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Translation of "to resist" in Italian

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Detective, no vampire can do that resist.
Detective, questa è una cosa a cui nessun vampiro potrebbe resistere.
This tube was designed to withstand a power failure resist.
The condotto è stato progettato per resistere ai blackout.
But it can be a nuclear strike resist.
Harrenhal was built to withstand land-based attacks resist.
Harrenhal era stata costruita per resistere a un attacco di terra.
He couldn't face the temptation resist.
But the temptation too resist is difficult.
I could never have a sword fight resist.
You're right darling I can't resist.
That's the one thing I don't resist can.
È l'unica cosa alla quale non posso resistere.
Their words don't make sense resist could
Al cui significato non avrebbe potuto resistere.
It was built to accommodate everything resist.
I swam deep because of the pull of the tide resist could.
Perché so riuscivo a resistere al risucchio della marea.
Some of them were able to control the effects too resist.
Alcuni di loro sono riusciti a resistere agli effetti dell'impianto.
You know I can't do a sale resist.
It must have been impossible to force it resist.
Dev'essere stato impossibile resistere alla compulsione.
No, locks were designed for military use to prevent attack resist.
No, i castelli erano progettati per scopi militari, resistere agli attacchi.
The urge resist, to shoot.
! - Resisto all'impulso di sparare.
For me it is getting harder and harder to resist.
Your problem is the inability to fall resist.
This is the problem of the incapacità di resistere a oltrepassare il limit.
I'm the sandman, you can't me resist.
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