What are some resources for military women

Draft notice, the


What are my interests? Which way should I go? In this situation I received my draft notification, was declared fit and drafted. [Die Zeit, 03/15/2013, No. 11]

Since the suspension of compulsory military service, that is, since the district army replacement offices no longer send sample notices in imperious German and the train compartments are no longer blocked by [...] those doing basic military service every weekend, the Bundeswehr has been competing with the training opportunities in retail. [Die Zeit, 02.12.2014, No. . 49]

In Israel, men have to spend three years in the military, women for two. Even ultra-orthodox people between the ages of 16 and 19. [Spiegel, 02/05/2014 (online)]

The national player will soon have to join the Bundeswehr and has now received his draft notice for 2001. [Picture, 09/28/2000]

If the draft notice has become incontestable, a legal remedy against the draft notice is only permissible insofar as an infringement of the law is asserted by the draft notice itself. [Archiv der Gegenwart, 2001 [1956]]