Why does motion sickness make you sick

9 tips: What to do about travel sickness

Do you get seasick easily? Do your children regularly feel nauseous on long car journeys? Motion sickness is uncomfortable and spoils many people's mood when they think about their vacation. But you can do something about travel sickness. You can find the best tips here.

The symptoms of motion sickness range from dizziness and headache to nausea and vomiting. These unpleasant travel companions are caused by contradicting signals that are sent to our brain. You can read here exactly how travel sickness develops.

In most cases, travel sickness is completely harmless, but it makes many a vacation very difficult. But that need not be.

The best tips against travel sickness

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 1 - Breathe properly

If you notice yourself feeling sick in the car, train, plane or ship, try to breathe consciously and especially slowly. It is advisable to take a short break before exhaling.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 2 - Pay attention to meals

Prevention: You should avoid red wine, coffee and food that is difficult to digest before you travel. However, do not start on an empty stomach either - gentle and light food is recommended!

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 3 - Fresh air

If you are driving your car, ventilate again and again.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 4 - Choose the right place

By the way, it is calmest on the high seas in the middle of the ship; on the plane, seats above the wings are recommended if you tend to travel sickness. In the car, it is best to sit in the front or in the middle seat of the back seat so that you can concentrate on the road.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 5 - Gentle medication

You can prevent the symptoms of motion sickness with homeopathic lozenges about one to two hours before departure.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 6 - sleep

Try to get as much sleep as possible during your trip. Our sense of balance is hardly active during sleep. Read here why you can use it to prevent motion sickness.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 7 - use acupressure methods

A special acupressure point can help: Press the inside of your wrists with a finger for about a minute. There are also custom acupressure bracelets that you can use for this.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 8 - pack home remedies

Ginger is an ideal helper for travel sickness. Take ginger water with you for your trip and drink it in small sips if necessary. If you don't like ginger, you can alternatively help yourself with mint tea.

What helps against travel sickness: Tip 9 - take breaks

Take breaks if possible. Once you stop moving, the symptoms of motion sickness usually go away very quickly!

Tips at a glance

PreventChoose the right seat
Light and gentle food before departure
Lozenges against travel sickness
During the travelSleep if possible
Ventilate and breathe consciously
Massage acupressure point
Ginger water
Take breaks
Mint tea