Counts BPO experience in MBA internships


EGADE Business School Monterrey is part of the ITESM university network, the Monterrey Institute for Technological and Advanced Studies, and is considered the most expensive private university in Mexico. Studying at EGADE is associated with a lot of prestige. In Mexico in particular, the university's reputation is ahead of it.

The Financial Times has rated the EGADE Business School's MBA as the best in Latin America for ten years in a row, while the EGADE MBA was ranked twelfth worldwide in the 2017 Executive MBA Ranking.

The teaching level of the teaching staff is high. My professors previously taught at MIT or Yale, for example, although I would still place the general teaching level below that practiced in Pforzheim.

The campus in San Pedro is modern, very well equipped and offers everything you can expect from a university.

The range of courses offered to exchange students is limited to the MBA courses. For my semester abroad I chose “Global Consulting”, “Operations Management” and “Strategy and Negotiations in Multicultural Environments” as well as a Spanish course.

Lectures mainly take place in the early evening from 6:00 p.m., as most MBA students work full-time. However, the workload due to weekly homework and other projects and fees is also significantly higher than the workload that has to be done during the semester in Pforzheim.

Furthermore, the international student association ISE organizes excursions and weekend trips to well-known and worth seeing places all over Mexico, which provide a great balance to the hustle and bustle of big city life and where you can talk to other exchange students.