How to buy filling in Paris

Buy macarons in Paris: These are the best macarons in Paris

Where it the best macarons in Paris you can find out in this article. Macarons have been the fashion pastry par excellence for several years. There are many shops and patisseries in Paris that specialize in macarons in many different flavors, but Parisian bakeries are now also offering macarons in their displays. The French are particularly proud of this sweet, circular, colored specialty!

Buying macarons in Paris: where to find the best macarons in Paris

It is said that macarons were Queen Marie Antoinette's favorite pastry. Now you can get them everywhere. Trendy macaron shops are also gradually opening in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course, people have tried many times to translate the name “Macaron” into German. The result is “Baiser Keks”, not quite as elegant as the French word, but just as tasty. (Photo: Vladimir Proskurovskiy)

Some tourists also ask whether macarons are macaroons or refer to macarons as colorful cookies. Neither is true, because macaroons are cookies that are usually available at Christmas and to describe macarons as colorful cookies or even filled biscuits is an insult to macarons, for the French, and actually for the whole nation!

What is a macaron anyway?

The macarons are so popular with gourmets that women's magazines keep publishing macaron recipes and baking tips. Baking schools in Paris have also smelled the success and teach the French in baking courses to bake the small delicacies at home. (Photo: Holly Stratton)

Macarons come in different colors: raspberry pink, lemon yellow, chocolate brown and pistachio green. They are baked crispy on the outside and tenderly soft on the inside, with a fruity or creamy filling that melts on the tongue. Much does not belong in a macaron, it only consists of ground almonds, egg white and (powdered) sugar. A recipe for macarons including a video can be found here.

List of the best macaron makers in Paris

Pierre Hermé: The best macarons in Paris

Pierre Hermé is considered to be one of the best macaron manufacturers around. Hermé has, among other things, the very popular one Macaron with "Caramel au beurre salé" invented. This macaron is filled with caramel that is made from salted butter. A dream! (Photo: This is how he helped make macarons popular in France.

The recipes for macarons from Pierre Hermé are less sweet than those of many other macaron manufacturers. Pierre Hermé offers classic macarons with chocolate or fruit filling, but also a little more unusual macarons, such as with olive oil.

In 2005, Pierre Hermé launched Macaron Day (Jour du macaron), which has been celebrated every March 20 since then, with a macaron of course. In Paris, Pierre Hermé now has 10 sales outlets for his macarons. Among other things, Pierre Hermé is located on the Champs-Elysées and in the gourmet department of Galeries Lafayette (Galeries Lafayette Gourmet).

Ladurée: The most famous macarons in Paris

Ladurée is the traditional marcaron maker. The family opened their first macaron shop in Paris near the Champs-Elysées as early as the 1860s. The recipe that they used for the macarons back then has remained almost unchanged to this day. Ladurée is probably the best-known macaron maker in the world. Ladurée is represented all over the world, and a branch has even made it to Australia.

In the meantime, Ladurée offers more than just macarons, the brand has developed into a real lifestyle brand. In front of the Ladurée Boutique in Paris near the Madeleine Church there are usually long queues with French people, but mostly with foreign tourists from Japan, China and America. The macarons that were shown in the movie “Marie Antoinette” with Kirstin Dunst all came from Ladurée.

There are a total of 9 Ladurée macaron shops in Paris, in the center of the city, but there are also several Ladurée shops at Paris airports.

Ladurée also sells delicious ice cream with a small macaron on top in the macaron shop near the Madeleine church in summer. Incredibly tasty, but not exactly cheap at 5.50 euros per mug!

Dalloyau: A macaron specialist in Paris

Dalloyau is another macaron specialist in Paris. The Dalloyau family worked at the court of the French King Louis XIV in Versailles. Since there was no longer any need for royal patisserie after the French Revolution, they opened their first own shop in Paris. Since then, Dalloyau has been one of the best macarons in Paris with its macarons. Dalloyau is well represented with 9 macaron shops in Paris.

Macaron from the Paul Bakery in Paris

Since there is a real hype about macarons, which has now spilled over from France to other countries, even bakeries in Paris offer their own macarons. You could almost say that macarons have achieved cult status. The Paul bakery chain, known to many Parisians for its baguettes, sells macarons. They taste good, but “only” come from a bakery chain. If you want to test the “real macarons” on holiday in Paris, you should go to the three addresses mentioned Pierre Hermé, Ladurée or Dalloyau. These shops specialize in macarons.

When McDonalds started offering macarons in their McCafé in France, the French almost apostatized! After some research, however, it turned out that the macarons on offer in all likelihood come from Paul, the aforementioned bakery chain, which in turn belongs to a holding that also includes Ladurée.

Macaron price: how much does a macaron cost in Paris?

Buy cheap macarons in Paris? Is that even possible? Macarons are relatively small but still quite expensive.

The macarons are the cheapest at bakeries, where you can sometimes get them for 1.20 or 1.30 euros. At Pierre Hermé and Ladurée, the macaron prices rise to up to 3 euros.

Macaron shelf life: how long do macarons keep?

Macarons can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. According to Pierre Hermé, they should be taken out of the refrigerator half an hour before consumption. The longer you keep macarons, the harder they become and the airy consistency of a macaron disappears. It is therefore always advisable to eat macarons straight away and not to store them for too long.

Macarons are an ideal souvenir from Paris! They can be compared with the slightly smaller Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli from Switzerland. These are made exclusively from natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, so they should be consumed immediately.