Women love dogs

Why dogs are better than men

Dogs don't come home drunk and want to bed with you.
Dogs don't notice if your hairstyle isn't right.
Dogs understand when you cry.
Dogs don't stare at women on the beach.
Dogs cuddle as long as you feel like it.
Dogs do not bring war comrades with them without notice.
Dogs never promise to never do it again - no matter what IT is.
Dogs love you more than anyone else.
Dogs don't pinch waitresses in rest stops.
Dogs love your friends too.
Dogs are never ashamed of you in public.
Dogs never spend Sunday afternoons watching football, except with you.
Dogs will never get bored of you and will look for someone younger or more exciting.
Dogs don't bury themselves behind a newspaper at breakfast.
Dogs don't criticize your housekeeping.
Dogs love you unconditionally.
Dogs never improve your grammar.
Dogs don't mind how long you talk on the phone.
You never need to wonder if your dog really loves you.
Dogs never ask for the TV remote control.
Dogs never buy 'penthouse'.
Dogs don't make negative comments about your figure.
Dogs never complain about your cooking skills.
Dogs never take customers into topless bars.
Dogs never ask for sex as 'your duty'.
You are always number one for your dog.

Why dogs are better than women

Dogs don't cry.
Dogs love it when you bring friends home.
Dogs don't mind when you use their shampoo.
Dogs think that you sing very well.
A dog's time in the bathroom is limited to a small sip.
Dogs forgive you if you play with other dogs.
Dogs don't mind if you call them by another dog's name.
Dogs love rough games.
Dogs understand that farting is fun.
Dogs love red meat.
Anyone can keep a good looking dog.
Dogs don't go shopping.
If a dog looks good, it doesn't bother other dogs.
Dogs love it when you leave lots of things lying around on the floor.
A dog's attitude remains the same all month long.
Dogs will never try to analyze the relationship.
The parents of dogs never come to visit.
Dogs love long car journeys.
Dogs think instincts are better than asking for directions.
Dogs believe that all animals smaller than them should be hunted.
Dogs love beer.
Dogs don't hate their bodies.
No dog has ever bought an Alexander or Daniel Küblböck album.
No dog has gained 100 pounds after growing up.
Dogs don't criticize.
Dogs understand that the only way to get your point across is by raising your voice.

(the article was submitted by Heike S.)