What should i do to marry you

Study Reveals: This is how he'll propose to you

It feels like you two are almost husband and wife, you love each other and it is clear that you will get married one day - so the only question is: when? Welcome to the no man's land between fiancé and girlfriend, where women waiting for an application will all find each other at some point.

A large wedding study now at least gives an answer to where the question of all questions is being asked and the answer is really surprising.

Most applications are made at home

If you think of hot air balloons and flash mobs now, you are way off the mark: the place where most of the applications are made is in fact at home. You feel most comfortable in your own four walls and apparently this is exactly the place where he finally dares to hold your hand. A whopping 37% of applications are made at home.

Another popular occasion, however, is when you are away from your own home vacation. 22% of requests are made while on vacation. But wait, if that doesn't seem to matter much to you now - it was the same for us - on the beach, on a city trip, while sightseeing or in a hotel, the study named as separate answer options. If you count this as vacation, you get a whopping 48% percent.

So, if you will, almost one in two applications is related to vacation and the rest is overwhelmingly at home. So from now on, relax again when you go to the restaurant, only 5% of the requests are made there.

15% marry without an application

However, there are also a few outliers that are completely out of the pattern. In case you are wondering what the big, gray bar in the statistics above means, we have the answer: 15% marry completely without a proposal. Surprising but true. So if you have the feeling that he does not even think about making a proposal, it might be worth asking him about it, because your sweetheart could belong to this 15%.

Or you could just be brave and propose to him. In this respect, the distribution of roles is actually still very classic - only 3% of the applications are made by women.

Most couples get married after 3-5 years of relationship

Another indication of an early application is if you have been a couple for 3 or more years, because most of them get married right then - after 3-5 years. 18% even marry after 1-3 years.

Experts recommend, however, to be careful and to choose the slightly longer waiting time. So does couple therapist Bernd Nickel: “Sociologists and couple therapists assume that in the first few years together the sexual component of the relationship is so strong that it overlays or bridges differences. Only when the mutual desire subsides - and experience has shown that it does with every couple who live everyday life - the view of the partner becomes more sober. Anyone who steps in front of the altar before these three to five years is usually still under the spell of desiring lust and passion. "

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't get married 5 years ago. Ultimately, it is about everyday life lived together and the decrease in desire. The more intensely you experience everyday life together, the faster your rose-colored glasses will fall and you will see whether you have really found the right person for you.

If you are now sure that a proposal is approaching soon, you should also make an effort not to ruin the surprise for him. Do you not Ha! Better to read again: Warning! How to ruin his marriage proposal without even realizing it!

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