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The BitTorrent protocol is still considered to be one of the most efficient ways to transfer even large files over the Internet. The official client BitTorrent Free enables the fast exchange of videos, music or other content via the file sharing network.
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Fast downloads

With the torrent protocol, a separate network is created for each file: users pass parts of the file on to other users during the download. This should ensure particularly high transmission speeds and at the same time enable the highest possible availability of the files. Special client software is required to access the torrent network.

BitTorrent Free is the official client that allows files to be downloaded using the torrent protocol. All you have to do is open any torrent file with the client and start the download. The file transfer can be paused at any time and continued at the same point.

During the download, a lot of interesting information about the download sources used (peers / seeds) can be called up. For example, you can see the upload and download speeds and the country in which the users are located. The software also displays a lot of data in clear graphics almost in real time.

The BitTorrent Remote function can also be used to access the BitTorrent client on the home PC via smartphones and other computers. In this way, downloads can even be started and managed on the go.

In addition to the free version, there is also a Pro-Verson for US $ 19.95 that allows videos to be played while the download is still in progress and automatically checks downloaded files for viruses and other malicious code. A converter can also be used to convert media files into the appropriate format for iPhone, iPad, Xbox and other devices.

The official torrent tool

BitTorrent is an extremely easy-to-use program that makes it easy to download files over the torrent network. The former alternative µTorrent has been maintained by the same development team for some time and can now hardly be distinguished from the official client, both optically and functionally.

Note: During the installation you will be presented with various special offers, but you can easily decline them.

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