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ASTROLOGICAL ANALYSIS. Profession long form. Sarah Ferguson: 03 London


1 ASTROLOGICAL ANALYSIS Profession Long Form Sarah Ferguson: 03 London Sun Sign: Libra Moon Sign: Aries Ascendant: Scorpio

2 Table of contents Cover sheet 1 Table of contents 2 Horoscope chart 4 Aspect chart / dates 5 Prolog 6 1. Start and finish - Ascendant and MC 6 Your ascendant in Scorpio 7 Your medium Coeli in Virgo 8 2. Values ​​and wishes - Moon and Venus 8 Your moon in Aries 9 Your moon in the fourth house 10 Your moon in trine to your Jupiter 10 Your moon in the square of your Saturn 11 Your moon in sextile to your Lilith 12 Your Venus in Virgo 12 Your Venus in the tenth house 13 Your Venus in conjunction with your medium Coeli 13 Your Venus in sextile to your Neptune 14 Your Venus in conjunction with your Pluto 15 Your Venus in the square of your Lilith will and action - Sun and Mars 16 Your sun in Libra 17 Your sun in the eleventh house 18 Your sun in conjunction Your Mars 18 your sun in sextile to your Uranus 19 your sun in a trine to your Chiron 20 your Mars in Libra 20 your Mars in the eleventh house 21 your Mars in a trine to your Chiron Interaction - Mercury 23 your Mercury in Scorpio 23 you Mercury in the twelfth house 24 Your Mercury in conjunction with your Neptune 25

3 5. Expansion and responsibility - Jupiter and Saturn 26 Your Jupiter in Sagittarius 27 Your Jupiter in the first house 27 Your Jupiter in the square of your Pluto 28 Your Saturn in Capricorn 29 Your Saturn in the second house Developments - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto 30 Your Uranus in Leo 31 your Uranus in the ninth house 32 your Uranus in opposition to your Chiron 32 your Neptune in Scorpio 33 your Neptune in the twelfth house 34 your Pluto in Virgo 35 your Pluto in the ninth house 35 your Pluto in conjunction with your medium Coeli 36 you Pluto in the square of your Lilith A painful legacy - Chiron and Lilith 38 Your Chiron in Aquarius 39 Your Chiron in the third house 39 Your Lilith in the twin 40 Your Lilith in the seventh house Epilog 41

4 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson Horoscope Chart - Page 4 Sarah Ferguson London Length: 'W Width: 51 30' N Radix Horoscope Placidus W V X! % #) 4 & 2 'L XII IU XI hj hi klji X hjkk lll mmm II $ * 5 om T (IX mlprrptp qr romj III IV VIII k Date: Time: 09:03 GMT SV VII VI "R, GPQY!" qr # jrk $ hj% o & lmi 'kp (rhk) jrhmk * tkm 2 ojot + pkrm, il 4 jkhjjlrmpmlmkhjmrml 5 B + Z Cardinal: 5 Fixed: 4 Flexible: 4 Fire: 3 Earth: 3 Air: 5 Water: 2 Male: 8 Female: 5 H ['W' X 'Y' ['P' Q 'Q' R 'S' U 'V' W! 21 16 'V 11 "6 38' P 4 # 9 15 'W 12 $ 8 20 'U 10% 25 57' V 11 & 1 50 'X 1' 1 45 'Y 2 (20 15' T 9) 6 07 'W 12 * 5 26' U 'V' (R) Z 3, 6 57 'R' W 'U 10

