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We bring Europe into the classroom

We bring Europe into the classroom! Europe goes to school is organized by volunteer teams at locations across Germany. The location team is available for all questions about our program at the Hamburg location.

Location coordination

This is us - your location team in Hamburg:

Hello, my name is Hilke! As the location coordinator, I am the first point of contact for all questions about Europe goes to school in Hamburg. Originally I come from Schleswig-Holstein, after a year abroad in France, my bachelor's degree in Kiel and an Erasmus interlude in Spain, I have now moved to Hamburg for my master's degree in French and history to teach at a grammar school. In my free time you can find me either outside in nature or in my kitchen (I cook everything that takes less than half an hour with enthusiasm ...). In addition to German and French, you can also speak or write to me in Spanish or English.

Moin and Hey! My name is Pauline and my tasks are event organization and team building in the on-site team and in the visiting student group. In my two-subject bachelor's degree in Education / Scandinavian Studies, I was able to combine my joy in working with people and my passion for languages. Now I am studying education and training with a focus on lifelong learning and participation in my master’s degree. In my free time I like to do yoga, read and cook a lot and love being outside in nature. I'm really looking forward to your messages in German, English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish!

Moin, I'm Hauke, next to mine I have also been involved in studying physics for a year Europe goes to school; at the moment I'm responsible for the finances. The European idea of ​​cohesion and European solidarity is very important to me and through Europe goes to school can I contribute something to make this tangible on site. In addition to German and English, we can also speak French. In my free time I like to travel, especially with an Interrail pass through Europe, read and play guitar or saxophone, preferably jazz.

Hey, my name is Heike!
After getting my B.A. in social and organizational education, I ended up in beautiful Hamburg. In addition to my job in a dormitory for children and young people, I support that EmS-Team on different tasks.
I'm always available for social gatherings or for dancing, cooking and a cup of tea with friends. You are welcome to send me messages or questions in German, English and, if it is about the weather or food, also in Spanish.

Hey, my name is Leonie. I did my bachelor's degree in cultural economics in Passau and am now enrolled in the master's public and nonprofit studies in Hamburg.
In my free time I like to cook and bake. I'm also always available for a meeting with friends or a game night.
Every now and then I get wanderlust and I go on trips: In the last few years mainly to South America, where I learned Spanish. But in order to be prepared for other countries as well, I also speak German, English, French and Portuguese.

Hola! Hello! Hello! Hi! My name is alicia and i come from spain. I am currently doing a distance learning Masters degree in translation and technology. A few years ago, my Erasmus brought me to Hamburg. I also accepted as a visiting student EmS part, which gave me a very good experience and great memories. Now I am active in EmS-Location team Hamburg, share my experiences and support ongoing projects.
I love speaking and learning languages, I speak Spanish, German, English, French and Catalan. I also love traveling the world and getting to know new cultures.


Do you have any questions about our program in Hamburg? Would you like to get involved in the location team? Contact us: [email protected]

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