Intermittent fasting may promote cancer

A clinical study with cancer patients who received chemotherapy showed that a longer fasting period initiates the regeneration of the immune system by activating more stem cells to produce new leukocytes.

Fewer chemo side effects from fasting

Another study found that cancer patients who integrated fasting periods into their cancer therapy experienced fewer side effects from chemotherapy. Fasting also reduces protein kinase A levels. This is an enzyme that is associated with an increased risk of cancer and increased tumor growth.

Therapeutic fasting - which method?

Of course, there are very different fasting methods - although this is not about z. B. Alkaline fasting is about, but only about variants in which you do not eat, i.e. only drink. For example, you can fast with water and healing earth alone. Juice fasting is also possible (ideally with green juices (and only rarely fruit juices) or fasting with tea, juices and vegetable broth.

In addition, the duration of the fast varies. You can fast for one day (16 hours or more), three days, a week or even 30 to 40 days. Or you can fast a few days each month. In cancer, for example, one could fast with green juices at least once a month for three days using the method described below.

Green juices are

* As an alternative to fresh grass juice, you can also use wheatgrass powder: see here at this link.

The juices can be supplemented with chlorella, spirulina or moringa powder or suitable food supplements with cancer-inhibiting effects, such as B. turmeric or sulforaphane.

An example of a fasting day:

  • Soak 6 prunes in 300 ml of water the morning of the previous day, mix everything in the evening and drink the mixture slowly.
  • The next day you start - z. B. at 7 o'clock - with a small teaspoon of healing clay or bentonite and a small teaspoon of psyllium husk powder with a large glass (300 ml) of warm water.
  • Then - half an hour later - there is warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • An hour later (8.30 a.m.) you can drink an alkaline herbal tea or lapacho or rockrose tea.
  • Another hour later you drink a green juice and other green juices spread over the day every two hours (approx. 150 - 200 ml each) and in between still water, as much as you like.
  • In the evening you drink tea again.

If therapeutic fasting is now integrated into cancer therapy, then it is crucial that cancer patients do not start fasting on their own, but rather do so in cooperation with a fasting director, a fasting doctor or appropriately trained alternative practitioner.

If there is already a pronounced physical weakness and / or weight loss, which can be the case with advanced cancer diseases, only very short periods of fasting should be used.

It is therefore very important that every holistic or complementary cancer therapy is individually tailored to the individual patient and that no fixed programs are followed.

Therapeutic fasting as an alternative healing method

The currently clinically applied principle of cancer therapy is determined by the removal or destruction of cancer cells. There are therefore three options: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. This therapy principle has governed oncology for many decades.

Without a doubt, the further development of surgical techniques and the improvement of radiation and chemotherapy have certainly also improved the success rates. Nonetheless, the death rate from cancer remains roughly the same. This is because some forms of cancer improved, but many others had an increased death rate.

Two thirds of cancer patients still die of their disease (or the side effects of the therapy?), So it would be high time to offer those affected alternative healing methods such as therapeutic fasting. Because one thing is certain: It is not enough to destroy and remove tumor cells if the immune system of the organism and, last but not least, the human soul are not taken into account.

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