What are some Lithuanian sayings

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Lithuania is a state in Northern Europe between Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian exclave Kaliningrad. The country has an area of ​​65,300 km² and 2,930,865 inhabitants (July 2014, 1992 = 3.7 million).

In the Quedlinburg annals, Lithuania was first mentioned as "Litua" 1009. The first kingdom came into being in 1253. After the collapse of the old Kievan Rus, Lithuania expanded eastwards from the 14th century and after 1362 conquered Kiev and competed with the Grand Duchy of Moscow for supremacy. Grand Duke Jogaila took over the Polish royal crown by marriage in 1386 and thus founded the Polish-Lithuanian personal union, which in 1569 culminated in the Real Union of Lublin, which meant the end of independent Lithuania. Lithuania remained with Poland until the partitions of Poland and came under Russian rule from 1795.

After the First World War and the weakening of the Russian Empire, Lithuania became independent on February 16, 1918 under German occupation. After the invasion of Soviet troops in World War II, a pro-Soviet government was brought into office, which on August 3, 1940 declared it would join the Soviet Union. Only after the end of the USSR did Lithuania regain state independence on March 11, 1990 and become a parliamentary republic. In 2004 Lithuania became a member of the European Union, NATO and, since January 1st, 2015, the 19th member of the Eurozone.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litauen

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The Russian artist Gisela Reller collected 50 of the Lithuanian proverbs for decades between 1964 and 1990 on report trips to the Soviet Union, which she undertook for the illustrated magazine FREIE WELT. Further previously unpublished information about this and 50 other peoples of the former Soviet Union on Gisela Reller's website: www.reller-rezensions.de/
Information on 50 peoples of Russia, from Abasiner to Zachuren, in a reader with 1001 proverbs and over 100 photos and ethnographic illustrations by Gisela Reller:
“Home is a golden cradle”, ISBN 978-3-8305-3934-6, published on August 27, 2019.
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All live under heaven, but not under one roof.

All are children of one mother, but not all of one mind.

Born as what he will die as.

Age is not mastery.

You can recognize the worker by the work.

Different trees, different loggers.

Learning to shave on someone else's beard is good.

We don't like to work and being master is not possible.

Old people are also amazed.

Today also has its evening.

Heaven, too, has gates to which only golden keys lead.

The fly also overcomes the ox when the wolf catches it.

There are more calves than oxen on the market.

All goats climb a crooked linden tree.

Wide sandals are cheap cut from foreign fur.

There is no shame in cutting out of someone else's leather.

You cannot make porridge from prayers.

You can't beat butter out of a beautiful face.

Bear and Petz, it's one like the other.

Do not desire what is foreign and do not give away what is yours.

Better to borrow than stay owed.

Better a sparrow in hand than a moose in the woods.

Measure is better than belief.

Better to be sick than die.

Better to lose something with a wise man than to find something with a fool.

Drunk put to sleep, aged put to die.

If you are innocent, close the door; if you are guilty, arm your feet.

Sometimes the cow also hunts a hare.

Blow against the wind!
(The saying goes that there isn't much that can be done about violence.)

The face fears old age even without a ploughshare.

Age also upsets the non-drunk.

The bread does not come in a wind.

The bread cries when it is eaten in vain.

Life with the nobleman is life in hell; the longer in the nobleman's court, the longer in hell with the devils.

The light mocks the darkness.

The girl will settle in like a cow with its third calf.

The horse (also) stumbles with four feet and the person with two feet stumbles even more.

The water is running, people are talking and the wind is blowing.

The word flies out as a sparrow and returns home as a raven.

Where there is fear, there is honor.

The uninvited guest the uncouth bank.

Nobody asks the poor about the truth.

You have to wear the bast shoe that you put on.

The Lithuanians (or the peasants) the meat, the gentlemen (pastors) the bones.

The show-off buys the spurs first and then borrows a horse.

The bear roars when an acorn falls on its nose and is silent when a branch presses it.

The thief in the pocket, the rogue in the sack.

The money sack fears neither a gentleman nor the pastor.

The common man has a devil, the prayer sister - nine.

The greedy person lights one candle for God and two for the devil.

The disease is better when the person is worse.

The jug goes to the water until its time comes.
The pot will hold water until its time.
(In many countries the jugs break once or for pots time goes by, the pumpkin goes under like in Hungary or you lose your paws like in Italy. One thing doesn't last forever, at some point everything comes to an end or to break)

The cuckoo calls his name.

The clay is the brother of all of us.

The liar is out in the open, the truth is behind houses.
The liar goes straight ahead, the truth goes behind the houses.

The liar walks a wide path and returns on a narrow path.

The stomach is not a hallway.

