Who does Elon Musk hate most

Tesla founder Elon Musk warns of "greatest risk to humanity"

At a meeting with US politicians this week, Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX founder, warned urgently about the consequences of artificial intelligence. One must prepare better for the "greatest risk to humanity".

Proactively combat risk

“AI is a rare case in which you have to introduce regulators proactively instead of reactively. Otherwise it's too late, ”said Musk. Because normally something always has to happen first and then society screams out until politicians react. In the case of artificial intelligence, however, this approach would be fatal. This is because the development of sophisticated Artificial Intelligences represents “a fundamental risk to the existence of humans”. Musk belongs to a group of US investors and entrepreneurs who repeatedly point out the risks of artificial intelligence.

Science fiction or reality?

Musk is ridiculed for his point of view by many experts and US tech colleagues and his warnings are punished as science fiction horror stories. The US investor is even accused of wanting to slow down innovation in the field.

You have to differentiate: Musk speaks of a kind of "super intelligence" that has not yet been developed - and the idea of ​​which actually serves as a template for many science fiction films. There are some scientists who even doubt that machines will be developed in the near future that can approach such “super power”. Others welcome Musk's words of warning.

Neuralink: brainhacking

Incidentally, Musk is invested in the A.I. area himself. The startup “Neuralink”, which the US billionaire co-founded, is working on so-called brain-computer interfaces. The human brain is connected to a computer through electrodes.

Elon Musk's biggest concern? As long as people don't see robots walking down the street, the dangers are intangible - and not important enough for politics.

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