What does the term clean beauty mean

Anyone who wants to and who happens to live in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich can now book a so-called "Mindful Mani" via the Treatwell online booking portal. That means, you suspect it, but you don't want to believe it right away: a careful manicure. The beautician shouldn't be particularly careful and, for example, gently push back the cuticle with a rosewood stick, which in itself would be an invaluable competitive advantage, since this skin is usually not lovingly at all, but rather scratched, rammed or brutally amputated with nail scissors with suppressed anger becomes. But it's not about the beautician. No, the customer should be careful with this manicure - towards themselves.

If you take the latest trend promoted by influencers and beauty magazines seriously, beauty care should now be fundamentally careful. It is no longer enough to light a scented candle or take a bubble bath to relax. Instead, you should use the new beauty products, creams, aromatherapy oils, crystals or organic shampoos to connect with yourself, the soul, the chi, whatever you like to call it. And best of all do something for the environment, world peace and karma. Details are not given, in the end you have to feel it, so the trail leads back to the self.

This means that the beauty products are part of the absolute major trend of the time, which is in magazines like Flow and Happinez is propagated, but also in nutrition, in yoga, in schools and universities, everywhere. You can find almost 22 million Instagram posts under the hashtag #selfcare.

According to the contemporary product promise, the suppliers of the ingredients as well as the manufacture of the cosmetic products themselves, the transport logistics and the packaging, ideally everything anyway, up to the half-life of the thoughtful soaps, toothpastes and eye creams, should be mindful. And because the best way to evaluate the entire cycle of a product is to make it yourself, the hashtag #mindfulbeauty also has more than 32,000 followers who share their personal recipes for making mindful shampoos and body oils. The users describe how best to use them, including appropriate massage techniques, breathing exercises and meditations.

The mindful soap reminds you to feel yourself and so on

Otherwise, natural cosmetics companies and manufacturers of essential oils are particularly benefiting from the trend towards mindful cosmetics. In the UK, for example, sales of soothing lavender cosmetics increased 552 percent year over year from January to April. The absolute hit? Care that smells of incense. An ingredient older than Christmas, which has been used in the home for centuries to relieve stress and feelings of panic, was sold twice as often as in the previous year. According to June Jensen, brand analyst at NPD UK Beauty, "2019 was a challenging, uncertain year for many people. Customers then return to natural, well-known ingredients and products that have comforting, nourishing and nurturing effects on the skin and the body. "

It doesn't hurt to have the unique selling point in the name. Mindful Soap & Co. somehow produces conscious soaps. The washing bars contain natural ingredients, especially essential oils, which are supposed to stimulate the senses with citrus notes and peppermint. Others soothe with lavender, valerian, bergamot, and cedarwood, or stimulate the immune system with orange, oregano, and cinnamon. In the end, however, the most important thing is to always call attention to awareness - the original English term. A mindful soap only cleans the hands, not the mind automatically - but it can remind you to turn it on when you wash. To be in the moment, to feel oneself, and so on and so forth.

Anyone who expects mesmerizing singing bowl sounds, essential oils, Asian massage tricks or hot wraps with the "Mindful Mani" will be disappointed. Because with the manicure with the mindfulness rating, headphones are simply put over your ears and you can listen to music in peace or listen to a meditation exercise. Could you do any normal manicure? Right. But for 25 euros in the 30 minutes you are given express permission to refuse to comply with the social conventions in the salon. You can keep quiet without hurting the beautician's feelings - and that might be worth something.