Man shoots, God directs the bullets.

The braggart brags that he can forge gold and he can't even grind anything to pulp (for the pulp).

The mother-in-law's speech is rough as long as no grandchild is born.

The woodpecker is colorful, the world is even more colorful.

The stone that remains in one place is covered with moss.

You will not find the end of science.

The pastor's sack has holes (it is wide).

The prosecution is the weapon of the weak.

The bitch in a hurry throws blind cubs.

The early crow scratches its teeth, the late the eye.

The hen has not yet laid an egg, since the daughter-in-law is already hungry for pancakes.

The disease remembers the youth.

The disease comes on horseback and goes away on foot.

The night is a blotter for many worries.

The women have bottomless ears.

Turn quickly, so there will be more of a place.

You can't clog people's mouths.

You will not only feed the horse out when it is time to drive.

Honor yourself and soon others will honor you.

Hurry if you want to miss.

An evil person splits a car full of a needle.

A good dog doesn't take a sausage from someone else's hand.

A good man swallows what he bites off.

Another burden is always heavy.

A good woman shows the man the way.

A good mother and father replace a hundred nannies and schoolmasters.

One hand washes the other so they both turn white.

An oath*1is nice, but it's a shame about the curd.
(This means that while you judge something well, you still feel sorry for the cost and effort it takes.)

A single leaf of experience is worth more than a tree of good advice.

A crow that is not from yesterday; not bridled with a finger yesterday and lined with porridge.
(The proverb describes a smart person who cannot be fooled so easily.)

One crow doesn't prick out the other's eyes.
(Proverb also in German and other languages. Crows and ravens and are supposed to aim at the eyes when attacked. In the Middle Ages they are said to have pecked out the eyes of the hanged man on the gallows first. The proverb is usually meant negatively. and peers and gangs usually stick together and do not betray or blacken one another. We mostly use them in the case of errors, prohibited acts such as theft or similar acts, which would result in a punishment or other negative consequences for the perpetrator.)

A crow does not stand without hopping.
The crow won't let the hopping.
(An unreliable person cannot be trusted, he does not keep what he promises.)

Shorten the feed for a cocky horse.

A horse together is always miserable.

A house is blind without a dog and dumb without a rooster.

One child is afraid of a word, the other is not afraid of being hit.

A person without a home is like a bird without a song.

A fool gives, a wiser takes.

One misfortune strikes another with the horns.
(In German, the proverb has the same meaning: an accident seldom comes alone.)

A wild horse has the calluses on its back and a lazy one under the belly.

He fell before he put on the ladder; he drowned before he saw the jetty.

He put on the owl's dress.
(Owls are generally nocturnal. That means, he went up and away unnoticed in the night and fog.)

He's running around like the devil in the barn.
(In Lithuania, according to the legend, the devil used to live in old barns. There he occasionally drove his mischief and jokes with the startled peasants. The saying means that someone does something with unnecessary haste and without thought, which in turn annoys others means.)

He forgot his misery because he got drunk, but the next morning he found fresh misery and worry.

He hides like the devil from lightning.
(It used to be believed that lightning strikes where the devil was shortly before. That is why one looks for protection in a hut or elsewhere where no lightning can strike. On the one hand because of the lightning and the weather, on the other hand for protection before the devil.)

Nor is there a man who does not have the wolf tooth.

There are geese that hunt down a fox.

There is only one truth in the world, but it looks like there are a hundred.

There are herbs for sickness, but not for death.

There is only one bad woman in the world, but every man thinks he has her.
(Proverb also in Germany)

It is good to complain when there is someone to comfort you.

If a child falls, an angel holds the pillow ready, if an old man falls, the devil pushes a stone under it.

Pelts and women become softer from stamping.

Foreign breath always stinks.

Don't be happy when the neighbour's bathhouse is on fire.

Fear and love do not go together.

If the pastor goes on holiday, Satan trusts him.
(Freite = outdated term for looking for a woman, free, bridal show, courtship, wanting to get married.)

Money is a killer.

Surrender to the world when you travel and it will surrender to you.

Happiness sings, misery sighs.

Gold shines even in the swamp.

God gave it with love, a fool asks with envy.

God gave dry weather, he will give rain too.

God gave teeth, God will also give bread.

God is in no hurry, but he forgets nothing.

We didn't hunt for big things, and we missed the small.

Hypocrisy and flattery are the execution of friendship.

Hundreds of mosquitoes destroy even a mare.

I heaped a mountain for him and he dug a pit for me.

Everyone walks under their own light.

The longer in the nobleman's court, the longer in hell with the devils.

