What is the Catholic view of astrology

Christianity had an alternating and twofold relationship with astrology. It was rejected, absorbed and promoted by the popes. In the 21st century people are officially against it, but some church representatives cling to it and even practice astrological analysis.Christianity borrowed much from paganism and occultism, including astrology. In ancient Christianity, astrology (as competition?) Was strictly rejected.
initially believed in astrology, but later criticized it.

Many popes were superstitious and believed in astrology.
• The Greco-Arabic astrologer and mathematician (+1003) became Archbishop of Reims and later
• promoted the philosopher and astrologer (1214-1294), Doctor Mirabilis, a Franciscan monk.
• astrological predictions could be made.
• The Popes employed their own astrologers.
• finally trusted the astrologer. He founded the papal university and in 1520 established a chair in astrology at the papal university.
• trusted astrology extensively. At the Council of Trent (1545-1563) convened by him, an index commission created the "Index of Forbidden Books". Part of astrology was banned therein.
• wrote in the bull "Constitutio coeli et terra" 1586: “It is above all the astrologers who, based on a false and untenable star science, want to reveal man, past, present and future, as well as all conceivable matters and even what depends on free will to attribute to the stars ”.
• held civil servants astrologers.

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There is an astrological and meteorological observatory founded by the Order of Barnabites ().
directs the newly founded "Chair for Non-Conventional Religions and Spiritual Forms" (New Age, Reiki, hand lay-ons, Satanists, Pastafarians, astrology, etc.) at the Pontifical Angelicum University in Rome.
• , * 1948
Studied theology in Zurich, graduated from the "Faculty of Astrological Studies".
1983 - 1989 astrological practice in London, since 1989 working as an astrologer in Basel.
• OSB, head of the Ecumenical Institute of Niederaltaich Abbey
* July 25, 1935 in Recklinghausen. Studied Catholic theology in Münster, Innsbruck and Würzburg. Since 1958 as a monk in the Benedictine Abbey Niederaltaich; there he is rector of the abbey's Ecumenical Institute.
1968 to 2002 Editor of the ecumenical journal Una Sancta.
has been involved in astrology since 1967; he interpreted the natal and death horoscope for Jesus and gives lectures at astrologers' congresses.International Astrology Congress, October 2007, Karlsruhe was probably an astrologer: "Daniel understood visions and dreams of all kinds", Dan 1,17
King Belschazzar had fortune tellers, Chaldeans and astrologers brought in to interpret the scriptures. Dan 5.7. King Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar's father, had appointed Daniel chief of the sign interpreters, fortune tellers, Chaldeans and astrologers. Dan 5.11.The so-called Magi () were and magicians (Mt 2,1-12)astrologyBarnabite OrderBettina Gartner: "Learning with Osho", The time, December 20, 2006 No. 52. As the first professor of esotericism, the Catholic priest teaches his students everything about New Age, Reiki and astrology - on behalf of the VaticanHoly Three Kings Para- and pseudoscience, focus on astrology Religious Belief and Reason Religion and scienceWolfgang Huebner (1983):Zodiacus Christianus: Judeo-Christian adaptations of the zodiac from antiquity to the present. Königstein, Taunus: Hain, 1983 (Contributions to Classical Philology 144)Gustav-Adolph Schoener (2002): "Astrology: Between Religion and the Empirical". Esoterica - The Journal IV. Pp. 29-60.on-line
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