5 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson Aspect Graphics / Dates - Page 5 Sarah Ferguson Radix Horoscope Placidus London Longitude: 'W Latitude: 51 30' N Date: Time: 09:03 GMT Planetary positions! Sun 21 16 'V Libra House 11 "Moon 6 38' P Aries House 4 # Mercury 9 15 'W Scorpio House 12 $ Venus 8 20' U Virgo House 10% Mars 25 57 'V Libra House 11 & Jupiter 1 50' X Sagittarius House 1 'Saturn 1 45' Y Capricorn House 2 (Uranus 20 15 'T Leo House 9) Neptune 6 07' W Scorpio House 12 * Pluto 5 26 'U Virgo House 9 2 mknoten 2 50' V Libra House 10 + Chiron 22 51 '(R) Z Aquarius house 3, Lilith 6 57' R Gemini house 7 4 Ascendant 18 13 'W Scorpio house 1 5 Medium Coeli 7 01' U Virgo house 10 aspects, m '& i' +0 05 '" k, +0 20 '2 j' "r '" r) +0 30') k * +0 41 '! p, +0 42 '! j '* l' 4 l '! j * +0 50 ') r, +0 50') k '# k $ +0 55' & k '! k (+1 01 '' m '"r * +1 12'" j '(l, +1 18' $ h '"p (+1 23' $ m, +1 23 '' j '! l' + 1 30 '* m, +1 31' * h '! O' "r $ +1 43 '(m'! J $ +2 05 '$ l' house positions 'W Scorpio' X Sagittarius 'Y Capricorn' [ Pisces' P Aries' Q Taurus' Q Taurus' R Gemini 'S Cancer' U Virgo 'V Libra' W Scorpio Quadrant Quadrant 1 3 & '+ Quadrant 2 1 "Quadrant 3 3 (*, Quadrant 4 6! # $%) 2 elements fire 3 "& (earth 3 $ '* air 5!% 2 +, water 2 #) qualities cardinal 5!"%' 2 fix 4 # () + flexible 4 $ & * ,! "qr # jrk $ hj % o & lmi 'kp (rhk) jrhmk * tkm 2 ojot + pkrm, il 4 jkhjjlrmpmlmkhjmrml 5 Legend h conjunction i semi-sextile j semi-square k sextile quintile lm square o trine p sesquiquadrat q biquintile r quincunx t male / female opposition male / female " % & (2 +, female 5 # $ ') *! Sun "Moon # Mercury $ Venus% Mars & Jupiter' Saturn (Uranus) Neptune * Pluto 2 mknoten + Chiron, Lilith 4 Ascendant 5 Medium Co eli P Aries Q Taurus R Gemini S Cancer T Leo U Virgo V Libra W Scorpio X Sagittarius Y Capricorn Z Aquarius [Pisces

6 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson Prologue - Page 6 Prologue This is the job analysis that has been put together for you personally. It looks at the constellations of your horoscope under the aspect of your talents, but also the learning processes associated with these talents. In professional life we ​​enter into a relationship with society with our personality. This requires adjustments, but also promises fulfillment, since we have the need to do something useful for the general public in our lives. Often it is the adjustments we have to make to given structures or to the general social conditions, with which we have our difficulties - and from which we often suffer. In the astrological sense, our professional activity is the result of a successful agreement between our personality and the needs of the community in which we are professionally active. We do not want to curtail the development of our own person in order to get work, but our personal development contains something useful and valuable for the community, which we want to contribute to it. For this contribution of our life force to the community to which we belong, we receive recognition, which is then called wages or salaries. If this seems a little too idealistic to you, it is probably because we are used to foregoing personal characteristics early on in order to secure a job. The money that we then get for our work is more like a compensation for our renunciation of ourselves than a recognition of our person. This leads to a lot of dissatisfaction with one's own work - and this is where courage, ingenuity, self-knowledge and other qualities that each person has in their own way help. The following job analysis aims to make the circumstances of your job and the professional potential of your talents understandable for you, so that you can recognize learning processes and make any necessary changes to your career path. Please understand that the masculine form is always used for the sake of clarity. It is of course interchangeable and applies to both genders start and finish - ascendant and MC In this section you will find statements about your ascendant and your center of heaven, the medium Coeli. These two points are, so to speak, the two pillars of your personality that can always offer you a secure anchor in phases of confusion or uncertainty regarding professional decisions. The ascendant symbolizes topics, industries or work conditions that cheer you on, in which you become active and feel all your strength. It also shows which behavior you have to be able to do in your job so that you even feel ready to commit yourself to your tasks. If for whatever reason you cannot use the power of your Ascendant in your work, you are like a car that has not started - and therefore that

