What are some bicep workouts with dumbbells

Biceps Exercises: The optimal workout for massive arms

Finally a pump in your arms

In addition to ab exercises and chest muscle training is Arm training a must-have in strength training. Especially Biceps workout is simply part of the training plan. For some strength athletes, this is biceps even THE status symbol at all.
Here you can find effective training from a few good ones Biceps exercises. The best: a couple of dumbbells, long dumbbells and a tower are enough for himMuscle building of the biceps out.

Why are biceps exercises important?

The biceps have two strands of muscle, a so-called long and a short head. Both together are responsible for the fact that you can turn your forearm and bend ("curl") the entire arm from the elbow.
Important with Biceps workout: Not only the biceps, but also the Triceps as a counter muscle train with. Otherwise, the one-sided training will give you a misshapen upper arm and muscle problems may arise because you have an imbalance in muscle strength.
There are Biceps exercises, the different stimuli on the muscle heads of the biceps to have. But stresses both equally during training, as otherwise muscle problems can also arise.

Important tips for the biceps exercises

  • The biceps is a comparative one small muscle. Limits are reached quickly. It's enough 2-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions and heavy weight. But pay attention to a suitable weight in the respective exercise.
  • Leave the ego at home! Concentrate too with heavy weight on the correct execution and don't start tearing or using shoulder excessively. Then the weight is better off a bit. Otherwise you will lose a lot of potential.
  • Don't put the weight up too quickly. It is best to increase yourselves every two weeks by 0.2-0.5 kilograms.
  • If you've done other exercises that work the biceps, then screw yours Biceps workout down or leave it all.
  • Once a week hardness Biceps exercises enough! Regeneration is important.

But now I'm going to my top 6 Biceps exercises:

1. Bicep Exercises: Hammer Curls

Hammer curls enlarge your arms optically. They also work and worry the peripheral muscles of the arm muscles for a compact arm. Due to the demands of the other muscles, these curls also lead to more strength in your other exercises.

  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Required muscle group: Bicpes, marginal muscles
  • Pay attention to: Keep your elbows close to your body and do the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner.

2. Bicep Exercises: Scott Curls

Scott Curls or Preacher curls are probably among the most popular Biceps exercises in the gym. In doing so, you activate a lot of muscle fibers and also the muscle that lies under the biceps Brachialis. The combination leads to good Muscle growth.

  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Required muscle group: Bicpes, brachialis
  • Pay attention to: Use the entire range of motion, otherwise you will quickly fake the exercise.

3. Bicep Exercises: Barbell Curls

This exercise is perfect for that Demanding muscles properly. But Barbell curls are unfortunately often falsified and simplified. That's why they're pretty popular. But: You're just kidding yourself. You don't use your potential at all and you're extreme vulnerable to injury. So make sure that you do this exercise perfectly and pretty much ends when the muscle is nice and warm.

  • Difficulty level: high
  • Required muscle group: Biceps, many other muscle groups
  • Pay attention to: Use the entire range of motion, otherwise you will quickly fake the exercise. Put your arms close to your body.

4. Bicep Exercises: Pull-ups

That's probably The exercise for your fitness. By the way Pull-ups most effective for muscle growth. The hard work of the muscles in pull-ups then leads to increased Release of growth hormones. This not only benefits your biceps, but also your entire musculature.

  • Difficulty level: high
  • Required muscle group: all upper arm muscles, upper back support muscles
  • Pay attention to: Pay close attention to the execution. Let your body hang out with your arm stretched out and work without swinging your body.

You can't do pull-ups, as they are also called, yet ?! Here you read how you Do pull-ups can!

5. Biceps Exercises: Concentration Curls

The name really comes from "concentration". You concentrate more on them in this exercise Execution of the exercise and on the muscle. Since the shoulder is kept completely still here, you have full strength on the biceps. With a slow and concentrated execution, there is good muscle stimuli.

  • Difficulty level: high
  • Required muscle group: Biceps, especially long head
  • Pay attention to: Pay close attention to the execution. The elbows must be in the inner thigh, not on top. Do not overstretch the biceps!

6. Biceps Exercises: Incline Dumbbell Curls

Because with this exercise you are a good blood circulation in the biceps gets, it is ideal for the Beginning of training. You can wake up your muscles with it. You also train the biceps in a stretched position and thus optimally stimulates the long biceps head.

  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Required muscle group: Biceps, especially long head
  • Pay attention to: Since you can use the exercise well at the beginning of the training, but the muscles are not yet completely warm, do the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner!

My conclusion on the biceps exercises

Arm training is essential! Your Biceps workout performs with these couple Biceps exercises for the best muscle building. The biceps is a small musclethat quickly reaches its limits. So you don't need any crass devices. Biceps training without equipment works really easy: With dumbbells and long dumbbells you can also effectively train your biceps in the free weight area, but also on the tower with pull-ups.
Leave your ego at home, because only with Concentration in the executions you can use your full potential. The better you do your biceps workout, the better the results will be and no one will say: "Your arms are too thin!"

Which of the Biceps exercises in biceps training is your favorite? Write it to me. I'm curious!

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