What's in C size_t

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Hello guys, can someone tell me what is the difference between size_t and int .......... as far as I understand, size_t and int are the same, if so, what do I need size_t for

Many Thanks
G from Göttingen!
AW: size_t in C ++

Hi hamdy,

-google it if you don't get any help here ...
... as far as I still know size_t is an "unsigned" size
and int a "signed"

Greetings Uwe
AW: size_t in C ++

Hi! :)

size_t is an integer, unsigned data type that is almost always synonymous with the type unsigned long int or with unsigned int. It is used to specify the size of a memory area. Depending on the computer, a 2 or 4-byte value may be necessary for this, which is why the size_t type was created, which can now be used on every implementation for working with memory sizes. size_t is in stddef.h, but mostly also agreed in other header files.

So, I think the only difference is that the data type "size_t" is in the other header file, otherwise you can use it in almost the same way as "unsigned int"!

Iron monkey