7 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson Prologue - Page 7 must be pushed. In your work you will then always feel pressure, may be depressed by duties and requirements and struggle to get out of bed every morning. However, if you have the opportunity to become active in your profession in the interests of your ascendant, your work is a positive challenge for you, in which you use your strength, but from which you also draw a lot of strength. It is the key to your ignition lock to stay in the picture of your car. With this power the engine of your talents starts to prove yourself in the working day. The center of the sky, on the other hand, symbolizes a topic that you want to develop towards in your profession. There may be some shyness associated with this area, perhaps great respect, or a feeling of incompetence. The center of the sky, however, stands above your life like a kind of class goal - and it is understandable that you may not be able to do as much as you want in this area at first. However, you are very drawn to it, and work is kind of an ideal place to develop skills. With the topic of your Medium Coeli, you sometimes have unpleasant experiences in your work, are confronted with exam situations or have to show perseverance and effort in order to be successful. The demands of the center of the sky accompany you through your entire professional life, and they also point to your fundamental goal. Along the way, you will gain more and more competence and authority in your profession as you learn to take responsibility for yourself. W 4 Your ascendant in Scorpio It is your concern to acquire power through your work, because you have an unerring instinct for the underground human coexistence. You can feel the energies that really determine the play of forces in work life. In this game you don't want to lose - on the contrary: you want to win. To do this, you draw from a deeply hidden, almost immeasurable source of power. You feel this power, but you also feel the human willingness to exploit and destroy - this is how you carefully camouflage yourself so that you can go your own, almost autonomous professional path without being disturbed. Make sure that your lack of taboos does not turn into cruelty, because you have an enormous amount of energy that must be used in your work - otherwise it will turn against you and you will experience powerlessness and dependency. Since you have too much strength to just be private, you should turn to professional goals that move the crowd. Taboo topics in society magically attract you, because you can invest your great energy here by dealing with them professionally. But respect the boundaries of others and your own too! The deep connection of all life does not entitle anyone to exploitation. Learn to shed your skin, because like a snake you will keep shedding old professional goals and pursuing new ones. These metamorphoses are fateful in nature, and hence it is

8 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 8 wiser not to work against this process. The more you acknowledge your powerlessness in relation to creation, the more you will gain power over the shaping of your own professional path. From a deep understanding of the equality of growth and decay, you can grow a great strength that you can use in your profession to participate in social upheavals. U 5 Your medium Coeli in the Virgo You will repeatedly be led to situations in your profession in which a careful and careful analysis is required of you and you will have to learn to make corrections. This can be difficult for you, as you may initially distrust your own critical faculties. As a result, you may initially be subordinate to the "purity regulations" found in your work, but you will gradually have to develop your own form of accuracy and precision in order to ensure the success of professional projects. This may seem strange to you at first and may also cause you some effort - however, through these experiences you will learn to pay attention to detail and to express yourself in your field of activity soberly and objectively. You should therefore first form a judgment about the meaning of criticism, because your ability to test will be challenged in your professional life. Since your work is in the service of an end goal and its success, it is wise to always keep this goal in mind with all due care. Sooner or later you will have your own idea of ​​order in your job and should be careful not to become pedantic. You want to use your precise and fine skills in your work to build something - but excessive care could at some point turn into the opposite! By training your sense of correct adaptation and rationality in your job, each review is actually meant to do better next time. In doing so, you should make yourself aware that with your professional task you are one of those people who are concerned about success and do not shy away from detailed work. A good contact to your inner ocean of feelings can be very helpful, because otherwise you could become tense and lose sight of the bigger picture. Your clear caution can lead you to the recognition you want in your profession. Use them to ensure success and serve the whole! "2. Values ​​and desires - moon and Venus In this section you will find statements about the position of your moon and your Venus. These two planets symbolize the feeling, enjoyment side in you. And this side decides on a very fundamental level which profession you are want to pursue and which tasks you feel comfortable with in your work.

9 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 9 The moon works more through your instincts: it is the feeling you have about certain activities. "I feel good here," he says, and this feeling of well-being cannot be justified rationally, but is based on the peculiarities of your soul. If you feel comfortable with an activity, you will also be able to identify with it, and you will then be ready to use your strength for the corresponding tasks. If, on the other hand, your feelings are not allowed to have a say in your work, you ultimately cannot make personal decisions. Then you always feel that your job is controlled and inferior by others and you are probably trying to compensate for this lack of well-being with higher performance and ambition. The position of your Venus says something about the judgments you make by feeling. She is the power of choice. With this energy you will determine which work or task is good for you and which is not. They are very personal judgments that cannot be applied to another person. However, you need to cut them down for yourself in your professional life in order to be able to give direction to your active side. What is always good is what promises you enjoyment - and enjoyment means something different for everyone. Compared to the moon energy, the power of Venus is less capricious and instinctive, but rather determined by a balanced objectivity. She is the guardian of your values, i. H. You want to work in your job for what appears to be valuable and important to you. If your understanding of values ​​does not find any nourishment in your work, you may tend to behave in a rather unsteady manner in your job - and perhaps try to compensate for a lack of representation of what is important to you with status symbols, more salary or outward appearances. P "Your moon in Aries You have the emotional need for directness and activity. You feel comfortable when you can give in to impulsive power in your professional activity. You want to be professionally active and set goals and you want to enforce your own needs In doing so, you focus less on other people than on yourself. However, if you can pave the way for others through your own professional activities, you will like it too. You like it when something new is contemplated with strength and courage , because you can identify with new projects and make them your own business. You feel at home in a working atmosphere of change and strength, as you react very strongly to heroism and masculinity. Your feelings are of a spontaneous, easily flammable nature and often establish new paths for your work. When choosing your professional activity, make sure that you do ss your need for active use of force and innovation is taken into account. Otherwise you might somehow feel in the wrong place. Your work might then become a soulless mechanism, and you yourself would suffer from unsuitable professional circumstances and have the uncomfortable feeling that you are just a weak and angry child inside.

