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Canton Akron

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The American town of Akron is located in the US state of Ohio, about 50 kilometers from the city of Cleveland. With just over 200,000 residents, the city is one of the five largest cities in Ohio. The city is known as the place where the well-known self-help group “Alcoholics Anonymous” was founded. The name of the city is derived from the Greek and means "high".

The figurehead and at the same time the most visited place in the city is the "Akron Art Museum". This art museum in the east of the city offers almost 30,000 permanent art pieces for travelers to see.

The city's Christmas market is also famous. This is an Erzgebirge Christmas market, based on the German twin city of Chemnitz. Almost 100,000 people visit this unique Christmas market every year.

There is also a very interesting park in the southwestern city center of Akron. With its large green space and clean parks, it is an ideal center for local recreation.

There is a smaller airport north of the city. In addition to destinations within the USA, it also flies to some European destinations. Local transport within the city is carried exclusively by buses. However, a tram line is being planned. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

Akron - a small, distinctive town in Ohio - offers a unique art museum as well as an even more unforgettable Christmas market in keeping with German tradition.

Akron-Canton Regional Airport

Akron Canton Regional Airport is located in the American state of Ohio. The airport is located around 15 kilometers from the two major cities of Canton and Akron. The American metropolis of Cleveland is also around 50 kilometers away. The airport was built in 1963.

Akron Canton Regional Airport handles more than 1.5 million passengers annually. In addition, there is an air freight volume of more than 50,000 tons. Since both values ​​have increased enormously in recent years, there is currently a plan to renovate the airport. This should last until 2020. Numerous national destinations are served at the airport, including Detroit, Forth Lauderdale and Denver.

There is currently a terminal at the airport. However, since this is often overloaded, a second terminal is already under construction. There are two runways each at Akron Canton Regional Airport. There are also numerous shopping opportunities. Around 20 shops are available for travelers. There is also a small vantage point.

The airport is also connected to local transport. There are buses to the surrounding cities in front of the airport. These run about once an hour during the week.