What doesn't go with blue jeans

Combine jeans - outfit ideas for women and men

When the blue jeans still served their original purpose as work trousers, the different possible combinations were of course not up for debate. But because the cult trousers have now become a trendy fashion object, you should think about what to wear with your jeans.

After all, blue jeans are not only available in all imaginable shades of blue, women and men are also available in white, black, gray or in bright, bright colors. Depending on the occasion and personal style, you can choose matching jeans that you combine with the corresponding top.

There are hardly any limits to your imagination when it comes to combining a blouse or shirt, which can also be made from the popular denim fabric. Ultimately, almost any outfit can be skilfully staged with the cult pants. Whether chic or daring, boyish, feminine or rocker style, it makes every appearance possible.

Combine blue jeans

Because dark colors always look a bit more formal, you can put together a thoroughly elegant outfit with these raw denim jeans. The light blue or even the trousers in the destroyed look are only suitable for the leisure outfit. You should adapt your footwear to both the occasion and the color of your pants.

For the office Men combine the dark blue blue jeans with a white or pastel colored long-sleeved shirt. Ladies choose a white or light, long-sleeved blouse.

A monochrome or subtly patterned tie, a black leather belt and black leather sneakers complete the male outfit. Women opt for a colored scarf and belts and pumps in the same color. Both put on a black jacket.

In their free time, men can dress a little more casual. He also chooses light-colored jeans in a used look. The appearance is particularly cool when the pants are tight. A matching white or light gray t-shirt is also worn. A pair of sporty chucks and a dark blue denim jacket that is loosely slung over the shoulder complete the trendy outfit.

Ladies will also look after their leisure time design something casual. Wear a red or pink T-shirt with a V-neck with light blue, comfortable women's jeans in a boyfriend cut. Tuck the T-shirt into your pants and match the color of your footwear to the top. Both comfortable ballerinas and chic high heels or pumps are suitable.

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Combine gray jeans

Thanks to their neutral color, the gray jeans can also be wonderfully styled:

  • If you love the black and white look, you are spot on with these denim pants. For a more elegant outfit, the men style a white shirt, a gray tie and a black jacket with gray trousers.
  • Your appearance will be casual if you wear a black, fitted T-shirt with gray men's jeans, a black and white checked shirt open over it and choose black shoes.
  • But not only black and white go well with neutral jeans. Bright colors such as red, orange or yellow also look wonderful with gray trousers. With a burgundy silk shirt, your gray skinny jeans and a pair of black sneakers, you can definitely show yourself on the first date. Black sunglasses round off the look.
  • You can create a fancy black and white look if you wear a white, tailored blouse with long sleeves and patch pockets with gray women's jeans. Tie a thin, black leather tie and put on a black man's hat.
  • Those who like it more feminine can combine the light gray trousers with a black ruffled blouse and also wear black high heels.
  • To give the outfit a few splashes of color, you can also wear a colored blouse with a pattern with gray women's jeans. In that case, however, you should put on a monochrome, black or white jacket and choose your shoes to match the blouse. A pretty updo complements your look perfectly.

Combine black jeans

Men's: The black men's jeans combined with an equally black jacket, a white, long-sleeved shirt and a subtly patterned tie are at least suitable as an office outfit for Casual Friday. After work, take off your tie, swap the black leather sneakers for a pair of comfortable chucks and your casual look is ready.

Of course, the black men's jeans can be styled with a colored T-shirt for the appearance outside the office. Choose either a light or a bright color. Avoid dark blue or dark gray so that your appearance does not appear too drab. Match the color of your shoes with the color of your belt and off you go to enjoy your leisure time.

Ladies can wear a pink knitted sweater with tight-fitting black jeans. A black headband, pink ballerinas and a black handbag complete the outfit. You can even choose your lipstick and nail polish to match the sweater.

If you don't like it that flashy, you can wear a wide, white T-shirt with a print that is loosely tucked into your waistband with the black tube. Black pumps complete the look.

To make the black boyfriend jeans a little more feminine, combine the pants with a patterned blouse. You can choose a large flower pattern or subtle stripes. Tuck the blouse into the waistband and combine the whole thing with a dark gray cotton jacket.

In summer, wear black or dark gray sandals with your outfit; when it's colder, choose ankle boots in the appropriate color.

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Combine white jeans

  1. The white men's jeans look particularly cool with a tight-fitting, black T-shirt. Put a pair of sunglasses on your head and choose a pair of black chucks or ankle boots and you have a trendy casual look.
  2. Instead of the black T-shirt, you can also choose a black shirt that you can hang loosely over your trousers.
  3. If you want a fresh outfit, combine the white jeans with a white t-shirt with black writing. Alternatively, you can also choose a white and red or white and blue patterned polo shirt. White chucks are suitable as footwear. So that your styling doesn't look too much like doctor's clothing, you shouldn't do without the splash of color in your T-shirt or a colored jacket.
  4. Light brown pumps and a light brown leather handbag go perfectly with white women's jeans. You can then choose your top in dark brown or olive green. Tuck the plain t-shirt or blouse into the waistband and complement your city outfit with a white jacket.
  5. If you want to make your appearance a bit rockier, wear a black studded belt with the white jeans tube. Opt for a medium blue denim shirt that you tuck into your waistband and wear it with black ankle boots. You can complement the leisure look with chic sunglasses casually on your head.
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