10 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 10 "Your moon in the fourth house You instinctively look for work situations in which there is a familiar and private atmosphere, because your need for security and protection is found in this way Food. Your wish is for the private, non-public. Probably you do not feel particularly comfortable in an official working atmosphere. In your job you prefer to focus on what is still growing and needs care. In your professional life you basically use this peculiarity the inside of all things to your cause.Your ability to empathize with this inside gives you a very sensitive component.This can lead you to different areas of work. For example, you could turn to psychology to take care of the soul - or you might be more inclined to the area of ​​housekeeping, which specifically takes care of the inner life. Perhaps toddlers or the family are also your subject, which you want to devote yourself to in a sensitive way in your job. Another area would be fundamental matters of your homeland, that is, of what you are descended from. However, even in the economic and commercial sector there is always a department that deals with the affairs of a company itself. Here you could turn to all personal and internal issues. Your need for home and security can also make you the "soul" of an ancestral family business. Where you look for security is closely related to your own history. Your sensitivity requires an intimate atmosphere. However, working life always has an official, performance-oriented and contractual character. So make sure that you always have enough moments of retreat from work to take your sensitivity into account. It is important that you find security in your own family so that you do not identify too much with what you do! "& Your moon in trine to your Jupiter You have a strong desire to do meaningful work for the human community. What you do in your profession is supposed to be larger than a small or local community can offer. You feel at home in an international climate, because your soul needs a feeling of space and strangeness. When looking for a meaningful and promising activity, you can rely on your instincts, because they will show you with the peculiar wisdom of feelings The way to your optimal place. However, this does not necessarily have to be a professional activity that promises a lot of money or follows so-called noble motives - after all, your soul is intent on growth - and may turn to professional desires that are initially a little strange to you However, you have the talent to be tolerant of yourself and the emotions of you to understand res inner life. You apply the same tolerance to others by engaging in business contacts

11 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 11 instinctively being able to sense into the emotional world of the stranger. Sometimes there are great feelings that move you, but you also have the need to achieve something great through your work. However, with all your conviction, do not lose sight of the small everyday work life, because the devil is in the details! The clearer you are about the feelings that accompany you in everyday life, the clearer it will be to you what you believe in - and to which you want to render a service through your work. Through your field of work, you can contribute to the understanding of the individual souls or groups that are often so strange to one another. "'Your moon in the square of your Saturn You are probably in a dilemma inside, because on the one hand you wish to provide services in your job that are beneficial to society - on the other hand, the word" work "alone could mean everything You do not want to and do not want: You fear the tough performance requirements and still want to perform well - this could make your professional endurance fluctuate and possibly provoke conflicts with superiors. With all this you could have the impression that it is not a job for you who you are comfortable with - and there is a risk that you will develop an enormous ambition to make up for your actual frustration.First of all, this tension is natural and has no "weirdness" on your part or on the part of the Society to do! In you an inner conflict is created, which the compatibility of private needs and the need for general order. Such a system is always intended as an incentive for development and a task: You will in some way want to make a human social order, natural laws or the authority of feelings a topic of your work in order to work on this conflict through your job. In doing so, it is very helpful when you become aware of the judgments and evaluations that were once made about your wants and needs - and it is very helpful when you learn to consciously replace them with your own norms. Here you might become aware that you actually want a vocation that cannot be equated with work in the sense of earning a living. And in order to follow your calling and your personal climax, you are also ready to make personal sacrifices. It may be that you are still at loggerheads with the "orderly society" - but your productivity has then turned to your personal needs and no longer tries to make up for an inner tightness with excessive ambition. An important factor is time, because your soul needs time to be able to mature - and you need time to develop the form that suits your soul in your work.

