Uses Huawei Qualcomm chips

It has already been suggested and, as Reuters now exclusively reports, the US government has issued a license for Qualcomm so that they can work with Huawei again. Huawei can now buy Snapdragon chips again.

But why is it so important? The US government hit a rock bottom a few months ago and ensured that TSMC was no longer allowed to produce Kirin chips for Huawei. You currently have enough chips and Huawei does not say how many you have hoarded, but the supply is likely to run out sometime in 2021.

Huawei is only allowed to use 4G products

You can get around the end of Google apps with your own software, but without Kirin chips things would have become critical at some point. Now there seems to be a solution, but there is also a big catch. Qualcomm has confirmed that you can only sell 4G products (you don't say which ones).

So if Huawei decides on a Snapdragon chip in the upcoming flagship for 2021, it will have to apply for it without 5G. You can't really imagine something like that at Huawei, after all, they are the largest company when it comes to network accessories for the current 5G expansion.

US pushes US companies in the free market

This decision also shows how pointless the US government's approach is and how arbitrarily one intervenes in the free market. You can think what you want about China and the government (I take a critical view of every dictatorship), but with that the US government intervenes in the free market and pushes a US company.

Qualcomm benefits from this approach without having to do anything. Huawei is now actually forced to buy the chips from Qualcomm.

Imagine that Europe somehow prevented Ford from using its own platform for cars and forcing the US company to buy one from Volkswagen. That doesn't work and I hope that this whole kindergarten will end after the end of the Trump administration.

Huawei wants to sell Honor for $ 15 billion

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