Why do my dogs vomit orange

Dog vomits yellow

If a dog vomits yellow, it is usually gastric fluid. Many owners think that this is mixed in with bile (digestive substance). Vomit can take on the following colors and smells: Light vomit is like yellow from the stomach. Green vomit comes from the two-finger intestine, i.e. the area of ​​the bile. And vomit that smells like feces is eliminated from the intestinal area through the stomach.

Vomiting of the yellow substance can have various causes - from an empty stomach to the wrong food to a tumor.


If your dog vomits yellow it can have many causes. With many dogs, for example, "early morning vomiting" occurs when the dog does not get its food at the usual time. The empty stomach rebels, acid and bile irritate and the dog vomits. If the stomach is empty, the dog vomits gastric fluid (yellow foam).

If dogs eat grass, it can happen that individual blades of grass get stuck in the dog's throat, irritate the dog and cause vomiting.

Often it is also a stomach disease. This can range from a mild upset stomach to a chronic illness. If your dog vomits more often for some inexplicable reason, whether it is just bile or leftover food, please consult a veterinarian early on.

Early morning vomiting

In order to counteract early morning vomiting, it is advisable to feed two small portions instead of one large portion of food a day. As a rule, the dog has enough in the stomach and vomiting does not necessarily occur if the morning feeding is canceled a little later.

Vomiting as a symptom

Various types of tumors can also cause vomiting in dogs. For tumors such as the spleen tumor, vomiting is a common symptom. If the affected animal suffers from a spleen tumor, there are usually additional symptoms such as diarrhea.


If your dog vomits yellow frequently and there is no connection to an empty stomach or eating grass, for example, then see a vet. With the help of various tests, such as blood tests and imaging tests, they can determine what is wrong with your four-legged friend. Using imaging methods (ultrasound, MRT), tumors on the spleen, for example, can be detected.

Don't wait too long to see the vet. If the vomiting recurs at short intervals and possibly over a longer period of time, you should not hope for improvement “by yourself”. The following applies to almost all diseases: early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are extremely important.


The appropriate treatment for your dog will depend on the diagnosis the veterinarian makes. In the case of early morning vomiting, vomiting can be avoided as described above, for example, by feeding several times a day instead of just one. However, if your dog has a tumor on the spleen, other treatment methods such as surgical removal of the tumor or dendritic cell therapy must be carried out.