Why did Sidious reveal Vader

Why did Lord Vader stay with Palpatine after killing Padme?

Vader had nowhere else to go or turn to anyone.



He didn't know who his father was or if he even had a father.


His mother, the only real family he ever knew, was dead.

The stepfamily

He had only met his stepfather and stepbrother for a few minutes and hadn't gotten on very well with them.

He had no family left other than a stepbrother and stepfather whom he'd only met once a day or so, and he didn't seem to care about either.


Anakin had very few friends.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan was certainly his best friend, but Obi-Wan had just cut off Anakin's legs and one of his arms and then left him to die on a volcano. This bridge had clearly been burned.


Padme was his girlfriend too, but she was dead.

The other Jedi

The other Jedi had been allies and acquaintances, but he had personally killed dozens of boys, participated in the assassination of Mace Windu, and supported the emperor's plan to assassinate the rest. The only survivors we know are Yoda and Obi-Wan. We've already looked at Obi-Wan; Yoda is unlikely to be more forgiving than Kenobi.

Jar-Jar Binks

He might have thought of Jar-Jar as a friend too, but we don't know if Jar-Jar would accept Anakin after all the atrocities he'd committed, or how Anakin would have turned to Jar-Jar after Padme's death. If I speak for myself, I'd rather die than spend five minutes with that annoying, bubbling amphibious idiot.

He had murdered dozen of his friends, killed another, had been mutilated by his best friend, had participated in the conspiracy to kill everyone else - so successful that only two survived - and contributed to the death of his wife.



Anakin had spent most of his life as a slave on Tatooine and had grown to despise it.

I don't like sand. It's gross and rough and irritating and it goes everywhere.
- Attack of the clones


After that he lived in the temple on Coruscant. The Jedi who ran the temple were dead now, some by his hand, and the temple had become Palpatin's palace. In Coruscant, he actually established his main residence as Lord Vader.


He spent his happiest days with Padme on Naboo. Returning to Naboo after her death would have been torture for him.

None of the places Anakin had spent a lot of time in were particularly inviting. He despised his real home - Tatooine, and he was too sad to go back to the place where he had been happiest - Naboo. If, after all this, he had decided to leave Palpatine, there would be none safe Place for him - Imperial agents would chase him every step of the way and eventually kill him.


Prior to his treacherous move to the Dark Side, Anakin had avoided material wealth, as was expected of all members of the Jedi Order. The Jedi should only have clothes, a lightsaber, and maybe a few small personal items. Anakin was unique in that he also owned two droids.

Real estate

He didn't have any.


He didn't have any.

He had no home and no money or valuable property to get a home with. He was faced with the choice of being penniless and homeless on his own or being incredibly rich and powerful with Palpatine.

According to Wookieepedia:

Vader was overwhelmed by his despair, believing he had killed Amidala and her unborn child what fulfilled his prophetic dreams of her death. He destroyed the medical droids and severely damaged the facility from the Force. He broke his ties on the operating table and struggled to walk under the weight of his new prostheses and armor. The only purpose that remained in Vader's life was his service to the new emperor .

When he has left Palpatine:

He would have no one to turn to, nowhere to go, and nothing to support himself; Palpatine would probably hunt him down and kill him for his infidelity.

If he stayed with Palpatine:

He would get rich and powerful, have ample opportunities to use his abilities on evil, and eventually he would have the chance to avenge what his new master had done by killing Palpatine.