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Further education in digital marketing: The 10 best German-language online courses

Hardly any other industry is developing at such a rapid pace as digital marketing. And those who advertise online need appropriately trained employees and managers. There is therefore no getting around knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

Marketing courses in the context of face-to-face lessons are less and less likely to meet the requirements of the working world 4.0 and are often not compatible with professional and private life. We are therefore presenting 10 digital marketing courses with which you can learn flexibly online.

Which Competencies in the digital world of work are indispensable, you read here.

1: Free Continuing Education: The Google Future Workshop | Google Digital Workshop

About 2 years ago, Google started the E-learning platform Google Digital Workshop, which has since been renamed Google Future Workshop. A tutorial that Basic knowledge in online marketing should convey - free. Are in the future workshop of Google 23 subjects to be completed. This results in 89 modules consisting of short videos (Lessons). From "Using Analytics Successfully" to "Search Engine Optimization" and, for example, "Expanding Internationally". After completing each lesson, the knowledge is tested in a short test. The Google Future Workshop closes with one certificate from.

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2: Digital Marketing and Leadership Program Squared Online

Squared Online is thatDigital Marketing and Leadership Program, which is jointly owned by Headstart Studios and Google was launched. Online training in digital marketing for ambitious marketing managers and professionals who want to expand their digital marketing knowledge and have a holistic, strategic overarching basic understandingForsuccessful action in a disruptive world want to receive. With its extensive leadership component, Squared Online's advanced training courses also train the skills that future digital managers can expect in an increasingly digital world. Squared Online has been successful in the UK for five years and is celebrating inGermany, Austria and Switzerland celebrated their 3rd anniversary in September. The virtual campus provides access to a wide mix of individual assignments, virtual teamwork, discussions, live interactive lessons and streamed content. Explain in the weekly live class Industry experts the 5 modulesusing concrete examples from practice. These are worked on and deepened independently or as part of group projects. The interactive learning experience by the support team that guides you through each module and provides all the information you need about the course. To 154 hours of studyover 6 months concludes the online training with the Squared Online Certificate from.

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3: The OMR Academy - your online campus for digital trends and topics

The OMR Academy is an e-learning platform that was launched by OMR and Headstart Studios. The OMR Academy offers 10-week e-learning courses on the most important digital marketing topics. The focus is on the operational application and operation of the tools presented. The practical knowledge is imparted by experts from the industry. The current course program includes courses in Facebook and Instagram Advertising, SEA and Google Ads and Digital Marketing Analytics. The subject areas are constantly being expanded and expanded.


The concept of the courses includes a combination of self-study lessons, live sessions and practical exercises. The courses are designed by top experts from the digital industry, with whom you as a participant are in close contact so that you can ask your questions at any time. After successful participation there is an OMR certificate.


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Philipp Westermeyer explains to you what the OMR Academy is all about:

4: Further training to become an online marketing manager at the Social Media Academy

The training to become an online marketing manager at the Social Media Academy consists of29 topics, by Online lectures and within the Social learning method being taught. You determine your learning pace yourself - all lecture videos are available on demand around the clock. You exchange ideas with other participants in the online community and are personally supervised by tutors. After successful completion you will receive a certificate. At the Social Media Academy you also have the opportunity to become a Social media manager, online shop manager, search engine manager, project manager 2.0 or content marketing manager to be trained.

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5: Online Marketing Manager (DIM) course from the German Institute for Marketing

The Certificate course of the German Institute for Marketing (DIM) consists of 23 compact webinars as three lesson units including checklists. A webinar takes approx. 60 minutes, in which experts explain the topics of usability, analytics, SEA, AdWords, email marketing and much more. You also get access to the DIM online campus, which is valid for 18 months. The course is aimed at those responsible for marketing, marketing employees, IT professionals, career changers and young professionals. You do not need any previous knowledge for the course. The final exam consists of one Multiple choice test.

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6: Compact digital marketing / e-learning from the Haufe Academy

With the E-learning compact course At the Haufe Academy you will learn about digital marketing in 3 hours Know the opportunities and risks of digitization and develop an understanding of the new requirements. Video contributions, examples, exercises and checklists help you understand customers better, develop digital communication strategies and market products through digital sales channels. You can do the compact course in German and English language complete. The learning content and material are available for download for 1 year.

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7: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course at Udemy

Digimaku - the ultimate digital marketing course will help you your own online businessto build up. You do not need any previous knowledge or programming knowledge for this course. You will learn basics about that right mindset and about how you are one profitable niche find. You learn how to do one Target group and market analysis perform like you do a Website builds in WordPresslike you automated email marketing operate and like you high-selling landing pages create. You learn relevant factors of search engine optimization (SEO) and puts them into practice. You learn how you do Track and analyze successest and how you Google Adwords campaigns as Facebook and Instagram advertisements switch.
In short, this is the course for your young online business. You have lifelong access to all lessons and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

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8: Training to become an Online Marketing Manager (IHK) of the Business Academy Ruhr

The Business Academy Ruhr GmbH offers one in cooperation with the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry part-time distance learning course Online Marketing Manager (IHK). The collaborative learning takes place on a learning platform and is accompanied by tutors and specialist lecturers. The participants can organize their time freely. In approx. 5 weeks and 80 hours of study the participants learn to confidently learn on the Internet advertise, retain and win customers through newsletters. Employees, self-employed, specialists and executives who are professionally involved in the field of online marketing benefit from this course. But social media managers who are responsible for online marketing or who work closely with the marketing department can also use this training to expand their skills. The The focus of the course is on the development of an online marketing strategy in the form of a technical work that each participant creates during the training. At the beginning of the course will be a coach is assigned to each participantwho accompanies and looks after him during the course. The course is also available in Full-time and part-time with face-to-face teaching offered.

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9: Distance learning course for Online Marketing Manager (IHK) of the HSB Academy

The HSB Academy offers two different online courses on the subject. With the 10 month distance learning course the HSB Academy will give you in-depth knowledge of the Effectiveness and possible uses of online marketing conveyed. You will get to know the classic and new areas of online marketing, but also background knowledge in these areas Price management, online law and data protection. The primary goal of the course is Development and expansion of specialist knowledge and skills. Depending on your interests, you can choose 15 possible learning modules 10 for your individual course plan which are presented to you on a learning platform by specialist lecturers. In addition, as part of the course three workshops on site at the HSB Academy, where the knowledge that has already been acquired can be applied and deepened, among other things. The final exam date can be agreed individually with the study supervisor. The course is aimed at Those responsible for advertising and marketing, those responsible for online marketing and the self-employed. Prior knowledge of online marketing is required.

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10: Distance learning course to become an Online Marketing Consultant (IHK) at the HSB Academy

The HSB Academy also offers one 5-month distance learning course online marketing consultant. Lecturers with industry experience convey practical and well-founded knowledge in a compact form current trends in online marketing. You learn the Opportunities, risks and special features know as well Tools and Technologiesto use them effectively for your company. This is how you learn the professional Use of the marketing mix basic knowledge in the context of social media. Here is an overview of further training courses at the HSB Academy.

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