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OneshotPain / Comfort / P12 / MaleSlash
Kageyama TobioKindaichi YuutarouKunimi Akira
It's okay if Yuutarou doesn't know about his feelings. It's okay if they're just friends. It's okay if he keeps his feelings to himself. Akira knows it's okay the way it is. [Onesided KinKuni]
HistoryFriendship / P6 / Gen
Hinata ShouyouIwaizumi HajimeKageyama TobioOC (Own Character) Oikawa Tooru
Taki Oikawa, Toru's little brother, doesn't want to have anything to do with Toru after an argument. Therefore he decides to switch from the Aoba Johsai to the Karasuno. He goes to a class with Hinata who first perceives him as Toru Oikawa because of the similarity between the two. They are also together in the volleyball club and Taki makes new friends with Shoyo's help. But Kageyama, who Taki already knows from middle school and can't stand, is there and he absolutely cannot imagine that "the king of the field" could ever have changed ...
OneshotRomance, friendship / P12 / Gen
Bokuto KoutarouYachi Hitoka
She watched euphorically as this muscular Kollos jumped off and seemed to fly. As if it were as light as the butterfly she photographed a few hours ago. For a few seconds she was tied up by him, until he spoke up loudly. Bokuto x Yachi slightly indicated
Short storyDrama, Romance / P12 / Gen
OC (Own Character) Sugawara Koushi
(Y / N) and Sugawara have been together for some time, but that will change in the future. (Y / N) will attend school abroad for a period of time and therefore contact with her boyfriend will be extremely difficult. She chooses something that she feels is right at this moment. But was that really it?
HistoryHumor, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Akaashi KeijiBokuto KoutarouKuroo Tetsurou
When the door opened, an image presented itself to him that he could not even have dreamed of. He knew that the two loved each other and that sooner or later they would get together. Lord God everyone knew! Except for the one idiot himself whom he scolded his buddy and rival. Apparently until now ... because when he opened the door for him naked, with rosy cheeks and tousled hair, Kuroo knew immediately what had happened. // Pairing: BokutoXAkaashi, fluff, romance, intense lemon <3
Short storyRomance, love story / P18 / Het
Kita ShinsukeOC (Own Character)
They waited two years to take this step. It was wonderful too, only this event left its mark. They have to endure love, joy, suffering and despair, because the unexpected always comes too often.
Short story General / P16 / Gen
A small collection of one shots and short stories by and with our favorite volleyball players. ;-)
Short storyHumor, Crime / P12 / Gen
After the last training session, a window at the Shiratorizawa Academy broke. And there is only one who can solve this case: Satori Tendou.
Chat / Interview / QuizHumor / P12 / Gen
A daring journalist asks the volleyball players very interesting questions. Will he also get clever answers?
Short storyfriendship, love story / P16 / Gen
Iwaizumi HajimeKageyama TobioKyoutani KentarouMiya AtsumuOC (Own Character) Ushijima Wakatoshi
A small OS collection on Haikyuu, where you appear as a reader. || Various x Reader || Previously: Iwaizumi x Reader; Atsumu x Reader x Kageyama; Wakatoshi x Reader; Kyotani Kentaro x Reader (Part 2); Miya-Twins x Reader
HistoryDrama, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Hinata ShouyouKageyama TobioKozume KenmaKuroo TetsurouTsukishima KeiYamaguchi Tadashi
“I have a place where I feel safe and secure. A refuge when my world is out of joint, then I find peace in your arms. ”This is my first Haikyuu FF with the pairings: KageHina, TsukkiYama and KuroKen.
OneshotPain / Comfort, Love Story / P12 / MaleSlash
Iwaizumi Hajime Oikawa Tooru
Iwa tries all the time to suppress his feelings for Oikawa, but will he succeed forever? (Oikawa x Iwa)
DrabbleHumor, Friendship / P12 / Gen
Miya OsamuOC (Own Character)
Osamu x Reader
OneshotHumor, Friendship / P16 / Gen
Hinata ShouyouKageyama TobioSawamura DaichiTsukishima KeiUkai KeishinYachi Hitoka
The Karasuno School volleyball team drives to the beach - plus crazy fans, weak tyrants and lovable baby crows. All in all a disaster. Or maybe not? / :: / translation
Oneshot love story / P12 / Het
Akaashi KeijiBokuto KoutarouKozume KenmaKuroo Tetsurou
Every Thursday and Friday you help out in a pet shop owned by an acquaintance of your mother. Bokuto × Reader • I have no rights to the Haikyuu !! Character, neither in the world, except in the idea. I am not making any money with this!
Oneshot love story / P12 / Het
Bobata KazumaFutamata TakeharuMisaki HanaOC (Own Character) Terushima Yuuji
Next to school you work in a cafe that is not too distant, Johzenji High, and lately there are rumors that rowdies meet in this cafe where you work. Yuuji × Reader • I have no rights to the Haikyuu !! Character, neither in the world, except in the idea and my OC. I am not making any money with this!
HistoryPain / Consolation, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
Akaashi KeijiBokuto KoutarouSawamura DaichiSugawara Koushi
Daichi Sawamura has a permanent place in life. His studies are going well, he shares the rent with his best friend and he is in a stable relationship. He realizes pretty quickly that changes sometimes come more suddenly than you think ... [AU! BokuAka / DaiSuga]
Oneshot love story / P12 / Het
Haiba LevKuroo TetsurouYaku Morisuke
Tetsurou lent you his sweater one day because it was freezing, but he made a condition for you to wear it again. Kuroo × Reader • I have no rights to the Haikyuu !! Character, neither in the world, except in the idea and I don't earn any money with it!
HistoryHumor, love story / P18 / Het
Iwaizumi HajimeOC (Own Character) Oikawa Tooru
The great king has a little problem, the queen he wants was really stubborn! The queen had a little problem, the great king was really convinced of himself! An argument between the two was already on the agenda. Again and again they came together ... and again and again it broke. Both were really stubborn. (TooruXNaoko / OC / Lemon)
HistoryDrama, Friendship / P18 / MaleSlash
Kita ShinsukeMiya AtsumuMiya OsamuSakusa Kiyoomi
A little story about the twins who first have to become aware of their true feelings for the right partner.
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