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The strangest person

Voices on the 1st edition:

"The British science journalist Graham Farmelo has dedicated an extensive, fluent and entertainingly written biography to Dirac." (Claus Kiefer, in: FAZ, November 26, 2016)

“I read it with growing sympathy and in many places with tension. ... Graham Farmelo wrote a deeply impressive, moving biography with this book. " (Matthias Bartelmann, in: Stars and Space, Issue 12, 2016)

Voices on the original English edition (translated from English):

“A fascinating read… Graham Farmelo created a wonderful portrait of Dirac and his world.” (Peter Higgs, The Times)

"A great book." (John Gribbin, Literary Reviews)

"This biography is a gift ... the most compelling and memorable biography I have read in recent years." (Louisa Gilder, New York Times)

"A greater challenge for a biographer is hard to imagine ... But Graham Farmelo managed to get Dirac on stage - in a warm and deeply researched book that illuminates his time and his science in equal measure." (Sara Lippincott, Los Angeles Times)

"An admirably rich and intelligent study." (Brian Cathcart, New Statesman)

“If Newton were the Shakespeare of British physics, Dirac would be its Milton, the most fascinating and enigmatic of our great scientists. And now he's got a biography that is equal to his talents: a wonderful book by Graham Farmelo. The story it tells is moving, sometimes humorous, sometimes infinitely sad, and it touches the roots of what we in science call truth. " (Lord Waldegrave, Daily Telegraph)