12 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 12 ", your moon in sextile to your Lilith The irrational, feminine elemental force is in connection with your soul - and you could thereby deal with feelings, needs or premonitions Seeing confrontations that you do not know how to classify and that scare you. Female power could therefore become an issue that you have to deal with both privately in your inner world and in your professional activities. The changeability and taboos of your feelings makes it You may find it difficult to develop consistent professional needs that can also be integrated into the field of work. If you are a man, this may apply more to women in your professional environment, who then act as a mirror of your inner woman. You should therefore at least look for creative freedom, especially within your everyday professional life, to use this strength a little familiar! Perhaps you have to sacrifice a piece of your own identity in the process - you gain something completely different. However, the extent to which you can bring this energy, which is actually not so strange to you, into your job depends on the freedom this job offers you. However, any conscious turn to your feminine heritage can make the sometimes frightening and intangible currents within you a little more understandable. You may find strong women in your work environment more beneficial - but only as long as you do not insist on your adult mental independence! This constructive experience can therefore harbor the risk that you will align your professional desires too much with these women, as the loss of their affection can appear to you as existentially threatening. It can be very helpful when you learn to understand yourself and ultimately all life as a child of the earth who gives and takes. This may give your sense of identity a magical-mythical component, but it breaks away from the dependency on real women. This makes it easier for you to perceive your own professional needs - even if women's issues will probably always accompany you. You in your work U $ your Venus in Virgo You like it when your work makes something neat, clear and tidy. You literally enjoy an atmosphere of purity - and it is important to you to work hard in this sense. You have the talent to advance professionally with clear and analytical thinking. You don't mind if your professional projects and your entire career only progress in small steps. You are of the opinion that the small things are of at least as great value as the big ones - and so in your work you turn lovingly to the detail. Criticism is a valuable quality to you that must be used with accuracy in any work, because you love to go through more and more thorough work

13 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 13 Exams to ensure that the result of your work is also good. In your field of activity, you prefer careful and circumspect foresight because what you truly love is reaping the benefits of your efforts. This is the goal of your work, and you enjoy putting yourself at the service of a cause through your work. They enjoy turning to the small so that the big can succeed. It is therefore important for you that your professional environment contains and retains something of this careful and clean climate. Otherwise you would probably not have a real relationship to your job and would then actually only have an empty function, which would probably not be worth much to you yourself. $ Your Venus in the tenth house Your dedication goes primarily to the public, because you love to occupy a respected place in society. In order to achieve this, you are capable of disciplined tactics in your profession. Public or general concerns are of great value to you, and you want to make your balancing power available to the general public. In order to find a professional equivalent here, titles are important to you - because they symbolize awards from society and contain valid statements about the quality of one's own performance. It is therefore possible that you work for reputable companies that you represent publicly, or that you devote yourself to areas of public order that you want to harmonize or beautify. It is important to you that you yourself are respected and respected, because you want to participate in the pillars of society. For example, the judiciary, finance or government of various kinds are attractive to you. You may also be involved in your work where social issues have to be harmonized - this can be in any area of ​​arbitration. Or maybe you prefer to devote yourself to cultural matters that provide a forum for art and beauty. Make sure, however, that you don't just use cosmetics on the facades! - this would be a sign that you do not really appreciate the value of your own achievement! You have the talent to be a public contact person and want to represent recognized values ​​in your profession with charm and diplomacy. These values ​​should really be there and not only appear to be there from the outside! Your tactical skills are likely to give you public popularity and authority over time in your professional projects. $ 5 Your Venus in conjunction with your medium Coeli Your sense of beauty and harmony will guide you on the way to your professional goal. Everyone judges the world differently - and beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder. Be aware of what is in

