What is the Best Bitcoin Affiliate Program

5 providers for Bitcoin affiliate and advertising in the test

The best Bitcoin affiliate programs in the test and Bitcoin affiliate comparison. You can earn Bitcoins with these providers, as advertising revenues and commissions are paid out in Bitcoins or other digital currencies through the affiliate programs.

Due to the technological change, there is no way around Bitcoin advertising and Bitcoin Affiliate in online marketing of the future.

Benefits of Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

A Bitcoin affiliate program has many advantages, because all providers deal with the booming Bitcoin industry. In this environment, high click, lead and sales rates can be observed. The providers of the Bitcoin services of course pay out credit in Bitcoins or other coins.

Bitcoin Affiliate Networks

  • finministry.com - International affiliate network. As soon as you are registered, you will receive a 100 USD bonus for your first withdrawal.
  • naga.com/partners - Affiliate network Germany. With this program you can promote the Naga Group's in-house products.

Bitcoin online advertising

These providers specialize in the CPC model in the blockchain sector. As a result, you can earn coins with every click.

  • coinzilla.io - Advertisement marketplace for display advertising and popups. You will receive your credit in bitcoins.
  • bitmedia.io - This service is the Google Adsense in the field of text link and display advertising. That's why you have a real alternative to Google in online advertising.

Bitcoin payment provider

  • gourl.io - An online payment provider especially for virtual currencies. So you can sell content or products on your own homepage with bitcoins or altcoins. There are also plugins for WordPress and Co. available.

Also note the best Bitcoin sites for trading and managing Bitcoins and also the best providers for advertising on the Internet.

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