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AI: IBM wants to sell core area Watson Health

IBM is considering the sale of its IBM Watson Health division, which provides data analytics with artificial intelligence and cloud services to hospitals, insurers, government agencies and drug manufacturers. The Wall Street Journal reported, citing informed circles. IBM Watson Health has a turnover of around 1 billion US dollars a year and is not yet in the profit zone.

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"The actions we are taking to focus on hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence will take hold and give us confidence that we can achieve revenue growth in 2021.", said the new CEO Arvind Krishna only in January when the quarterly results were announced. In Europe, the most important Watson Health division is likely to be located at IBM Research in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, learned from the company.

No information is available about a possible sales price. The new corporate management wants to focus IBM on core areas and become more competitive in the cloud area. It is not yet certain whether there will be a sale of IBM Watson Health.

IBM Watson Health has many capabilities

IBM is considering a sale of the division to a private equity company or a competitor; a merger is also possible. IBM Watson Health includes brands such as Merge Healthcare, which analyzes mammograms and MRIs, Phytel, which helps with patient communication, and Truven Health Analytics, which analyzes complex health data.

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IBM will be split into two separate companies. The current core will continue to focus on software and growth in the cloud space. The new company will offer managed infrastructure services, including technical support for data centers and bare metal hosting.