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Transport | 02/09/2021 | 17:16

Planning for five infrastructure projects for the 2026 Olympics can begin

The first operational step towards the implementation of five infrastructure projects for the 2026 Olympics has been taken: the state government has approved the technical properties. Planning can thus begin.

The country improves that mobility in the Pustertal sustainable for the Olympia 2026 and receives special funds from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (WITH) in Rome. Since last week, the financing of around 82 million euros for the infrastructure projects in preparation for the 2026 Winter Olympics has been fixed. Already today (February 9th) the State government the technical characteristics for five of the seven essentials project approved and the Implementation phase heralded. "We are counting on the first Tenders still in 2021; All projects should be advertised by 2023, because after all, all interventions must be made by 2026, "emphasized Governor Arno Kompatscher at the press conference for the meeting of the state government. According to Kompatscher, an important goal is the mobility infrastructure in the eastern half of the country and beyond sustainable to improve.

Important money for mobility, but also for companies

"With this additional money from Rome we can now already envisaged important projects for Transport network realize and so the life quality improve in the long term in the towns in the Pustertal In addition, thanks to the additional funds, we can also implement other projects throughout the country, "emphasizes the State Mobility Council Daniel Alfreiderwho had negotiated several times with the Ministry of Infrastructure to obtain the additional funding. "In addition to the benefits for mobility and quality of life also brings the implementation assignments for the planner, for the local economy and secures Jobswhat we need in times like these, "emphasizes Alfreider." The project planning for the five projects assessed by the state government can now start immediately, "says the State Mobility Council.

The technical data are available for five projects, further decisions will follow

The technical properties are available on the one hand for the extended access from the Pustertal state road Brenner motorway A22 in Vahrn to the knot Natz-Schabs with a new road bridge over that Riggertal (16 million euros). The technical data for the construction of two roundabouts at the intersections between the Pustertal state road and the state road are also specified Olang and the state road to Antholz (15 million euros). The state government has also approved the technical properties for a new connection between the Pustertal state road and the state road Cortina to the train station in Dobbiaco (13 million euros) and for the widening of the state road on the section between Kiens and the new entrance to Gadertal in St. Lorenzen (10 million euros). Finally, the technical properties for the demolition and rebuilding of the bridge over the Antholz Bach river above are also defined Antholz Mittertal(2.3 million euros). The technical characteristics of the other projects are to be approved shortly.

Five essential goals for all Olympic infrastructure projects

A total of seven essential ones are being implemented Infrastructure projects. There are also others Accompanying projects. "We want five big ones aims achieve better connections to the train stations and the Mobility centers, better cross-border links to East Tyrol, Belluno and the Brenner motorway, an overall better one Traffic flow on the main axis, even safer Traffic routes and a future good reachability for the economy, "explains Alfreider.

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