What is the purpose of an apron

Dream interpretation apron

The purpose of an apron is to protect clothing from dirt. Depending on the area of ​​application, there are aprons made of different materials, such as fabric, rubber or leather. But sometimes an apron also has purely decorative purposes. This is now the case with many dirndls.

If you are dreaming of an apron, when finding the right design you should think very carefully about how it looked and what purpose it served. Did you wear the apron to work or was it a decorative apron? The color can also play a role in the interpretation. If this catches the eye, the interpretation of the corresponding dream symbol should also be used.

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Dream symbol "apron" - the general interpretation

In general, an apron as a dream symbol primarily refers to toil and others uncomfortable work in the domestic area. The dreaming will not get past these in the waking world. It is therefore better not to put these activities on the back burner, but to do them right away. The dream symbol "apron" can also symbolize family connections.

The work apron of a man in a dream indicates in a man's dream that a lot of work is waiting for the dreaming in the waking life. For a woman, this dream situation means that a man will give her a lot of trouble. A work apron of a woman as a dream symbol illustrates on the other hand in a male dreaming that he is on an uncomfortable mood and possibly Quarrels at home.

If a female dreaming sees this work apron in her dream, according to the general dream interpretation, she has to adjust to great efforts due to her domestic duties. The dream of a woman's ornamental apron means to the man that he is a womanizer. In the case of a female dreaming, this dream content symbolizes that she will soon receive a gift or a pleasant visit.

A beautiful apron, which the dreaming wears in his dream, also brings gifts with it for the waking world. If the dream apron is given away, you stand awake interesting acquaintances before. If the dreaming tears an apron in his dream, he will be at an advantage in a certain matter in the waking world, which will lead to the desired success.

An apron with an oil stain on it can, as a dream symbol, refer to worries that one makes about a little thing in the waking world.

Dream symbol "apron" - the psychological interpretation

Wearing an apron in a dream stands on the psychological level of dream interpretation for very arduous work that absolutely must be done. See male dreaming in their dream a pretty woman dressed with an apron, this is a sign for Apron hunting.

The psychological dream interpretation also differentiates in the interpretation of the dream symbol "apron", whether the dreaming himself or another person wears it. If the dreaming sees himself wearing an apron in his dream, this shows him his longing for skill. But if he observes another person with an apron in a dream, he should become aware that this person is for one of his own Character traits stands. He would like to protect these especially in the awake life.

Dream symbol "apron" - the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol "apron" as a sign for a masterful skill in craft and spiritual matters.