 2016, page 5. As so often, the victim becomes the perpetrator. The truth is twisted once more. Lying press is probably very accurate.

My answer was not ready for printing, probably "politically incorrect". That is why it appears here:

So that the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis is not falsified, the following fact should be pointed out: it was not Fidel Castro who was the arsonist, as Peter Gaupp writes, but American missiles aimed at Moscow in Turkey. Only then was an attempt made to set up a Soviet missile base in Cuba.

The old gentlemen in Havana are advised not to be impressed by new shawm sounds. The story after the Second World War clearly shows the influence of the Americans on the entire western world, which does not stop at their culture of the Hamburgers. The Western Europeans, like the former Eastern Bloc states, can tell a song about how fast the pressure of Americanization is progressing, mostly in connection with locusts who want to make a quick buck. Obama undoubtedly has goodwill, but behind it the vultures are waiting in wait. Greatest caution is required. Otherwise the Cubans will quickly get upset again and become strangers in their own country.

In our newspapers there are always complaints and accusations. Repeated lamentable songs without reference to the source. It could also be a fairy tale. It is the presumption of innocence!

Read in the NZZamSonntag of April 3rd, page 13:Holocaust victims today are….

My answer was not ready for printing, probably "politically incorrect". That is why it appears here:

It is always deeply sad to read such or similar heartbreaking reports like this one by Katharina Bracher at regular intervals. On the other hand, the sympathy should go to the surviving as well as the deceased German civilian population, who had nothing to do with the war but suffered from the Allied Holocaust.

Note: The truth is often not popular, especially in our "free" media

The German VOX television, news, date approx. May 12, 2016, report on the construction of a new rocket station in Poland. It lied for the best.
The missile station is to be built to intercept missiles from Tehran! What bullshit. You have to be an imaginative American to believe that.
If the missiles are really aimed at Tehran, why is this structure not being moved to Anatolia?

VOX = fool the people

My opinion in the NZZ on Sunday of May 22, 2016, page 26, Until the health care system collapses

Many of those insured by health insurance believe that they have to use medical services as often as possible for their contributions, true to the motto that we paid for that. As Felix Schneuwly correctly writes, the lowest franchise must be increased significantly. With this argument, Schneuwly kindles a huge lamentation among the left. Every insured person should be able to pay for minor cases out of their own sack. My demands: There must be unlimited health insurance premiums, medical expenses must be deductible from the first franc in the tax return.(This sentence has been deleted by the editor)

My thoughts and answers to an article in the Tages-Anzeiger on July 9, 2016, page 5, under the title: EU and NATO are moving closer together

Bad loser

The eerie Washington political strategists and money sharks sniffed morning air under Gorbachev and Yeltsin (until 1999) to snatch Russia's natural resources. Sorros and the like, all from the same camp, tried to gain a foothold in Russia with their billions, which also succeeded at times until Putin came to power after Yeltsin. The KGB man, Putin, pulled the emergency brake on the train that had already left. An old American dream, as described by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former adviser to Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) in his 1997 book “The Only World Power, America's Strategy of Domination”, is to extend their influence on Russia from the west to Vladivostok. According to this script, the expansion continues, of course for the benefit of mankind for peace and freedom, democracy and human rights.

You have to be a slow-thinking person wearing blinkers to believe the fairy tale of the salvation preacher.

After the ejection of the money sharks from Russia, which initially aimed at destabilization and infiltration, the tables are turned and Putin is portrayed as the villain. The now organized saber rattling in front of his doorstep corresponds to that of a rejected lover who stalked the previously adored one after he was taken away. Bad loser.

Faked wine reviews on DENNER's homepage?
Le Confidentiel Costières de Nîmes AOP

Intense ruby ​​red with purple reflections. Fine aromas of red fruits, cherries and berries. Round, soft tannins, full body and a long finish. So the description on DENNER's homepage. The wine promised a lot, couldn't keep any of that.
No trace of the intense ruby ​​red. The Genache (70%) and Syrah (30%) grapes usually promise a strong, dark, alcoholic (about 13.5%) red wine. The outside bottle was nicely opened. That was all.
This wine received 5 ratings, three with 5 ***** and two with 4 **** from Banausen. My assessment only consisted of 2 ** and was not included in the assessment because it was not adulation and DENNER therefore did not fit into the stuff.

