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Means against spiders: 5 measures that will help

Most people don't like having spiders around the house. They are feared, or at least disgusted by them. At the same time, however, people have come to terms with the fact that spiders can be found in every home. They are simply part of life.

But is that really true, or is there a remedy for spiders that can keep them out of the interior? We've scoured grandma's old home remedies and show you five remedies that help against spiders (and two that don't work). So that you don't have to worry about the eight-legged friends at least in the house and on the balcony.

Please don't kill - a heart for spiders

Opponents of spiders may find it hard to believe, but spiders are beneficial insects. They are very important to our ecosystem. They eat pests in nature and in fields, and they keep flies and mosquitoes out of our homes.

Seen in this way, spiders are also very important to us. If you have the choice between a quiet spider in the corner, manic flies that spread bacteria on the food, and mosquitoes that bite us, then the spider no longer looks so bad.

It is generally not advisable to kill spiders, especially since death by the vacuum cleaner is also considered very painful. They are seriously injured by the sucking in and flinging, but not killed directly. They then die slowly and in agony from their injuries. Instead, one should expose spinning with paper and glass without contact.

This takes a lot of effort, because a lot of people are very afraid of spiders. In Germany, however, this is unfounded. In this country there are only three species of spider that are classified as poisonous. However, none of these spiders are poisonous enough to kill a human.

Usually the result is harmless complaints that subside on their own. If you get bitten at all and the likelihood of this is very low. These three species of spider only bite in situations where they feel threatened and cannot escape. The water spider also lives in boggy waters, in which humans usually do not stay at all.

Tip: If you would like to expose spiders but simply can't bring yourself to get close to them, you still don't have to reach for the vacuum cleaner. There are so-called spider catchers (order here from Amazon) * that are equipped with a long stick. These are live traps for spiders, thanks to which we have the same distance from the spider as we would with a vacuum cleaner. Then you can go outside with the trap and expose the spider at least 30 meters from your house - all completely contactless.

Caution, does not help, just tortures: baking soda and hairspray

One hears again and again of the tip to drive away spiders with baking soda, baking soda or hairspray. That's nonsense. You can't keep spiders away by spraying hairspray into corners and cracks. This only creates a sticky film on the surfaces that attracts dust.

However, spiders can be killed by sprinkling them directly with baking soda or spraying them with hairspray, but this is an especially excruciating death. Baking soda and baking soda usually cause death from suffocation. The hairspray causes the spiders to stick together - including their airways. Thus they become immobile and suffocate as well.

A spider can be killed much faster and less agonizing if it is caught with a fly swatter. So if you really want to kill the spider, you can do it in a more humane way.

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1. Means against spinning: secure windows

If we left the front door open, we wouldn't be surprised if someone came into the house. Open and tilted windows are the equivalent of an open front door to insects. If we don't secure our windows, we needn't be surprised if spiders come into the house.

Spiders always find a way in, because even the smallest cracks are enough for them, but you don't have to make it that easy for them. Attach mosquito screens (order here from Amazon) * to all of your windows and you have already blocked the way into your home for some of the insects.

2. Means against spiders: Regular cleaning

Every removed spider web deprives the spider of its livelihood. Spiders need their webs to catch prey in them. If the spider does not catch prey, it moves on. So remove every cobweb that you see.

Just because you don't see a spider in the web doesn't mean it's uninhabited. Since cobwebs are sometimes not that easy to spot, it is worthwhile to regularly wipe corners and edges under the ceiling with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the floor should be vacuumed and mopped regularly and garbage should be disposed of at least every two days. In this way you also keep other insects away, which in turn would attract spiders. A very clean household is the best thing that can be done to keep insects out.

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3. Means against spiders: lavender

Another way to keep spiders out of the house is through various fragrances. Different spider species should react differently to different scents, but it doesn't hurt to experiment with different scents. Fortunately, we humans tend to find all of these fragrances pleasant. One of those off-putting scents is lavender.

The potted plants can also be used to make the balcony or terrace spider-proof. The eight-legged friends should also drive away dried lavender or scented sachets.

Tip: Anyone who does not know how the eight-legged friends get into the house, but knows that spiders can always be found in a certain room, can rely on a little aroma therapy. Fills an aroma diffuser with water and a few drops of essential lavender oil (order here from Amazon) *. Then you can program the aroma diffuser (order here from Amazon) * so that it sprays a fine lavender-scented mist in the room for several hours.

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4. Means against spiders: eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also said to drive away spiders. You can either put a eucalyptus bush in a pot on the balcony, terrace or in the winter garden, or you can take individual eucalyptus branches in a vase. Eucalyptus essential oil (order here from Amazon) *, which is diluted with water, can also be poured into a spray bottle and then used to spray popular spider hiding spots.

The same fragrances that eucalyptus contain and keep spiders away can also be found in dill, fennel and peppermint. So a small herb garden on the balcony or near the terrace can work wonders.

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5. Anti-spider agent: anti-spider spray

There are now a number of anti-spider sprays available. These sprays promise to drive away spiders and keep new ones away. Some even kill spiders by paralyzing their nervous systems. In order for the sprays to do this, they must contain neurotoxins.

Once sprayed, these anti-spider sprays should keep the eight-legged friends away for up to several months. If you spray a spray once and then insects avoid this place for months, it is questionable whether the product is ecological and really as harmless for us humans as some manufacturers would like to convey. Many of these sprays are even deliberately only approved for outdoor use. Since the use in closed rooms would lead to a pollution of the room air with the biocide.

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