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Is it possible to immerse the wireless data logger in all types of liquids?
The Ellab data loggers are made of stainless steel AISI 316L and are classified according to IP67. It is possible to completely immerse the data logger in water, oil and various other liquids. If in doubt, contact Ellab.

How long do the lithium batteries last and where can I buy them?
It depends on the type of data logger and the battery. The battery life of a micro data logger is around 75 hours, while a Frigo data logger can last up to 3,000 hours. Due to the high temperature requirements, the batteries have been specially developed for the data logger. These can be purchased from any Ellab representative.

What happens if the data logger's battery is empty?
The battery manager in the ValSuite ™ software is very sophisticated and will notify you in good time before a battery is empty. There is also the option to run a battery test, which shows you the current battery status, before starting a session. If a logger goes out during a process, the memory still contains all the data that were recorded before the controlled shutdown. Simply replace the battery with a new one and transfer the data to the ValSuite software

How can I find out which firmware is currently running on my data logger?
The ValSuite ™ software contains a firmware manager in which the current firmware version is listed. Use the firmware update tool that came with the software to perform the appropriate update.

Can I recharge the TrackSense® Pro lithium batteries - and can I use batteries other than those purchased from Ellab?
To ensure the best possible performance from our data loggers, Ellab uses the latest battery technologies available on the market. Ellab lithium batteries have unique serial numbers and are not rechargeable.

If non-original batteries are used, there is a high risk for users who attempt to do so, serious damage to the device and immediate loss of the manufacturer's warranty.

What happens if a data logger is heated above 150 ° C?
The maximum temperature that the Ellab lithium battery can withstand is 150 ° C. Should an application require higher temperatures, a number of thermal barriers are available to protect the logger from overheating.