How much does a pregnancy test cost

Pregnancy Test Cost - How Expensive is a Test?

You missed your period and you suspect you may be pregnant. An exciting thing and of course you want to know whether your guess is true or not. A pregnancy test is needed! Now, however, you will find that there are many different tests and the price range is also large. Do you take the digital or the visual? A pregnancy test with weekly determination or do you currently still need an early pregnancy test? Here you can find out the differences and what role the price plays in reliability.

Pregnancy test costs - overview of the different models

The practical thing about the urine test is that you can use it yourself at home. In principle, all urine tests work the same way. When the embryo implants in the uterus, it produces the pregnancy hormone hCG. The value doubles every two days and from around the day of the missed period, hCG can be reliably detected by a pregnancy test in the urine.

A visual pregnancy test shows you either a cross or a line in the corresponding result window. There is also a control window, which also shows you with a line whether the test has been used correctly. Disadvantage: If there is only a small amount of hCG, the positive line can be very thin so that you overlook it. During these tests it also happens from time to time that an evaporation line forms when the urine dries. This does not mean that your test is positive and, if in doubt, leads to confusion. Visual pregnancy tests are available from 4 euros in every drugstore.

A digital pregnancy test does not provide lines or crosses, but readable results. “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”. So you can first be sure of what this pregnancy test shows. The Porsche among the digital pregnancy tests is the test with weekly determination. If the result is positive, it even shows which week of pregnancy you are in. It goes digital from 10 euros, the luxury variant with weekly determination is available from 15 euros.

Pregnancy test costs - how expensive is the early pregnancy test?

Have you wanted a child for a long time and are impatient to find out whether it finally worked out? An early test could then provide information as to whether your wish has come true this time. This test can detect even small amounts of hCG in the urine. Some manufacturers state that they can deliver a reliable result as early as seven days after ovulation, i.e. seven days before the next period. Caution is advised here. Basically, a pregnancy test is only really meaningful on the day of the missed period. You can get early tests from 15 euros, for example.

Price doesn't necessarily play a role in the reliability of a pregnancy test. Even the cheap private label of a drugstore chain can be just as reliable as an expensive test from the pharmacy. However, if you prefer to rely on one of the leading brand manufacturers when it comes to security, you should pay attention to the latest offers in Internet pharmacies. Here there are often several luxury tests at a bargain price.

Beware of cheap tests in bulk!

If you are offered 50 highly sensitive early pregnancy tests on auction platforms for a total of 10 euros, that sounds too good to be true. And that's how it is. There are additives on each test strip that trigger the color reaction for the result when they come into contact with hCG. With the extremely cheap tests in bulk packs, too few of these additives are often applied to the test strips during production for reasons of cost. You cannot therefore rely on the result of these tests.

For all urine tests it should be said: the best time for you to test is always in the morning, right after getting up, when the urine is highly concentrated. If the result is negative, as long as your period is still missing, you should test again a few days later!

The health insurance company covers the costs of the gynecologist

The most certain about an existing pregnancy, however, is still the blood test. Your gynecologist will draw blood from you for this. As soon as he has the laboratory values, you will get an absolutely clear result. The gynecologist will also check whether your pregnancy can already be confirmed by ultrasound. These services do not cost you anything, they are covered by your health insurance.