Cold curd from a cow that is being raised.
(Something is of poor quality and / or too little, milk from a sick and weak cow that can no longer stand alone.)

When the vodka comes into the hut, the mind goes out.

Illness is not a sister.

Illness comes unsolicited.

Light mocks darkness.

Dream of love like foam of saliva passes quickly.

Do not praise the girl before morning and the day before evening.

Lived happily, died happily.

You don't have to mix in someone else's work.

The master is not whoever begins the work, but whoever completes it.

You will not cover yourself up with your feminine beauty.

You will not scoop the river up with the spoon.

You don't drive the children into the churchyard with the rod.

You will not ride far with a strange mind.

The devil goes to heaven with money.

You can't argue with God.

Treat tall people like fire; not too close, otherwise you will burn yourself; not too far from it or you will get cold.

Borrowed with jokes, repaid with curses.

You don't sew fur with words.

Not even one horse scratches the other for free.

Nobody bites their own hand.

Say goodbye to the stake in the wall.
(Whoever this is said should not come back.)

Without gold, even the light is dark.

Without light, even the sky is dark.

Speak cash, keep the truth silent.

Do not judge anyone whose fur you are not in.

Look at the sky, but also under your feet.

Don't look through the hole, you can still see the devil.
(According to legend, if a nail falls out of a coffin shelf, one can see evil spirits and all acquaintances through this hole, who find no rest in the grave in eternal damnation.)

As beautiful as a peacock feather.

His work is like a drunken man's prayer.

His word is a bridge that I don't even put my little finger on.

Even the harshest winter fears spring.

They wrestled with each other like winter with summer.

This is how the crow is when it is bathed, just as it is when it is not bathed.

As long as there is bread, the famine is blind.

Don't spit in the puddle, you may drink from it yourself later.

Handle in handle, both count equally.

The young dance, the earth shakes, the old dance, their teeth wiggle.

One day is dear to the patient, the second dear too.

Don't drive your father (out of the house) into the woods.

Do according to your understanding and not according to your will.

Unfed horses stumble in the village even where there are no stairs.

Wrong Good does not hold out.

Far from relatives, great love gives, closer to them quarrels and blows.

Apples do not fall from an alder.

Little rain comes from a large cloud.

Little curd comes from a cow that has to be picked up.
(One cannot expect much from a sick and weak cow that can no longer stand alone, and only of poor quality.)

What the good man bites off, he swallows down too.

What does not concern you, do not get involved in it.

What the pastor gives you, you must share with the devil.

Whatever is promised by God will be kept.

Far behind the rod is the splinter.

Which horse does not eat the oats that have been piled up?

If it is not bitter, he doesn’t make a face.

Anyone who thinks of going with the devil for apples will soon be left without a basket and apples.

If the child doesn't cry, the mother doesn't care.

When the dough is mixed, it is kneaded; when kneaded, it is baked; the guest will not leave without having eaten.

When the job is done, it's sweet partying.

If you are given, take, if you are sent, do not go.

If you haven't fed the horse, you won't ride.

If you are an ox you will not roar like a bull.

If you put something in your stomach, even the smartest won't take it out.

If you fell into a puddle, you won't get up dry.

If you are not riding your own horse, you will also be sitting in the puddle.

When you go to the office, give your judgment at home.

When a drunkard promises something, the devil laughs.

When one speaks of the horse, the carter grabs the whip.

Anyone born as a peacock is and remains a peacock.

If you want to wash others you have to be clean yourself.

Whoever runs away in fear falls into the pit.

He who does not touch the dew will not eat bread.

Whoever has the gap in the fence also has the damage.

Whoever has the power also has the right.

Those who are up early don't whistle.

If you leave the house hungry, you won't get anything in the village either.

Whoever spat God the Lord in the eyes of his youth comes in old age and wants to carry him on his hands.

If you don't have dogs, you have to chase cats.

If you weren't a piglet, you won't become a pig.

He who plows does not become poor; whoever steals does not get rich.

Whoever does not take the mind for himself will not be given by the others.

Whoever jumps out too suddenly blows his eyes out.

Whose bread you eat, hold your gaze.

Like life, like death, like salvation.

As the region is, so is the custom.

If you want to waste time, then rush.

If the strength is not enough, you will reach your understanding.

We each have our own burden to bear.

Wherever there is carrion, there will soon be crows.
(similar to: Matthew 24, 28, in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden)

Where the housewife sleeps late, the pigs squeal.

Wherever it pleases the soul, there the body thrives.

Where there is fear, there is honor.

Where there is no suffering, there is no prayer.

At home the children are in need, in the city the beggars are crying out for bread.

Home is home, even if under the thatched roof.

*1 Eidam is an outdated term for son-in-law.