Upon intervention, I should repeat my assessment. No thanks.

That is lived democracy! according to DENNER Art.

Glattaler from September 2, 2016

A cheese with holes in it

Through clever indiscretions, Ms. Federal Councilor Leuthard has already let a test balloon rise straight ahead regarding southern starts. In today's society with its modern communication, the targeted dissemination of fake news is obviously a must. Federal Councilor Leuthard rejects Südstarts, but should be allowed in breeze and fog. A cheese with holes in it. South starts at Bise means starting with a tailwind. So far, because of the Bise, landings have been made from the south at inappropriate times! Bise is a sham to gradually introduce more and more southern starts. The fog should also be an exception criterion. Why especially when it is foggy? In fog, the same flight routes can be used as before. The airport operators and politicians only know: economy, economy, economy. They are completely indifferent to the suffering population around the airport.

Günther F.H. Trebbe

Focus on slope extension, Glattaler from September 9, 2016

In GLATTLER, an official publication, you can read my opinion on September 16, 2016:

Choice between plague and cholera

With the vote "Piste extensions before the people", the electorate has the choice between plague and cholera. The question arises: what is the little evil?

If we vote in favor of extending the runway, some believe that we can finally get rid of the southern approach. It is not so. In terms of approach to the south, nothing will change when the runway is extended. On the contrary. There is talk of southern starts straight ahead. The airport authority wants to create as many aircraft movements as possible above the heads of the population, no matter what the cost. The main thing is that the income is right. And the canton also earns.

The residents around the airport have had enough of the constant aircraft noise. Within a radius of 30 km from Kloten everyone is more or less affected. Nice-sounding announcements from Bern should be taken with particular care. Have we been duped many times before?

The corporate tax reform by Federal Councilor Merz and the vote on health insurance by Federal Councilor Dreifuss in 1996 are vividly remembered. Politicians and controlled media try again and again to drive the electorate into the path they want. What is presented with the airport template turns out to be lazy magic.

The voter has the opportunity to prevent further expansion. So that reason can stop. A march stop is necessary.

Günther F.H. Trebbe

My view does not share with the publisher and his editors. Other thoughts should have their place in an independent newspaper.

Only half the story

Ms. Leuthard warns of dirty electricity from Germany. As with the southern approach, she is only telling half the truth here. This time she cannot pretend to have been misunderstood. Germany also produces electricity from renewable energies. Depending on the source, it is between 30 and 35% of the total energy.

Read in the daily newspaper of October 12, 2016

Jan Strobel's text prompted me to make the following comment in the daily newspaper of October 19, 2016:

Academics, artists and educators are sometimes bursting with monumental narrow-mindedness, as the guiding stars of knowledge. In doing so, they tend to forget their tolerance, if at all. They believe they can impose their political newspaper knowledge on the plebs. In such situations it is better to change the subject or to be silent.

TA v. October 20, 2016, Filippo Leutenegger .... Page 19 was once again brought up about City Councilor Leutenegger

My thoughts on this did not find a place in the Tagi. You can read them here:

City councilor Knauss, the left-wing populist, and the comrades who ride bicycles are dreamers. You dream of Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Munster.While awake, they too should notice the enormous difference to the cities mentioned above. In contrast to Zurich, these cities are located in the flat countryside and were generously laid out with wide streets from the start. In addition, the cyclists in the north are disciplined. Red is red. Cyclists never cross the pedestrian crossing while driving. Hooliganism, like ours, is not known in the north. City councilor Leutenegger is repeatedly overshadowed by councilor and actor Knauss, who appears in the media with a scarf, bike and grin. That alone is not enough to be successful.

On this historic day, November 9th, 2016, after D.T. was elected President of the United States, an important question arises:

are the warmongers finally being put in the corner in the USA? It would be desirable. Because as before, it cannot go on!

The "Americans" like to see themselves as self-appointed global law enforcement officers. Instead of transferring order, the world is being mixed up more and more with wars.