14 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 14 your eyes are harmonious and balanced. It is quite possible that you first adopt general ideas about aesthetics and express them in your professional activity. You may be confused about what is harmonious. As a result, you could gratefully follow guidelines and regulations in your work that clarify what is generally recognized as aesthetic or harmonious. However, professional contact with these guidelines also challenges you to become aware of your own ability to harmonize. This may well differ from conventional opinions and cause you some problems in your professional activity. In this way, however, you learn diplomacy and clear relationships, on the one hand, and you will grow up in the process. Through such professional experience you could in the course of time come to a clear structure of your own values, which can also find general recognition. Your sense of balance will gradually enable you to make conscious choices. The more it is clear to you which values ​​should be generally respected in order to give more beauty and aesthetics to public life, the closer you will come to your professional goals. $) Your Venus sextile to your Neptune You are in an unobtrusive way of agreeing with your fate. When entering into business relationships, do so with a fine sense of vibration. The harmony of the whole is important to you and it is in this spirit that you make your choices in your work. However, this talent may make you uncomfortable if your job is forced to act in a way that involves harsh judgments and the division of the world into good and bad. A professional climate of competition and against each other can then lead to the fact that you feel a diffuse fear in contact with the world and the feeling that something is wrong with yourself. If you are familiar with the feeling of worthlessness, you may be viewing your talents too narrowly. However, under the aspect of cosmic harmony, your talents could appear in a completely different light. From this point of view there is no such thing as good and bad, only the incessant dance of opposites that are all one. In this way, you could perceive talents and preferences in yourself that you have not even thought of before, but which can provide you with a fateful basis for your professional activities. You have subtle access to these sensations, and if you trust your own talents you can find that what is important to you in your profession shapes your destiny and aligns with the whole. However, this fundamentally harmonious energy connection is also a task. It requires the constant willingness to let go of the boundaries of one's own love and to develop a relationship with the secret of work beyond conventional evaluations. So it is possible that the value of the whole flows more and more into the values ​​according to which you design your work.

15 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 2. Values ​​and Desires - Moon and Venus - Page 15 $ * Your Venus in conjunction with your Pluto Your relationship with the world is shaped by your early experience of the power that people can exert over one another. It is possible that you have experienced this power in a very painful and threatening way. Now, when making a career decision, your choices could be heavily influenced by these early experiences. It is possible that you shy away from power and that your professional talents are taboo. However, if you were to exercise these talents, you would be able to see the impact they can have on you and the impact your talents can have on a wide variety of people. But it may be something you don't allow yourself to do. On the other hand, it is possible that you fix your preferences with a passionate intensity on and this - but only this! - want to realize professionally because you have sworn that nobody should talk you into it anymore. is. Here you would then make your experiences on your professional topic. But you could come across these own experiences again and again in an activity that is supposed to take you far away from your experiences - now perhaps in the form of despotic superiors or bullying among colleagues. The effects of this constellation are very complex. Not only with regard to your job is a dogmatic prohibition above what you really love - possibly beyond anything that you have experienced, because this prohibition can have its origin in previous generations of your family. In order to sensitize yourself to this, pay attention to sayings in your family, such as that "we don't do something like that in our family" or that "the women / men, first-born / second-born / baby in our family don't do something like that" . You may have brought a preference into the world that does not fit into this taboo scheme and perhaps follow this preference secretly and "on the side". However, there is a great power hidden here that can give you real power in your field of work. It is a path that takes time, maturation, and transformation. Be that as it may: When it comes to your values ​​and choosing what is good, emotions flood. You are not the type to follow market analysis and choose your professional career with a sober head. Through the early experience with the magical attraction that binds people to one another, you have become very sensitive to underground work and the taboos of love. Correspondingly, you may choose professions in which the therapeutic or transformative function of relationships is in some way an issue $, your Venus squared to your Lilith. The relationship you have with the feminine side of the world is tense. You could have had negative experiences with women and then perhaps made the decision to favor male-oriented values. Behind the possible conflicts that you experience or have experienced in your work,

