Fulfillment is a real word

What is luck?
Happiness does not consist in the fulfillment of our dreams. This is how a well-known life coach put it. Happiness consists in reconciliation with one's own reality.
People are happy when they find a yes to life, to their life.
Despite disappointment, suffering, despite many unfulfilled wishes.

He's right I think. And yet I have to get into this thought.
First of all, I think of happiness as normal happiness: The word comes from successful, to succeed. If something works, then I'm lucky. When a child receives a great wish, their eyes shine. When a young couple realizes that they were made for each other, then that is happiness, pure happiness.
The Bible also has this idea, even if the word blessing is used here. Having numerous children is a visible expression of such happiness, prosperity and reaching an old age is part of it.
It is nice when people wish each other happiness and actually mean this divine success. And it's even nicer when people are so lucky, real, outrageous, undeserved happiness.

Of course, this happiness is not permanent. There is no life in which everything works out.
Luck can be lost. The book of Job tells of a person's happiness - and how this happiness is stolen from them. Allegedly this is done to test his belief. But actually something quite normal, predictable happens: A happy person becomes an unhappy person.
And yet this unfortunate man remains a believer in a strange way.
He no longer believes in God, but against God, angry, disappointed, humiliated. Why me?

Job experiences that God is silent. But Job doesn't give up. He talks, he prays, he burns his tongue. And it happens almost imperceptibly: the unfortunate is reconciled with his reality. Very slowly he finds a new yes to his life, also a new yes to God. A new Job is born, and when it happens, God begins to speak for him again.

This is how a person whose dreams have been destroyed experiences new happiness.
And I wish this happiness to myself and others.
That I can say yes to my life and to God.
Because - in spite of everything - God says yes to me.