Why is Mumbai a city that makes money

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47 2 Life in metropolitan areas Pull factors in our city, i.e. reasons that pull people into the city like a magnet. In contrast, the country drives many people away because they only live there in the poorest conditions and often do not have enough to live on. These are called push factors. ”The second face:“ Slumbai ”Adhira from one of the roughly 2,000 slums in Mumbai says:“ Our poor housing made of sticks and blankets really cannot be called an 'apartment', not even the huts of the others made of corrugated iron or cardboard. Water connection, your own toilet, garbage disposal? We only dream of this here in the slum, in one of the slums in Mumbai. Many children are sick or die early. My parents can't find a real job. My father sits on the street and makes shoes from old car tires. Many people try to earn some money with such small shops ‘on the street. I am out and about all day with my four siblings and collect as much usable as possible in my sack. I beg, looking for something to eat in the garbage. Often we don't know what to eat today. Like us, many live in the slums along the access roads, railway lines, river banks or canals. The nickname, Slumbai ‘, is a good fit. Nobody is proud of it. We were hoping for work and a good life when we came here a year ago. But what kind of choice do we have? ”Khanivde Mandvi Vedhi Virar Nirmal Umberpada Padghe Shahapur Khadaoli Rayate Mamnoli Murbad Badlapur Vangani Naude Panvel Mire Utan Malad Kolshet Saki Naka Kalva Taloje Diva Karave Uran Sheva Nagaon Katheraukashi Marda Ranjankhar Karanjala Chude Aure Vakeashi Vangashi Vaiha Mamnoli Karanjala Parhur Kharpada ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ Kalyan Ulhasnagar Thane Vasai Bhiwandi ¯ ¯ Mumbai 19 ° 30´ 73 ° 19 ° City of Mumbai Greater Mumbai (1950) Greater Mumbai (1957) Greater Mumbai (1991) New Mumbai Mumbai Metropolitan Area Slums Airport Main Road Railway Line Delimitation of the areas 0 20 km 10 © Klett Mumbai and surroundings (width 98.5 mm, of which map 56.5 mm, height 76.192 mm, July 4th 2011) # 104302 NW 7 / 8 HS, p.151 M4 “Job” of Adhira's father 5 Half of the class works “Boombai”, the other half “Slumbai”. Explain the unusual names to each other. 6 Mumbai is the most important metropolis in India. Reasons. 7 Atlas work: List other megacities in India. 8 Research other cities in the world with slums, which in some countries are also called favelas. 9 Rajan and Adhira switch roles. Write down their impressions. It's your turn Residents in Mumbai (in 1,000) 1864 817 1911 1 018 1951 2 967 1991 9 926 2011 12 478 in the metropolitan area 2011 18 414 2020 (forecast) 28 500 M5 M3 Spatial development of Mumbai 4 M3: explain the location of the slums . It's your turn For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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