Which is high in calories

How many calories are there in individual foods?

In very fatty foods In contrast, they usually contain a lot of calories. Food with a combination of fat and sugar, for example confectionery such as chocolate or cake, has a particularly high energy density. This means that these foods contain a large number of calories in relation to a set amount.

Also very starchy foodsThat are low in fiber can have a high energy density, such as peeled rice or white bread. Have the same Ready meals often high in calories, as they are often excessively high in fat and sugar. Many other foods, such as ketch-up, ready-made salad dressings, ready-made sauces or chips, which you might not necessarily expect for reasons of taste, contain sugar and are accordingly high in calories.

And finally, they are also popular, especially with children beverages such as cola, lemonades, energy drinks and fruit juices are among the energy-dense foods, because they too contain a lot of sugar.

The same applies to beer, wine and others alcoholic drinks to. The energy value of alcohol is often underestimated. One gram of alcohol has almost as many kilocalories (7.1 kcal) as one gram of fat (9.3 kcal). Alcohol, consumed regularly, can also contribute to excess pounds.