16 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 3. Will and Action - Sun and Mars - page 16, however, there is an inner tension to the feminine, irrational ground of your soul.You may want to make your professional decisions based on your preferences, but at the same time you experience refusing or destructive impulses. The same could happen to you with any attempt to change a disharmonious situation in your area of ​​activity in order to simply feel more comfortable. Then somewhere in you a no rises, no matter what choice you make or what talent you follow. The cause of this contradicting attitude lies in a deep layer of your soul that rejects patriarchal values ​​and belongs to the power of the feminine. The inner refusal may therefore not only apply in general to professional life, in which mainly male-oriented rules of the game are acted upon - it can also refer to not wanting to be satisfied in such an imbalanced world. It seems impossible for you to find a solution because you may only feel what you do not want in your work, but have no contact with what you want instead. Lilith's energy is irrational and completely outside of conventional judgments or ideas. The resulting inner strife could both significantly disturb you in your work and also frighten you, as you may not find space for this power. Professional integration could therefore be difficult, unless you work in creative or artistic areas that also allow you relative freedom in moral terms. However, if you take this tension as a task and try to relate it to female power, it will gradually dissipate. In this process, your values ​​may then change as you allow more and more feminine values. From this new perspective, you may then see your own abilities with different eyes, maybe learn to appreciate new talents and sacrifice others for it. Your own transformation could possibly change your foundation so much that it triggers a professional reorientation.! 3. Will and Action - Sun and Mars In this section you will find statements about the position of your sun and your Mars. These two energies form the active side in you. Both symbolize the strength that lets you step out of yourself in your job and grab hold of it. What you do with these energies is based on the sensations discussed in Chapter 2. The moon and Venus thus form the basis for the sun and Mars. The clearer your own feelings are to you, the more efficiently you can become active in your job and make independent decisions. Mars corresponds to your strength to also express the judgments made internally. They say "yes" to certain tasks or requirements, which also means "no" to everything else. With these decisions you will give your professional path the direction you think is right and you will take immediate action. Mars symbolizes a combative

17 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 3. Will and Action - Sun and Mars - Page 17 Energy that needs goals and also the opportunity to pave your own way in professional life. If you are feeling weak here, it may be due to an indecision within. If you do not have the opportunity to assert yourself as a person in your work, you may become very irritable and argumentative and experience the sometimes quite aggressive energy as attacks from outside. The sun symbolizes the energy that brings you into your midst. For the way through the world of work, it is very important not to fall out of your own center, as professional life makes very complex demands on us. It can quickly happen that we lose ourselves in these demands - but we also lose the power to determine our own lives. The sun makes you feel as the center of your life, and it is from this center that you express your will in your work. The energies already described as well as the following energies come together in your solar power! From your inner center, you can shed light on everything that comes your way in professional life, in order to organize the diversity of your talents accordingly and then to act. If you cannot live the power of the sun in your job, you will feel controlled, powerless and always a bit like a child. You may then try to make up for the lack of self-esteem with vanity, rivalries, or abnormalities. V! Your Sun in Libra people get in touch and forge real relationships with them. You basically want to get to know "the other" and come into harmony with it. So act diplomatically in your work, because you do not want to provoke a dispute or cause unrest with your own wishes. The way you act always has a certain elegance and aesthetics. Under no circumstances do you want contacts to break off through your or in your professional activity - and you bring your own will to bear with a good tactical instinct. Always take your counterpart into account. In your field of activity, you care about peace and beauty, and you strive to be cultured. You perceive rudeness or egoism as having no style. You will collect your skills in order to socialize and make peace in your profession. Your work activities arise from your loving attention to the world, because you know that even the most diverse things can meet each other in harmony. You want to take part in your work in a balancing way and with graceful ease. This subtle and tactical will needs a corresponding professional task. Make sure that your ability to abstract is well served. For example, you could get involved in areas where justice is at stake or where contacts are simply made. With the way you act, you always want to beautify what already exists. Above all, you want to be part of your job

18 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 3. Will and Action - Sun and Mars - Page 18! Your sun in the eleventh house You are aware of the zeitgeist and want to work together with others to shape your job. The future, towards which you are oriented, always flows into your actions. You take into account the effects of your professional projects on the people concerned and on their way into the future. You like to set yourself apart from the traditional through your work and work in the common spirit of the professional group to which you feel you belong. Your work should give you the freedom to do so. You want to shape the future and you can do this in various areas. You could be professionally interested in all areas in which the modern and current are concerned. Regardless of whether it is fashion or scientific inventions, whether it is youth culture or technical innovations, it is important for you that what you do professionally points to tomorrow. It is also possible that you yourself become the leader of a group that is working on ideas with one another in the new spirit - that is, on an equal footing and in partnership. If you work for a company, it is one that is adopting new trends in its sales or management concept. Here you might be at your place as a team leader. However, maybe you want to stand out with inventions yourself. Then you are perhaps more of an outsider professionally, but your unconventionality always provides society with new impulses. In a way, your actions are always political, because you take into account general progress and defend yourself against old-fashioned hierarchies in your field of work. Working as an individual in a group of individuals is your dream. You may struggle with the fact that each group requires leadership. In time, however, you will want to face this responsibility in an original way. You could play a central role in your work where revolutionary ideas are to be implemented. Your desire for something new can make you a very special person. You want to attract attention through your work and probably achieve this in your own way. However, do not forget that everyone fights for themselves too! If you are not aware of this, your unconscious egoism could give the lie to your social engagement a little. If you act in your work as if everyone were like you, equality will ultimately bring you no joy.!% Your sun in conjunction with your Mars Deciding and acting is one for you! - With this talent, you are very decisive in your work, but probably also less inclined to obey regulations. You therefore need a field of work in which undecided situations are waiting to be decided. You want to initiate something new through the way you approach your work. You want to say what is being done, then the explanations can be given

