How film copies are made for cinemas

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According to Section 47 of the Film Funding Act (FFG), a film will only receive funding from the Film Funding Agency (FFA) or the German Film Funding Fund (DFFF) if it is in a barrier-free version by the time it is released. It should also be made accessible in a suitable manner and to an appropriate extent. The accessible version includes audio description and extended subtitles. The law has so far left the concrete implementation for access open.

There are three options for accessing the barrier-free version:

  • Via a cinema-independent app
  • Via a cinema system
  • As an open charisma

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Access via a cinema-independent app

The best-known cinema-independent app is Greta. After registering, users can use this app to download the audio description directly to their smartphone and play it in every cinema. Greta offers both German FFA and DFFF-funded films as well as large international productions. Greta must be commissioned to provide the barrier-free version.

This option is very suitable for blind and visually impaired people.

Access via a cinema system

For all films funded by the FFA and the DFFF, the barrier-free version is on the digital film copy (DCP). With a cinema system, audio description or subtitles can be called up directly from the digital film copy (DCP) in the cinema. At the moment, no cinema system can be reliably recommended.

With the Sennheiser Mobile Connect (formerly Cinema Connect) cinema system, the audio description is called up directly from the digital film copy (DCP) in the cinema using a smartphone app via WLAN. The app also offers hearing amplification. The prerequisite for this is that the cinemas have installed the system. At the moment (as of June 2020) there are around 20 cinemas in Germany.

Attention: The app required for access is called Sennheiser Mobile Connect. The Cinema Connect app is no longer available. There is currently no information on the extent to which the Sennheiser Mobile Connect app enables audio description to be called up.

Open charisma

The audio description can also be broadcast openly over the film copy. This solution is very rarely chosen for blind and visually impaired viewers.

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