Herbal incense are really safe to smoke

Incense mixes - substitute drugs

I am convinced that smoking mixtures are more dangerous than cannabis itself. At least when it comes to lung function.

I've tried pretty much all types of spice (even if it's now called a smoking mixture, it's still the now banned spice).

You can also conveniently order via an online shop in Vienna.

Incense mixes - proper ones - are all natural. Everything is chemical. It is not artificial.

THC, in healthy, balanced levels, can be mood-enhancing, giving you the opportunity to see things from a different angle.

Too much of it can make you depressed; smoking is definitely harmful. Much more harmful than cigarettes (I think I remember that the ratio is about 1:20). In principle, it is not as harmful as alcohol, nor is it as harmful as man-made drugs.

Dealing with it is a completely different matter. It's not easy, in my opinion, and a lot of people let themselves go completely once they start smoking weed.

Herbal mixtures / spice have almost the same effect as grass, but last a maximum of an hour on average.

I buy it very seldom and I am not a convinced fan of it, precisely because it is disgusting to smoke and because I always have to cough for 2 days afterwards. What I can recommend is this one, which I think is one of the best:

The fact that cannabis is not legal, but alcohol is also due, among other things, to politics and business. Hence the real reasons.

From 2010, you can have all kinds of drugs in Prague. It is tolerated. EVERYTHING legal. Weed, cocaine, heroin, etc.pp. -> Through the Medicines Act. Just on the edge.

I think cannabis is much less harmful than alcohol and other drugs, but there is a big - psychological - addiction problem here too. Simply because many people are not stable in their personality and can therefore bypass zero.

There is also consequential damage - if consumption is too high - and there is a whole series of things, depression, asthma, etc.pp.

The whole kindergarten shit that is sold on the street is also dangerous. I would leave it entirely. Either buy a grow box yourself or from someone you know.