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Jalen Ramsey's GQ interview: All-round blow against QBs - but for Blake Bortles

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey of the Jacksonville Jaguars did an in-depth interview with the magazine GQ voiced about the quarterbacks of the NFL and not held back with his opinion. Ramsey defended his own quarterback Blake Bortles - and implicitly criticized the tactics of his coaches in the playoffs.

"In crunch time, about last year in the playoff game (against the New England Patriots), we should have trusted him as an organization and let him throw him," said Ramsey in the August issue of the magazine about Bortles. "We got too complacent and too conservative. That's why we lost in my opinion." After an early lead over the Pats, the Jaguars had bet on their running game and lost in the end.

For Ramsey, Bortles is like Nick Foles, who won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles: "As long as you can do what the team asks you, you're good enough. People say Blake is no good, but he is led us into the AFC Championship Game - with what was asked of him. " His verdict: "Playoff Blake is good."

Jalen Ramsey's verdict on NFL quarterbacks

QuarterbackJalen Ramsey's verdict
Aaron Rodgers / Tom Brady"Not bad."
Marcus Mariota"A great quarterback for his team."
Tyrod Taylor"Better than you think because he doesn't make mistakes."
Jimmy Garoppolo"Don't know. It's all about the Schemes. But if you can work with these, that means you're good. So you can say that he's good."
Deshaun Watson / Carson Wentz"Watson will be MVP in a few years. 100 percent. Him and Carson Wentz, for the next five to ten years. They are that good."
Jared Goff"Average to above average. He reminds me a bit of Jimmy Garoppolo."
Dak Prescott"He's good. He's fine, okay. But it's all about (running back) Ezekiel Elliot."
Kirk cousins"He's good. In my opinion, a winner. In terms of play-action, the best QB in the league."
Derek Carr"Well."
Eli Manning"Eli is not decisive, but Odell Beckham Jr. Not Eli is good, but Odell."
Russell Wilson"Good. And a really good leader."
Ben Roethlisberger"At best neat. Big Ben is not decisive, but Antonio Brown. Big Ben often just knocks the ball out and his receivers get it. A strong arm, but not much more."
Drew Brees"I'm a fan. He's really good, even at his age."
Andrew Luck"I don't like him that much. The connection with T.Y. Hilton made him stand out."
Ryan Tannehill"I don't know much about him. But I haven't heard much good things about him."
Philipp Rivers"He's pretty good."
Matt Ryan"Overrated. He becomes MVP two years ago and then suddenly he's bad despite Julio Jones? That should never happen. That tells me it was down to (Offensive Coordinator) Kyle Shanahan."
Josh Allen"He's crap. I don't care what others say. He can't do anything, you won't be able to hide that. We're playing against them this year and I'm looking forward to it."

Ramsey, who is one of the best cornerbacks in the league and who had a very strong defense with the Jaguars last season, is known to be no child of sadness. He proved that a few days ago when the team suspended him for a week because of a scuffle and a Twitter attack against a reporter.