Is there any free music visualization software available

Plane9 - Free music visualization

The freeware Plane9, currently available in version, shows animated 3D sequences on your screen that react to the music being played - regardless of the audio source. You can also use the software as an appealing screen saver.
A visualization in Plane9

Independent of the program

You can set up Plane9 as both a plug-in for Winamp and Windows Media Player, or you can start it as a stand-alone program. In this case, the visualizations work with any audio player, including Spotify or AIMP.

Plane9 also reacts to other audio sources such as a connected microphone. You can also set the software as a screen saver or use a VR mode and then watch some of the scenes with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Systems with multiple monitors are also supported.

Big variety

You can choose your favorites from 270 different scenes, which will then be played back one after the other. A keyword search helps to find the right scenes for the desired occasion. 39 transitions provide further variety.

If you use the same scenes over and over again, save them in the form of playlists so that they can be called up again at a later point in time. A small selection is already included in the installation, which you can access right from the start.

Plane9 also gives you the option of saving the visualizations together with an MP3 file as a music video. Additional codecs may have to be installed on your PC for this. You will find detailed instructions within the application.

Note: Plane9 requires a graphics card that supports at least OpenGl 3.3.

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