What makes something pointless

Death does not make life meaningless ...

"Death does not make life meaningless, because what would we be if we were immortal?" (V.E.Frankl)

Everyone knows deep down that sooner or later they will have to die and that they will
should face the question of the meaning of his existence.
Some people try to run away from this certainty through constant activities, extreme career striving, through exaggerated youth cult, through increased consumer behavior ...
But the fact is that at the end of every life there is death.
To build dying into our life, not to push it away from us, but to integrate it as a part of life, as something given by nature, that would be a possibility to reduce the fear of this topic.
An intensive and conscious life is only possible if we are mindful and deal with our finitude right in the middle of life. Every day that is over ... is over until one day my life is over - we only have that one life and we should remember that from time to time. Not to become gloomy, but to enjoy the unique chance of our unique life. The tragic is not that we humans are destined to die one day - millions of our ancestors have already done that - the really tragic would be not to have lived one's life.
As long as I live, life keeps knocking on my door and asks me the question,
which values ​​I still want to realize in my life and who (which people) and what (which task) is important to me - through which I fill my life with meaning.
Of course, it is ultimately about the traces of love that we, in whatever form, will one day leave behind on this world.

Two essential questions at the end of life:

Did I manage to feel joy?
Has my life brought joy to others?

So that these questions can be answered with YES towards the end of our existence, we should ask ourselves them again and again in the present - as a kind of interim balance.