If spray paint remains on clothing

Remove paint from clothing

When dry, paint is difficult to remove from textiles. If you react before the paint dries, it is relatively easy to remove it from clothing with water and gall soap. For older stains, only hand paste or solvents can help you with cleaning.

Remove paint with water and gall soap

If the paint on your clothes has not yet dried, you can try to dab the stains with water: dissolve some soap in lukewarm water and moisten a dishcloth with the mixture. Now dab the stains off your clothes. It is important that you do not rub, because by wiping you rub the color deeper into the textile so that it can no longer be removed.

When you have finished cleaning, rub a bar of gall soap over the stain until a thin layer of soap has formed. Let the soap work for an hour, then put the textile in the washing machine. If you responded quickly enough, this method will remove the stain.

Use hand washing paste

Specialists use special hand washing pastes to remove paint and varnish residues from their hands. If the stained clothing is not delicate textiles such as silk, you can also use hand washing paste to remove lacquer paint.

Knead a pea-sized piece of paste onto the stain and then wash the area thoroughly with cold water. Do not leave the paste on the textile for too long. Since the product is an aggressive cleaner, the color of the fabric can come off if it is left to act for a longer period of time.

Use a solvent to remove paint stains from clothing

Similar to hand washing paste, turpentine and spirit can also be used to remove paint from textiles. Both substances are solvents. Most paints can be removed with this. Put one of the liquids on a light-colored cloth and rub it over the stain. The clothing must then be rinsed clean with cool water.

When treating with solvents, you should expect your clothes to fade. Particularly sensitive fabrics such as silk can even completely dissolve in contact with solvents. The treatment is therefore only suitable for light-colored jeans and similarly resistant fabrics.