Who makes better trucks Ford or Ram

Test: US pickups Ford F-150, Dodge RAM and GMC Sierra

The salespeople at Geiger Cars make no secret of the real reasons for buying such a dinosaur, which is also usually ordered with a powerful V8 petrol engine in Europe: The rather incidental question about payload and trailer load is immediately followed by the desire for a test drive. Hardly anyone can wait to start the engine. With the turn of the ignition key, Motown City comes to life, even by remote control if desired, as with the Dodge Ram. At 37,900 euros, Geiger's cheapest option to enter the world of V8 pickups. The EU emissions standards make it difficult for the big American diesels, which is why the V8 petrol engine dominates in Europe.

So twice the remote start button pressed and the 5.7-liter Hemi-V8 of the Dodge Ram reports with angry idle rumble. Inside, there is a gruesome roar of it. The fittings tend to mix inexpensive silver-colored plastics with a padded, (synthetic) leather-covered upper middle section, which adds value. On bad roads, the ram bounces and steers more binding than Ford and GMC. The brakes can be dosed well and grip properly. On the admittedly economical test lap with 500 kilos of ballast on board, the 5.7-liter Hemi was content with an average of 14.5 liters.

The Ford F-150, in which you feel like you are in a lodge at the foot of the Rockies, also needed exactly this amount: It offers the most space in the rear, while three can sit in the front if necessary. The leather and well-made plastic wood of the expensive lariat equipment strive for comfort. With 1000 tours you can let the 5.4-liter three-valve engine bubble around in town. This goes well with the comfortable, easy-to-swallow suspension. From yesterday, however, are the rather snuggly gripping brakes and the comparatively inexact steering.

In contrast, the GMC is almost compact. The strongest version of the 6.2 liter GM small block, now called "Vortec" in modern times, gurgles with a hoarse, metallic exhaust bollern. 6.2 liters and 403 hp need a run out: In an emergency, the Sierra burns to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds. Even then, the six-speed hydramatic shifts pretty smoothly. So much power takes its toll at the gas station: the GMC needed 16.6 liters. The four brake discs grip easily and sustainably. (GS)