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That would mean that global community to destabilize.
We are one global community, a non-profit organization and open source software project.
We're a global community, a public benefit organization and an open source software project.
A global community with over 230 friendly and energetic Lingo-ists.
There is one behind AFS global community with over 60 country organizations and partners.
Behind AFS is a global community with over 60 national organizations and partners.
Wattpad connects one global community by over 70 million readers and authors through the power of stories.
Wattpad connects a global community of 70 million readers and writers through the power of story.
The organization cannot cease its work until the global community has grown together.
The organization can only stop its work once the global community has grown together.
It's another step forward into one global community and live without judgment.
Many of us think of the internet as one global community.
Tibetan culture enriches them global community also in numerous other ways.
Amid daunting challenges that we face as global community face something in this third raga makes my heart sing.
In the midst of the daunting challenges we face as a global community, there's something about this third way raga that is making my heart sing.
This spiritual pandemic will turn all life into one global community develop.
I believe we can be one together global community form.
A successful outcome in Copenhagen remains a major concern and task for the Europeans global community.
A successful outcome at Copenhagen remains a primary concern for Europeans and a major task for the global community.
In the past we have implemented projects with large companies, which shows me that it is possible to be global community to act.
In the past, we've done projects with big companies that are open, which shows me that it's possible to implement programs like these and work as a global community.
At the same time, the global community commits to do everything possible to ensure that AIDS is no longer a threat to public health by 2030.
At the same time the global community has committed itself to do everything to make sure that by 2030 AIDS will no longer pose a risk to public health.
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