Which is better brahmacharya or sex

Brahmacharya - the sexual continence

In the understanding of yoga, 'Brahmacharya' means continence, control, restraint (even in the sense of celibacy, abstinence), spiritual orientation, the transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy (both in men and women) into higher, more subtle, spiritual ones Areas. In short, the aim of brahmacharya is to achieve perfect control of sexual energy without excluding the possibility of engaging in sexual activity. The yogi thus has two options:

  • to forego sexual activity entirely, but to ensure that certain yoga techniques convert the sexual potential into higher forms of energy (such as vitality, inner strength, pure love, mental strength, spirituality). These techniques therefore exclude all erotic or sexual experiences.
  • to see and conduct sexual and erotic activity from a new point of view, seeking complete control or continence of sexual function through intelligent exercise of it.

Basically, one pursues to separate the orgasm from the ejaculation, whereby the ejaculation is delayed as long as desired, regardless of the duration, intensity and number of sexual contacts. Ejaculation is only desired when the couple is about to have a child.

In the case of women, the control of sexual energy during the act of love, i.e. sexual continence, is very easy to carry out and only in extremely rare cases requires prior preparation.

In men, however, controlling ejaculation and suspending it for as long as possible (weeks, months, and even years) requires gradual and persistent training and is considered a real high performance that accelerates spiritual progress and keeps lovers in love can bring a state of supreme bliss.

Sexual continence gives a new perspective on life and sexuality and is basically an invitation to discover the mysterious, spiritual dimensions of transfiguring eros.

According to yoga teaching, the entire universe arises from the cosmic union of the masculine (+, yang) principle with the feminine (-, yin) principle, and the expression of this on the physical level is the union between man and woman. If the pair of lovers masters sexual continence perfectly, then physical love is a continuous, bliss-generating expansion of consciousness, WHERE YOU START FROM THE FINAL AND REACH THE ENDLESS. An oriental saying expresses this truth as follows: "When love, thanks to perfect sexual continence, becomes infinitely great, the impossible can easily become possible."

According to the oriental view, the loss of sperm leads to exhaustion, a decline in vitality and a decrease in the affective, mental and spiritual potential, and should therefore only be allowed if there is a desire to reproduce. Keeping the sperm during sexual union, on the other hand, leads to an increase in vitality, an undreamt-of increase in the delight of both lovers, a refueling of energy, rejuvenation, spontaneous awakening of telepathic abilities and the experience of countless orgasms without fatigue, drowsiness or aversion to sex afterwards feel.

Continent women observe a steady decrease in menstrual blood and menstrual pain, the disappearance of the shame side effects associated with menstruation as well as a physical refreshment, an increase in vitality, creative power and intelligence, psychological balance and the removal of inferiority complexes. Lovers who practice sexual continence are plagued by far fewer internal problems and tensions. The love relationship is far more intimate, lasting and harmonious than with ordinary lovers.

As long as one adheres to sexual continence, according to yoga teaching, one no longer has to fear premature aging, illness, death or decay. As far as sexuality is concerned, it should be emphasized that yoga does not require non-activity, abstinence at any cost, since in most cases renouncing sexual activity is almost impossible and often even harms the person concerned. So it would be completely pointless to set total abstinence as a general goal in yoga. In this regard it is appropriate to mention some quotations from the famous work of the oriental wisdom BHAGAVAD GITA:

"Inwardly, detach yourself from any attachment to non-activity." (Proverb 47, Chapter 2)

"Man does not indolently renounce activities, he enjoys rest, he does not reach perfection by renouncing activity." (4th Proverb, 3rd Chapter)

Furthermore, Krishna insists that "activity is far superior to non-activity." (8th Proverb, 4th chapter)

If the human being has perfect mastery of Brahmacharya, a huge store of vitality and energy, a keen and courageous mind and a strong intellect, which can oppose any difficulty or injustice, develop in him. Those who pursue sexual continence with determination will discover an excess of physical strength within them, which they can use successfully in their daily activities. He can also find that his mental strength becomes much greater, his mind clearer, and his memory better. The improvement of intellectual abilities also enables an acceleration of spiritual progress.

Other effects

The one who persists in sexual continence (brahmacharya) strengthens all of his inner faculties. Sexual continence even enables the revelation of the Supreme Self (Atman). The body, psyche and all senses of the practitioner become capable of extraordinary realizations.