America needs a revolution. The "absolute monarchy", as it is being carried out more and more by a minority, should come to an end. But verily, verily I tell you whoever is president in the USA: the "eternally innocent" pullers are the danger to humanity. An end like on the Bastille?

It doesn't have to be. But those affected, who recognize themselves here, never learn!

17th November 2016

Where are the price drivers?

I am a hobby gardener on 800 m². The garden gives me work but also a lot of joy.

As a price-conscious person, I check the vegetable prices in the shops every now and then.

And I was amazed at everyone masses. The kilo of celeriac at MIGROS, which a few days before was priced at 2.80 per kilo, suddenly cost 4.80 francs. The kilo of organic celeriac was even increased to 8.90.

My curiosity was great. So, together with friends, I went across the border to Tiengen to delight EDEKA, LIDL and ALDI with our visit. And lo and behold:

EDEKA celeriac (without organic) a kilo 99 cents

LIDL, celeriac (without organic) the kilo 99 cents minus 20% discount = 79 cents

ALDI celeriac (without organic) a kilo 99 cents

Everyone may treat the Swiss vegetable farmers to a good and, above all, fair price.

The question in this case is: are the price drivers?

Nobody needs to be amazed at the increase in border traffic. And tax free too!

Tagesanzeiger of December 3, 2016, title on page 11: "We have to stop talking like accountants about tax losses for the next year"

The corporate tax reform is a black box without an accountant

Corporate tax reform III is a black box without an accountant. At a recent panel discussion in Winterthur, none of the supporters could explain how the missing billions can be raised again. Already at the USRII by Federal Councilor Merz, the electorate was persuaded to vote yes with false assumptions. Threats are new to this template (in the TA: warnings) some foreign companies could leave our country. They should! This is how the wheat is separated from the chaff. So finally a cleanup takes place. The people have had enough of overcrowded buses, trains, streets and overpriced apartments.

My further comment on this: The people as taxpayers, as the weakest link in this chain, are mostly the cheated. With a YES or NO, the cattle have to pay a variety of taxes. But almost nobody thinks about it. The tax evaders should go!

The template bears the motto:

everything for us, nothing for the others

No insight into the tax invoice, TA dated December 29, 2016

Letter to the editor

Everything for us, nothing for the others

In the debate about the introduction of the Tax Reform III (CTR III), the proponents of the voters throw sand in the eyes with simple slogans, according to the motto with one yes everything will be better. It is precisely in this case that the citizen must not fall. Billions of tax dollars will be missing from this reform. My realization after almost 80 years of life: with a tax reform, the people have never been given anything. Taxes were always increased. The establishment, as history shows, has always squeezed the people out. There seems to be only one way for the plebs to pay, according to the pattern "everything for us and not for the others". With the CTR III, according to the old model, a redistribution from the bottom up is carried out. Companies leaving Switzerland are to be classified as empty threats.

The NZZamSonntag of January 1, 2017 reported on the first page as follows:

Asylum system: costs are skyrocketing in the cantons.

My opinion

If the payment for the refugee crisis were based on the polluter pays principle, then the USA and, secondarily, the vassals England and France, who helped in the removal of the despot, would have to be asked to pay.

When I am no longer there, according to the Libyan dictator Muaamar al-Gaddafi, in an interview with the French Journal du Dimanche in February 2011, Europe will go black. You will be inundated by a wave of immigration from Africa. Nobody will be there to stop them. How right he was. Did he have to die six months later because of this statement, even though, according to the Americans, Gaddafi switched from a "bad guy" to a "good guy"?

This view above is in no way racist or discriminatory. It is a matter of facts. My presentation is only to be seen as a sequence of history around the Libyan dictator Gaddafi, who was overthrown by America. A connection with his statements in the French newspaper Dimanche cannot be dismissed out of hand. Do you want to destabilize Europe in order to exercise more power? The suspicion is obvious. Let the reader judge for himself.

The NZZ has its pants full for fear of dear friends from the USA. She deleted the article on her homepage and did not print my letter to the editor on January 8, 2017. That is freedom of expression in practice! Bravo! Conclusion: to the press in general an outsider has to write by the mouth, only then is he popular.