19 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 3. Will and Action - Sun and Mars - Page 19 calmly take over others. With this very strong-willed and self-reliant power, you probably want to determine for yourself what is done in your profession - regardless of whether it is in a self-employed activity or in a position that gives you this authority. However, your urge to be active is only sparked if you can assert yourself - it is therefore important that the work projects that you dedicate yourself to in your profession are also very close to your heart and are an expression of your strength. In a way, you are always looking for resistance, because if you can fight for the assertion of your "child" in your work area, you are in your element. You can be very courageous and maybe run over your competitors or colleagues with it enough. You can probably do little with traditional or highly structured professions: You need a certain amount of freedom and openness in your work in order to be able to follow your ideas and your need for free time. For example, modern companies, teleworking, Offering job sharing or temporary contracts, very interesting for you. Technology is part of life for you - and so you probably do not want to work where technical innovations or progressive developments are only used peripherally. It is possible that you will have difficulties with maturity periods to be seen, which all work projects or tasks need to become a real h to become a round thing. Then you could endanger a success with your quick decisions rather than push it forwards! Therefore, make sure that you proceed organically and only make decisions in your professional activity where the production or design process also requires a decision. You can always set stimuli through your actions that stimulate the creative process in your area of ​​responsibility or keep it flowing. However, this generating power needs a lively professional environment, otherwise it could turn into unnecessary aggression. Chances are that your career path will always be influenced by chance, and you want to seize the opportunities that present themselves to you. You will experience your strength by playing with these professional coincidences. You can design your work very imaginatively according to your will. This may make your professional environment a little unusual, but you also appreciate a slightly detached position. If you encounter stress or a hectic pace in your work, you are able to deal with it in a creative way - if it is somehow too tight for you, then you will think of something! You like to act ahead of the future, so any trending job might interest you. Your talent for seizing opportunities can also be used in your job as well

20 Profession Long Form - Sarah Ferguson 3. Will and Action - Sun and Mars - Page 20 Use products, projects or topics that will be in demand on the market "tomorrow". You are capable of very quick and inspired action here. Use this gift and let yourself be surprised! + Your sun in trine to your Chiron Perhaps in your childhood you came into contact with a certain "royal myth", for example in the story of Parzival and the wounded King who finds no cure. This is just a picture, of course, but in this symbolic form there may well be something that corresponds to your early experience. You have been very impressed by it, have experienced life as something very vulnerable and ultimately incurable and have transferred this to your life. Your professional approach will then always be influenced by it: You unconsciously look for similar situations in your work in order to find your life - even if it hurts your heart. Creative action and professional independence can become the motto for you. However, there will always be a feeling of unfulfilledness or lifelessness that will push you on again. This can make your professional approach look like a search without your knowing what you are looking for. You can believe that the right project, the right position or a corresponding appreciation of your work would end this search - but sadly as it is: it will not. Perhaps in your childhood you were always presented with celebrities as shining role models without paying attention to your own special form of creative activity. Extreme toilet training can also have hurt you in the long term, so that you are subconsciously convinced that what you are expressing can only be crap! Your instinct for living things is violated, even if you can deal with it in a creative and creative way in your work. You are probably very good at helping others to find your own life, but you will always be in pain if you don't allow yourself to forget it at some point. But also allow yourself sadness and compassion for yourself, because without them you cannot afford the protection in your job that your injured heart needs! But a wound can also lead in a wise way and you are able to let it guide you in your profession. If you can accept yourself as wounded and vulnerable, you and your work may not become more perfect - but more complete! Because there may well be many other talents lying idle in you that you have not even noticed in your unconscious fixation on your expressiveness. However, by accepting your pain, you can regain consciousness of these talents and enrich your work. V% your Mars in Libra If something is important to you in your work