What are some stark truths

"Truth or Dare" - the best questions and tasks

"Truth or Dare" is a great party game! The right questions bring up funny stories and startling truths unearthed. And at mandatory Usually everyone has to make a fool of themselves and is certain lots of laughs on his side.

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The typical questions at "Truth or Dare" how "Who are you in love with?"or"How many girls or boys have you kissed?"are always good, of course, because those are the questions that are of burning interest to us."mandatory"is the classic"Kiss someonein the round on the mouth for 5 seconds"or"Call out the window: 'I am the most beautiful in the world'"This is a very popular task.

You can also find cool ideas in this truth-or-dare game *:

We have a few more fun truth questions and creative compulsory tasks for your next "Truth or Dare" session!


Cool questions for "truth"

  1. How many days in a row have you not taken a shower?
  2. Which rumor have you passed on?
  3. Which star do you think is stupid and why?
  4. What's the stupidest thing you've ever spent money on?
  5. What was the last movie you cried at?
  6. What's the last thing you Googled for?
  7. Have you ever eaten something that fell on the floor?
  8. How did you practice for your first kiss?
  9. Do you still sleep with cuddly toys?
  10. Who in this group do you think is particularly badly dressed?
  11. What do you think about when you sit on the toilet?
  12. What was the last message you wrote - and to whom?
  13. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
  14. What are you hiding in your room that your parents are never allowed to know about?
  15. Have you ever written a love letter to someone? If so, to whom?
  16. If you had to hear one song for the rest of your life, what track would it be?
  17. What do you secretly do in front of the mirror when nobody is looking?
  18. Have you ever blamed someone else for something, even though you were to blame?
  19. Who from this group would you like to swap lives with and why?
  20. What was your parent's or grandparent's nickname when you were a kid?
  21. How many selfies do you take before you finally like one?
  22. What would you rather drink: urine that tastes like orange juice or orange juice that tastes like urine?
  23. How many boys / girls have you got a basket from?
  24. Have you ever done or tried something stupid just to look cooler? What?
  25. What's your most embarrassing favorite song?
  26. Who gave you the worst heartache?
  27. Do you peek in the toilet bowl before you flush?
  28. Have you ever screenshotted chat histories with someone in this room and forwarded them to someone else?
  29. How many days have you not taken a shower?
  30. Do you have pictures of someone in this room on your phone without him / her knowing about it?
  31. Have you ever intentionally ignored a message from someone in this group?
  32. Tell everyone in this group one thing that they absolutely have to change about themselves!
  33. When was the last time you were jealous and why?
  34. Would you date someone five years older than you?
  35. Would you make out with someone you just met?

Funny tasks for "duty":

  1. Stick out your tongue - and leave it outside for the next three minutes!
  2. Make up a romantic Disney fairy tale about the person on your right.
  3. Shout the first word that comes into your head out loud!
  4. Let any other player tickle you for 30 seconds!
  5. Give your cell phone to the person on your left who is now allowed to post something in your Insta story.
  6. Try rapping like Nicki Minaj (or another rapper)!
  7. Do three rounds with an accent.
  8. Recreate a scene from your favorite movie!
  9. Have a conversation with a chair and pretend it answers.
  10. Show everyone else an embarrassing picture of yourself that you are ashamed of!
  11. Flirt at a teammate like he / she is the hottest guy / girl you have ever seen. Give everything!
  12. Tell the person who gives you the task, what is great about him * her!
  13. Pretend you're applying to "Germanys Next Top Model" and walking up and down the catwalk in front of Heidi and Co.!
  14. Shave part of your body!
  15. Pretend you're the absolute kiss expert and show your teammates what a perfect French kiss looks like - but alone!
  16. Mime someone in the group. The others have to guess who it is!
  17. You have to play the pet of one of your group for three rounds.
  18. Knock out every nasty swear word you have to offer for 20 seconds.
  19. Dance to a song the group chooses for you.
  20. Mimic a newborn baby.
  21. Put an ice cube in your shirt.
  22. Slap the rhythm of a song on your cheeks until someone else guesses it.
  23. Try to sell someone something from your trash can! Use all your sales talents!
  24. Post a picture of your feet in your Insta story.
  25. Pose like a bodybuilder for 30 seconds.
  26. You have to swing an imaginary hula hoop for three minutes!
  27. Propose to the person who set you the task.
  28. Send a grimace selfie to the last person you wrote to on WhatsApp.
  29. Open any snack you want - just with your teeth and mouth. Hands and feet are forbidden!
  30. Call the seventh from the last number in your telephone history and sing him * her a song for 30 seconds that the group can choose.
  31. Show everyone what you have in your wallet.
  32. End each sentence with the word "Pups" until it's your turn again.
  33. Shout out the window very loudly how much you love your mom! 
  34. Write a love poem about someone close by.
  35. Call the pizza parlor and convince them to adopt you.

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