How many users visit Facebook every day

Official Facebook user numbers for Germany (as of March 2019)

There are indeed within the quarterly reports regular official Facebook user numbers, however, are in it no separate figures for Germany included. Really official user numbers for Facebook in Germany which are not based on any estimates are therefore quite rare.

There used to be regular figures, and we were even able to report almost monthly. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Whenever there are official figures, however, we update this post:

March 2019 - 32M in Germany, 3.9M in Austria, 3.8M in Switzerland

In the last stock exchange report, official figures for Germany, Austria and Switzerland were in the so-called “Market Snapshot”. Here are the details:

  • Germany:
  • 32 million Facebook users per month (29 million mobile)
  • 23 million daily Facebook users (22 million mobile!)
  • 91% mobile Facebook users in Germany (29 of 32 million)

  • Austria:
  • 3.9 million FB users per month (3.6 million mobile)
  • 3.0 million daily users (2.8 million mobile)
  • 92% mobile Facebook users in Austria

  • Switzerland:
  • 3.8 million FB users per month (3.6 million mobile)
  • 2.9 million daily users (2.7 million mobile)
  • 95% mobile Facebook users in Switzerland

All figures relate to Q4 / 2018 and, as I said, come directly from Facebook itself. We receive figures for Germany at regular intervals. In contrast, user numbers for Austria and Switzerland are rather rare. You can find the document here.

November 2018 - 32 million Facebook users in Germany

In November, Facebook published a few more figures on users in Germany in the Advertiser Hub:

  • Over 32 million active users in Germany
  • Over 23 million daily active users
  • Over 29 million mobile users in Germany
  • Over 22 million mobile active users every day
  • Over 90% of Facebook users in Germany are mobile.

September 2018 - 32 million Facebook users in Germany

Facebook has been in German for 10 years. On this occasion, Facebook has again published the latest information on the number of users:

"In Germany today, more than 32 million people are active on Facebook every month, network with others, exchange ideas and pursue common interests or ideas."

September 2017 - 31 million Facebook users in Germany

In September 2017, Facebook had over 2 billion active users worldwide and 31 million active users in Germany. This can be found in an official announcement from Facebook:

Worldwide, two billion people are active on Facebook every month - 31 million of them come from Germany. (...)

June 2017 - 30 million Facebook users in Germany

In June 2017, Facebook announced the next milestone. For the first time there are more than 30 million active Facebook users in Germany. Facebook says thank you 30 million times:

In detail, usage in Germany currently looks like this:

  • 30 million people in Germany were active on Facebook every month in the first quarter of 2017
  • 23 million people are active in Germany every day
  • 27 million people use Facebook on their mobile devices
  • 21 million people like it every day

You can find details and more in the Facebook press release.

February 2016 - 28 million Facebook users in Germany

When moving into the new office in Berlin in February 2016, Facebook published the following figures:

  • 28 million people actively use Facebook in Germany, 21 million of them every day
  • 24 million people use Facebook mobile, that is 85% (!)
  • 19 million of them are active on Facebook every day, 27% more than a year earlier
  • There are 9 million Instagram users in Germany (number from January 27, 2016)

September 2013 - 25 million Facebook users in Germany

2.5 years before the last update, Facebook gave an overview of Facebook usage in Germany at DMExco. The facts:

  • Over 25 million monthly active users in Germany
  • 18 million monthly active mobile users (65% of all German smartphone users)
  • 19 million daily active users
  • 13 million daily active mobile users

Scott Woods, Facebook Commercial Director DACH is quoted in the press release as follows:

“We believe brands and companies should think differently about how people interact with Facebook - especially mobile. Many people focus monthly on active users or even registered users to show their size and reach. We believe this is no longer an up-to-date way of looking at the world of media. Understanding who returns monthly is just one aspect. Instead, companies should focus on the people who return online every day. "

March 2008 - 1.2 million users

Facebook starts in German. At the start there are 1.2 million users in Germany.

What does Facebook understand by active users?

Facebook always communicates "active" users, whether in these messages or in the quarterly report. These differ massively from registered users, because only people who have used Facebook at least once within the last 30 days are considered active. In order to classify this correctly, Facebook also always publishes the daily active users.

In addition, the numbers have little to do with residents and should not be compared with them. The reason for this is simple. Facebook measures the active users here in the country, and for Facebook it is not relevant whether you are registered here or not.

By the way, you should use the numbers from the advertising manager to record the number of users even less. These are only estimates and have nothing to do with official user numbers.

For current user numbers you can simply use our blog search with the keyword user numbers. There you will find the global user numbers or sales.